Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, Swamiji in your book”Brahmacharya-ek dukh nivarak Mani” you have written that Sri Krishna addressed Aswathama as a Brahmin and also says to Dharmraj that Aswathama was cruel, cunning,etc. If he has those vices then why Sri Krishna addressed him as Brahmin. Was Yudhishtira’s chariot always above ground? Is the story true of Sri Krishna telling Arjuna after war that Karna was able to push the chariot by his attacks less than that done by Arjuna cause Sri Krishna was sitting on the chariot? Why was Ravana’s son Meghanad called Indrajit , was there any heaven which he had won? What did Sri Rama say to Bali after killing him , does Sri Rama mention Manu Smriti shlok to justify his action if yes what shlok is it? What is the story of Ahalya and Rishi Gautam, is it mentioned in Ramayana and if yes what is the true account of story? What did Sri Krishna say after learning of the game of dice? Are there any Rishi(both male and female) who were born to Shudra parents but by attaining knowledge and following it became Rishi? Swamiji,you have said in one answer that after god enters into universe created by him everything comes to life , then how is god omnipresent , isn’t the universe created by him, and is God present in souls and prakriti? Is it right to say God is present in everything rather than saying everything is present in God? Why is it that God doesn’t remove illusion surrounding our soul but instead tells method of doing so through Vedas? In my earlier question I asked about a shlok “Dharma Eva hato hanti dharmo rakshati rakshita tasmat dharmo na hantayo ma no dharmo hatovadith” , you told me it’s mentioned in Mahabharata but didn’t tell me who has said it is it said by Vyas muni? Difference between rishi and muni? What is female Rishi called?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The father of Ashwatthama was Dronnacharya and the tribe of Dronnacharya was a Brahmin tribe. Ashwatthama was born in a Brahmin tribe and had several and even we can say most of the qualities of Brahmin family. So, the idea of Sri Krishna Maharaj to address him as Brahmin was to inspire him that he (Ashwatthama) relates to a famous, learned Brahmin family, so he should not defame his tribe.

No, the chariot of Yuddhishthir can’t move in air, it requires some base. Chariot is driven by horses not by men.

Yes, Indrajeet had won Indra.

Yes Sri Ram referred two Manusmriti Shloka – 8/316, 8/318 to justify his actions. Being busy, such story can’t be narrated here. Please quote this query after two months.

Sri Krishna Maharaj did not play dice.

Satyakaam Rishi previously was a son of prostitute. Your above question is right that after creating the universe, God enters. Both views are correct. When there will be no hardworking it means everything will be produced by God before us like halwa puri prepared by some body else and produced before us. The said is not the philosophy of Almighty God. Yes, said by Vyas muniji and Manu Bhagwan also. Muni who concentrates over study of ved mantras and Rishi who has realized ved mantras.

But I’m astonished that why you are asking such questions who do not pertain to you, these questions are asked by those who daily listen to vedas from learned acharya daily. So, please try to study vedas under guidance of learned Acharya which will destroy all your sorrows and provide you with divine pleasure. Otherwise putting such questions will be of no use. So, I again advise you to please make contact with local learned of vedas to listen to ved mantras, otherwise putting such question will also be an insult of vedas. When you will be listening vedas time to time, then you become authorised to put your query.

Anonymous: Swami jee pranam. Ramayan mein Ayodhya kand mein Lakshman ne ek deer ko mara air pakaya? Swami jee ye kahan tak sahi hai? Main Ayodhya kand sarga 56 shloka ke baat kar hun ।।2.56.22- 2।। Dhanyvaad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Kshama karein, aap koi jhoothi Ramayan pad baithe hain kyunki jaisa aapne likha aisa kabhi nahi hua. Aap Valmiki Ramayan padein, weh rishi pranneet granth hai aur ati gyanvardhak hai. Jahaan kapol kalpana aur jhooth kee kaheen gunjaish nahi hai.