Amit: Hello and thank you very much Swamiji, ill try to forward this message to as many as possible and ask them to forward the same to as many.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome, please.

N K: How do I maintain brahamcharya and get rid of bad habits? I am a student. I want to leave this and live healthy and energyful life. Please suggest me.
Swami Ram Swarup: The human life is meant for getting progress in worldly pious deeds like science, maths, engineering etc., and simultaneously progress in spiritualism. One sided progress will be futile. So, you discharge your duties faithfully and also try to get spiritual knowledge. You are advised to study some of the following books-
1.) Brahmcharya- Ek dukh nivarak divya manni (in Hindi) worth Rs.100/-.
2.) Vedic Pravachan sangrah (PartI) (in Hindi) worth Rs.120/-.
3.) Vedas- A Divine light Part I (in English) worth Rs.80/-
4.) Manav Dharam Shiksha (in Hindi) worth Rs.21/-.

After studying the said books, you can send your querry again to get further guidance.

You are also advised to do Gayatri jaap for which my article is pasted below-

Shubh Karma

Hard working, devotion, dedication, honesty, services to the parents and elders to follow eternal religion mentioned in Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga, discharging moral duties to get progress in education, science simultaneously with spiritualism like, daily havan, to be in contact with the learned Acharya, to get his advice, are some of the pious deeds which make the future bright and obliterate the sorrows, problems, diseases, etc.

One must wake up early in the morning for early morning walk and exercises, must sit on meditation and chant holy name of God, must be away from any addiction and non-vegetarian. Such pious actions lead to long, happy life and bright future.


The Gayatri mantra is as follows —


Meaning of Gayatri mantra stating each word is as follows. Its meaning is based on
Vedas and Sanskrit grammar. Grammatical hints are in short please.

Om has three Hindi words. Aa, Uu AND Ma. Aa is meant for Aakaar from which three
names of God are built, Viraat, Agni, and Vishwadi. From Uu = uukar from which
Hirannyagarbha, Vayu and Tejas names occur and Ma = makaar from which Ishwar,
Aditya and Praajyan aadi, holy names of God occur. Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 says
God is one but His names are several. But here OM the holy name of God is only
being explained.

VIRAAT = Viraat word is made from dhatu ‘Rajrideeptau’ i.e., manifest. Therefore
Viraat means He who manifests the universe. As God manifests the universe, thus
Viraat is the name of God. Rigveda mandal 10, sukta 129 states that like potter
makes pot from clay, similarly God creates universe from non-alive matter prakriti.
Prakriti is unseen matter. From unseen matter, the whole universe is created in the
visible form. Science also says that matter is never destroyed but changes its form.
Suppose a paper is burnt, paper changes its form into ashes. Then ashes are crushed
and thrown in air. At this moment, the paper changed into ashes becomes invisible
but was never destroyed. Similarly the whole universe at the time of final destruction
is turned into prakriti i.e., into unseen form.

AGNI = From dhatu, “ANCHU GATI POOJANAYOHO” the word “AGNI is made. Its
meaning is: He who is a form of wisdom. “SARVAJAYEN” i.e., Omniscient. That is,
knows each and every atom of universe and even beyond universe. He who is to be
known, to be gained and is worshipful. So Agni is the name of God.

VISHWA = Vishwa word is made from dhatu, “VISHPRAVESHANE”. Its meaning is He
in whom the universe is entering or He who is entering the universe. So being
omnipresent, Vishwa is the name of God.

HIRANNYAGARBHA = i.e., ” JYOTIRVAYIHIRANYAM”. Its meaning is, who is the base
of all sun, etc., luminous lokas or He who is the living place of all luminous lokas.
VAYU = from dhatu, “VA GATIGANDHANYOHO”, vayu word is made. Its meaning is
He who holds, gives life and destroys and is the mightiest amongst all. So the name
of God is Vayu.

TEJ = from dhatu, “TIJA NISHANE”, the word Tej is made meaning He who is self
made and self-enlightened and gives light to sun, moon, stars etc. God does not take
light from anywhere but gives light to sun, moon, stars, etc. so the unbroken,
unobstructed/unproduced and eternal form of light is Almighty God and not sun,
moon etc. So the name of God is Tej.

ISHWAR = from dhatu, “ISH ASHWERIYE”, the word Ishwar is made. Its meaning is
whose knowledge is thoughtful and true and He who has unlimited wealth, fortune
and glory etc. Therefore the name of God is Ishwar. Here it is not out of place to
mention that soul (man/woman) has limited qualities and are dependent whereas
God is independent and has unlimited qualities that is why He is God.

ADITYA = from dhatu, “DO AVAKHANDANE”, Aditya word is made. Its meaning is the
one who cannot be broken into pieces and thus cannot be destroyed. So God’s name
is Aditya.

PRAJAYEN (PRAGYA) = from dhatu, “JYEN AVABODHANE”, Prajayen word is made
meaning whose wisdom is totally without any misunderstanding and thus he who
knows every matter and behavior of whole universe without misunderstanding. So
God’s name is Prajayen. So here also it is not out of place to mention that illusion
can never attack on God and God is totally free from illusion.

BHUHU = “BHUHU ITI VAYEE PRANAHA” i.e., He who is the base of lives of universe,
is most beloved, even more than Prann i.e., breath. So Bhuhu is the name of God.

BHUVAHA= “BHUVAHA ITI APANAHA” i.e., He who is totally free from any sorrow,
and the soul removes his own all sorrows after coming in contact with Him. So the
name of God is Bhuvaha.

SWAHA = i.e., “SWAHA ITI VYANAHE” who is omnipresent in the universe and is
holding the same. So the name of God is Swaha.

SAVITUHU = He who creates the universe. So the name of God is Savituhu.

DEVSYA= who gives all pleasure/merriment, so the name of God is Dev.

VARENNYAM = He who is the most supreme and acceptable. God is most supreme
and acceptable for worship.

BHARGAHA = the purest entity (though God is formless, but finding no suitable
English word of Sanskrit word, “SHUDH SWARUPAM” the word entity has been used.)

TAT = i.e., the God i.e., of the purest entity.

DHIMAHI = i.e., we must hold (sort of meditation) because

YAHA = the God

NAHA = our,

DHIYAHA = mind(i.e., in our minds)

PRACHODYAT = by inspiration (fulfil the mind with wisdom)

“We meditate the God who is the base of lives’ of universe, totally free from any sorrow, omnipresent, creates the universe, gives all pleasure/merriment, most supreme and acceptable, purest entity; May the God enlighten our minds with wisdom by His inspiration”.

Here it is not out of place to mention that idea of a (one) Ved mantra is based on ideas of several Ved mantras. So in the above Gayatri mantra, there are three things —-

Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Savituhu, Bhargaha, Devsya are some qualities amongst unlimited qualities of God. These are called Stuti i.e., to say about God with His real qualities and not self made etc.

Secondly Dhimahi means meditation i.e., one should always sit in meditation and do hard and pious deeds for which he will have to study Vedas in full, while discharging moral duties towards family and nation.

Third and last is DHIYO YO NAHA PRACHODYAT. It is a prayer to God explanation of which is cited above.

D: Swamiji charan sparsh. I want to come for learn next step from you but I am not sure that when Divine will bless me and I can come to in your lotus feet, but I wanted to ask if I do havan yoga and guru naam which you gave me is enough till I don’t come to you? I mean may be it will take few months to come to you also, so will it be enough? Thanks Swamiji
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, whatever you are doing is enough till you come here. However, please also add study of spiritual books daily, which I have also written.

Dr. Harish Arya: Guru ji aap ne mere sawalon ka jawab nahin diya g.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera ashirwad. Maine aapke prashn ka uttar pehle hee de diya hai shayad ab aapko mil gaya hoga.

Bipin: Pranam Guruji, Our dandwat pranam & charan sparsh at your pious feet.
With your blessings we have reached home comfortably. We are very thankful to you for arranging havan, providing Vedic preach, guidance and teachings to us, spending your precious time for us. We are also thankful to all other Ved Mandir members for showering their affection and helping us during our stay at Ved Mandir. As per your guidance we have further started doing abhyantar/bahyantar pranayam with Gayatri mantra and we will try our level best to continue our daily worship with your blessings and as per vedic teachings.

Hereby we would like to express brief of learning. Ishwar (GOD) loves those & showers His blessings on those who love Him & His Vedas. We can’t know Ishwar, His greatness & His qualities in absence of Vedas knowledge. We shall try to do only shubh karma & dedicate all our deeds to Ishwar. All our money & things belongs to Him only. We shall try to earn maximum money with hard work to fulfill all our responsibility towards family but not to love money/other materialistic articles. We shall love only to Ishwar by doing His worship as stated by Him in His Vedas. We have to try hard to move towards moksh which will take number of births and needs continuous guidance/teachings/blessings of Guruji/Brahm Rishi. We wish to live like this. Though it is tough task but we hope with our efforts & your blessings we can do it. For any query/guidance I will seek your help as required. With Charan Sparsh at your pious feet from all of us.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. I am glad that within a short period, you have learned a lot about formless God and His Vedvanni. Please, continue your worship to get the goal. My blessings are always with you.

S S: Will my son get admission in a good school?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please try your level best. Rest is all in hands of Almighty God.