Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, Why didn’t Dronacharya accept Karna as his student?Was there any discrimination done to Karna ? Did Draupadi call Karna something during her swayamvar ,if yes what did she say and did Sri Krishna asked her to say it and why? A character sketch of Karna and Arjuna. Why Arjuna was called the best Dhanudhar(archer)? Did Bheesma commit any sin in his life? Why under Dronacharya was Abhimanyu killed by adharma, since Drona was an acharya? Who is Indra mentioned in mahabharata as father of Arjun?What did Karna call Draupadi after dice game, I have heard he called her some bad names ? Why did yadavas fought among themselves as Krishna being a yogi must have banned alcohol and how Pradyuman was killed as you have mentioned in your book he was just like Krishna that means he followed Brahmacharya then he must be strong?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

There is a misunderstanding that Dronnacharya did not accept Karnna as a disciple, Karnna being of lower caste. But it is not true. Actually, Karnna wanted to learn the science of Brahmastra mainly to kill Arjun which is not justified. Therefore Dronnacharya refused.

Drauupadi did not say anything to Karnna everything depends on hard practice and maintaining brahmacharya. Because the said two divine qualities were maintained by Arjun, that is why, he won the renowned best archer.

Yes, he only supported the Kauravas and kauravas were against the dharmachrann(moral righteousness). Dronnacharya was Acharya but the commander of army of Kauravas was Duryodhan.

Indra was an alive devta. Whatever he told, that can’t be mentioned here. That was a mishappening, so question cannot be put up at this belated stage.

Death of Pradyuman is a lengthy description which can’t be mentioned here. Please study Mahabharat.

Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, a character sketch of Duryodhan and Shakuni. Why Balram accepted Duryodhan as his student? Who are these great souls like Sri Krishna and Sri Rama, why do they take birth and why haven’t they achieve liberation before?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Character of Duryodhan and Shakuni is lengthy description which can’t be mentioned here. Please study Mahabharat. It was discretion of Balramji to accept Duryodhan as his student on which nobody can comment. Sri Krishna Maharaj and Sri Ram have been two eyes of our motherland. The said both dignitaries are ever worshippable due to their divine qualities of being learned of vedas and Ashtang Yog Philosophy.

For rest of the information, please read Valmiki Ramayan and Mahabharat epics.