Vijay: I am a father of a baby boy. We decided to name him starting with letter J and Kh as per his rashi. Please suggest us also names with meaning.
Swami Ram Swarup: I shower my heartiest blessings to your newly born son. You may choose any name from the following-

1. Jai – one who is victorious.
2. Jitendra – who has achieved control over his senses and perceptions.

Following names from Vedas are also advised because in Vedas there is no strict rule to start a name with particular alphabet.

1. Puneet – one who is pure.
2. Ritein – Truthful.
3. Maneesh – one who thinks deeply.
4. Kavi – Learned.

Arun: Do we have to flow ashes of our loved one or we can keep them? I am having hard time to throw them in water even I know he is gone? Thank you
Swami Ram Swarup: The tradition in accordance with Vedas is that ashes should be flown in running water be it river etc. So, we must follow the Vedic path.