Harshad: Pranam guruji. My questions are on power of atma (soul) v/s power of prakriti (nature). Q.1 Can a human being live (for some time, may be an hour) without taking pran (i.e., inhaling air)? If so, how?
Q.2 When a human being is about to die, what makes it to happen? Whether atma does does not want to live in the current body or whether atma is forced to leave current body? If atma is forced to leave current body, then where is the power of atma?
Q.3 If atma is all-powerful, then why a human being can not live without pran (air). In this connection, it appears that pran is more powerful than atma. Pran can force atma to leave the body.
Q.4 If a human being dies (after atma leaves current body), can he (by re-entering of atma in the same body) become alive again without re-birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(1) No, please nobody can live without prann.
(2) Both situations are true. In case of liberated soul, the soul leaves the body at his own discretion whereas the soul, who has not worshipped God well and is indulged in illusion. Then he (soul) is forcefully taken out of the body. Power of atma is hidden with the cover of illusion i.e., effect of raj, Tam and satva gunn (qualities) of Prakriti. That is why, soul is not free but is in prison, due to effect of his good and bad deeds.
(3) Answer as above. In addition, atma always lives without prann. Even, if it is in human–body. Actually prann are required for sustaining body and not soul.
No, prann cannot do so because prann are non-alive matter whereas soul is alive matter.
(4) Not, possible i.e., after death soul cannot re-enter the same body.

Harshad: Pranam Guruji. I want to learn dhyan (meditation). However, to what concentrate on? If God is formless, then how to meditate on him? The fact is “you do not have to do anything while in meditation”. But, how not to do anything? When I try, it does not happen. Moreover, I want to know whether meditation leads to ultimate-knowledge.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Matter of meditation is tedious one and is learnt under the guidance of learned acharya in person.

D K: SWAMIJI CHARAN SPARSH swamiji namastey , mere father ko cancer jaisee problem doctors ne batayee hai , cemeotherapy vagairah suggest kee gayee hai jo shayad ek do din me chalu ho saktee hai , lekin aapke aashirwad kee unko bahut jaroorat rahegee dhanyavad swamiji your loving son
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Ved kehta hai bimari mein doctor se ilaaj shuru kar do isliye apne pitaji ka ilaaj achchhee tarah karo aur mera bhi unhein bahut bahut ashirwad.