Anup: Namaskar Swamiji, in today’s world every one has multiple ambitions and in Hinduism we have God / Goddess for every problem.Hence my question is that can we chant a mantra for one week for one problem and other mantra for other problem in the next week? Does chanting the different mantras every week yield the solution? My second question is that can we edit mantras suitable to our need? For example,if we chant a mantra as “OM HRIM SHRIM KLIM SRI LAKSHMI VISHNU HANUMANJI NAMAH.” Can we chant mentally above said mantra regularly while at work? I will be extremely grateful to you if you if you kindly advise with your good suggestions. Your advise seeker. Sadar Pranam from Anup.
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. This is not the procedure to control the desires. Actually, this is the biggest problem of the world to control the desire and he has controlled his desires, is the most happiest person of the world. So naturally, the desires cannot be controlled easily. In Rigved, mantra 10/1/29/7, it is stated that when creation starts and completed, then the learned observes that only this is the desire which creates problems, so they first control it. I would say the whole world is not aware of the said fact and therefore is indulged in materistic articles of the world, pomp and show, etc. and creates several new desires daily and when the desires are not completed then anger starts, and anger destroys him, say all Vedas, and Bhagwadgeeta also. But God has preached that desires are controlled by those who under the shelter of the learned of Vedas and Yoga philosophy, listens Vedas knowledge, do daily agnihotra, do daily practice of ashtang yog philosophy and do daily name jaap of God, otherwise Arjun also states before Sri Krishna that it is very difficult to control the desire. So, I advise you to make contact with local Arya Samaj mandir for further guidance because I am far away from you to guide.

Whatever you have told i.e. Hrim Shrim, etc. is not a Ved mantra but a man-made shlok, which never becomes fruitful being against the Vedas.

Anonymous: Not getting married. Will 16 somvar vrat help?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meri aashirvaad beti. I am sorry to listen about your matter. But, due to lack of the knowledge, usually a person remains frustrated, disturbed, etc. Gyan means Ved. Ved is knowledge, which emnates direct from God. So God in Vedas states that we all human beings have taken birth based upon our previous lives’ good and bad deeds (Rigved mantra 10/135/1,2). So, if a person is facing difficulties, sorrows, etc. in present life, it is due to the result of his previous lives’ deeds. Further, God states that if a person wants to destroy his bad deeds, then he should follow Vedic path. So, to remove your problem, I would advise you to do make contact with local Arya Samaj mandir, to daily Yajyen, etc. In the meantime, I would advise you to do daily havan with Gayatri mantras, and do name jaap of God – ‘Om’ while sitting on a suitable asan daily both times.

God will bless you to get suitable match. As regards, 16 Somvar Vratt, etc. this process does not exist in Vedas so being unauthentic, learneds of Vedas do not accept it.