Arun Kumar: I enjoy reading your books a lot because you give Ved mantra as a proof for everything you say in your book. Please inform me about any new book also.
Swami Ram Swarup: A new book has also been printed- Vedas- A Divine Light (Part II). It shall be sent to you. Yog shastra sutra 2/1 states to study the books based on Vedas is itself a Tapasya (austerity). So I appreciate your efforts regarding study of books.

Arun Kumar: I enjoy reading your books a lot because you give Ved mantra as a proof for everything you say in your book. Please inform me about any new book also.
Swami Ram Swarup: A new book has also been printed- Vedas- A Divine Light (Part II). It shall be sent to you. Yog shastra sutra 2/1 states to study the books based on Vedas is itself a Tapasya (austerity). So I appreciate your efforts regarding study of books.

Anonymous: I want to be ‘Aajivan Bramhachari’. What are the things that I should adopt and what are the things that I need to sacrifice? For your kind information I am pure vegetarian, Never adopted smoking and and any alcoholic thing. I need more information from your side regarding the way I should live the life with complete ‘Bramhacharya’.
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views to remain as celibate (brahamchari) for whole of your life are very much appreciate. But I would like to meet with you first to comment further. So, please intimate if you can come here. Also intimate your postal address. So that I can dispatch to you, my book on Brahamcharya in Hindi, named-
Brahamcharya – Ek Dukh Nivarak Divya Manni. The book will give you knowledge and guide you a lot.

Anonymous: You are great. Please understand that Aaj Ka Arjun is black sheep, so kindly scold him as Krishna scolded Arjun KLABYAM Ma SMA GAMA PARTH . Everyone knows that as you sow so shall you reap,  therefore I request you please to answer in slokas of Gita.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, please. Arjun had forgotten his moral duty. He was a kshatriya and as per Vedas, his duty was to establish the dharma (righteousness- justice and morality etc.,) among the subjects. To establish the same, the obstacles are to be removed by a kshatriya. Kauravas were the main obstacles in establishing dharma. Kauravas were destroying the dharma. When the time came to fight against the kauravas, Arjun indulged in Moh (attachment) with the relatives. He who gets indulged in attachment, illusion etc., he always forgets the real path, moral duties etc., when Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj gave him the Vedic knowledge, the signs of attachment/illusion generated in the mind of Arjun vanished away and he immediately stood up to fight against the injustice etc.
In short, the present Arjun also is required to listen to the Vedic preach wherein he should be taught about moral duties, establishment of justice among public, inculcating dharma, nationality among people.
Only then will the illusion of Arjun be removed.
Our leaders and even public if is not taught Vedic education about the above quoted duties and thus they do not become learned, then the problem of not discharging the moral duties will always rise and in the said situation, Geeta states about the said persons that-
(SWAYADHARMAM CHA KEERTIM  HITVA PAAPAM AVAPSAYASI) i.e., the person by losing their own moral duties and fame , glory will be liable to attain unpious results (sins) etc.

P.N.Vishwakarma: I want to know that what are the herbs used in Havan Samagri and what in ratio because of that good quality havan samagri are not available some times.
Swami Ram Swarup:  The four matters are mixed to make samigri. Havan Samagri
Four matters are to be mixed to prepare havan samagri, the kinds of which are several:
1. Sweet matter like jaggery, honey etc. which are mixed on the same day when the havan is performed.
2. Nutritive matters like all pulses, flour, dry fruits, ghee etc.
3. Antibiotic like gyol etc.
4. Fragrant matters like guggal, chandan bala etc.

Atta, jau, kale til, rice, nagarmotha, balchhar, etc. can also be mixed.

Sagar: In bhavishya puraan is there any mention of Mohammad? If so then how he has been portrayed?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, I have not studied Bhavishya Purann.

Manoj Kumar: What is Prana Sadhana?
Swami Ram Swarup: Prann Sadhna means Prannayam, please. The process of doing Prannayam must first be learnt from an experienced Yogi otherwise may prove harmful.

Anonymous: Pranam and charansparsh, Guru ji,your valuable knowledge through books written by you is beyond description. I received your books when i was at my mothers place, my spouse received it and he read it. Infact both of us do yoga, Yajen and still go to temples thinking that these places of worship reflects great yogis who have realised God. My spouse now wants to ask many questions to you. In my search on our culture I have seen a presentation on scientific verification of Vedas by a westerner, after seeing this presentation my spouse started believing what I say. Unlike present day media print and visual which promote biasedness, distorted views on our culture. Further I request you to write articles on Hinduism today a classic magazine on hinduism wriiten by swamis who are westerners but truly indian / Hindu, published from New York. If possible I have suggested them to publish its Hindi edition in India which will develop self confidence in Hindus. A Tribute to Hinduism, a wonderful book which deals how our culture of Vedas was destroyed by Muslim invaders, Portugese, and Britishers.What eminent scientist of world talk about Vedas and Geeta. Truth at last should triumph against millenia of falsehood. 
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, My blessings to you. The wisdom is always blessed by Almighty God through an acharya. So, the knowledge which is written in books is not mine. It is all with the blessings of my spiritual master and Almighty God. I thank you that you praised the books, my daughter. Yet I shall be more happy if you worship God daily through havan, meditation and His name jaap and studying of the spiritual books which are based on Vedas and enable to get salvation. In Atharvaveda, it is mentioned that human-beings must always be away from the books written in the name of religion but written by men/women. I mean to say that there are three stages of soul. First- When soul takes birth and is called baby, thereafter men/women. Gradually, baby grows up and if the baby does not take the knowledge of the Vedas/real spiritualism with the result he at his young age is indulged in illusion and does sins etc., then the soul attains the second stage called
 Asur/devil. If the baby makes contact with the learned acharya, attains Vedas’ knowledge and obeys the same, then the soul after becoming learned of Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy attains the third pious stage in which he is called Dev/Devta or Devi.
That is why, Atharvaveda mantra states that books written by men should not be read. Only the books written by Rishi-Munis, Yogis, Saints who are learned of Vedas and who never tell lie, must be read. So, I appreciate you all who study the books which are based on Vedas’ knowledge i.e., the knowledge which is given by God. I shall also try my level best to try to write book on Hinduism. Though nowadays I am extremely busy since three books  at the same time are being written.
1. Next six chapters of Bhagwad Geeta in Hindi (presently, I am about to complete tenth chapter).
2. Translation of my book- Bhagwad Geeta- Ek Vedic Rehasya (First to six chapter) in English.
3. Elaborate book being written on pious cow in Hindi.

I hope you have received one of my books- Protect the Holy Cow- say Vedas. If not the same will be sent to you as well. My blessings to you all.


Sanjay Khedekar: A astrologer had asked me to do shanti puja for Ketu in 2nd house (finance,Pitru shanti) from a priest who can read the 63rd supplement of Atharvaveda.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are always welcome, please. The worship of God is very well mentioned in Vedas that one should daily perform hawan/Yajyen, do name jaap of God and practice Ashtang yoga Philosophy while discharging moral duties towards family, society and nation. So, to get permanent peace one should perform daily hawan with Ved mantras. If you desire, the process of hawan/yajyen describing ved mantras and its meaning (in Hindi) has been given in a book which can be sent to you on receipt of your postal address.
As regards astrology, the present astrology and navgrah pooja, kaal sarp yoga, teva etc., has not been mentioned in Vedas, please. So, learned of Vedas do not accept the same. If you have faith on the same, you may go ahead, please.

Bipin K. Badheka: Swamiji pranam. I would be grateful and request you to reply to this. Suppose one person has good qualities, chants gayatri mantra daily, fulfills commitment towards his family sincerely, is intelleigent, makes regular donations, reads and follows Vedas, is pure vegetarian, has no bad habits like smoking, taking alcohol etc.  Now after his death he will get new birth and will face happiness & sorrow in new birth based on his past lives good & bad deeds. Now the question is whether in that next birth whether he will get same intellectual as on birth, will he believe in GOD the same way & chant mantras & Vedas and make pious deed like donations. Whether qualities of mind like intelligence, patience, analytical mind remains same in next birth? Whether his firm belief of pure vegetarian, non-smoking etc. will be continued in next birth? If I want my certain good qualities which I posses in this birth, can be obtained in next birth. Are there any way or worship through which I can carry these in my next birth.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, the person of such good caliber mentioned by you, if could not get salvation then he will get the next birth to face his pious deeds and rest of the bad deeds. But in no case will his pious and religious deeds, as stated by you, go in vain. Based on the said pious deeds, as is also mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta Shloka 6/41, he will get new birth in an honourable, religious family and his Vedic worship will continue from where it was left in the previous life. Samveda mantra 1501 clearly states that his Vedic worship of the previous life will stand and he will not have to repeat the worship of his previous life. Also, he will acquire more intellect than what he got in previous life because it is only Vedas’ knowledge which never goes in vain and is counted in every birth till the aspirant achieves salvation. Yes, he will believe in God and chant ved mantras automatically due to the pious effect of previous life. He will also be pure vegetarian.
So, God states in the Vedas that human life is blessed to listen and study Vedas and to obey the preach mentioned therein. So, one should always listen to Vedas, do Yajyen/hawan with Ved mantras, do name jaap of Almighty God and practice  Ashtang Yoga Philosophy especially asan, Prannayam and meditation daily. Because the said worship shall never go in vain as stated above. Why do people not accept Vedas? Because they do not listen to the secret of Vedas. Otherwise, our innocent countrymen could adopt Vedas’ path as was being adopted right from the beginning of the earth uptil Mahabharat war time. Selfish saints/false prophets have been playing a vital role to turn people against the Vedas. Such gurus have been stating that Vedas are difficult and yajyen will only send you to swarg lok(heaven) . There are totally false statements according to Vedas.

K Guruprasad: I have started reading your books on a daily basis and now I’m reading two books side by side, Yajya Karma Sarva Shreshta Ishwar Pooja as well Bramacharya dukh nivarak, ek divya Mani. Now, I’m feeling more thirst towards this eternal quest on Vedas. With full respect and SHRADDHA, I’m asking your advice whether I can start reading VEDAS as well learn from you ASHTANG YOGA philosophy. I know for sure the distance is great and it is very difficult for me to come in frequent contact with your good self, however, I’m willing whole heartedly to start now so that with your blessings as well as Almighty blessings, I would be able to attain the TRUTH may be within fewer number of births. Although we have never spoken much, my gratitude and love towards you have been increased to such an extent that I could not explain to you. May be you are aware of this, if I’m lucky. I seek your advice on how do I proceed towards reading Vedas and learn Ashtanga Yoga. I have always roamed for getting knowing the TRUTH from a learned Yogi and a Rishi.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Study of spiritual books is itself a Tapasya as said in yog shastra sutra 2/1. So really, you are doing Tapasya as well in family life. As regards studying of Vedas and learning of Ashtang Yoga philosophy, is a moral duty of every human being. So your views are also highly appreciated. Though Vedas are first to be listened from an acharya yet you have been listening the Vedas for long and can study the same. However, first of all you must take advice and learn yoga philosophy slowly for which you must plan to come over here when time suits you. Fundamental laws of nature though cannot be changed, where it is mentioned to contact the acharya again and again but still if you will be able to come here even within two months to learn the spiritualism, that will be enough. My blessings are always with you and your family.


Vijay: Is idol worships of different Gods and sai baba like other saints can be equal to God? Why there are too many Gods in Hinduism create confusion?
Swami Ram Swarup: These days there are two types of worship of God- one worship is eternal which is mentioned in Vedas alone. Knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God. So, the said worship is made by God. Second worship is the worship which does not tally with the Vedas and is made by human beings. In the worship which is according to Vedas and made by God, there is only one formless, Almighty, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. The said worship is performed by doing holy yajyen with ved mantras daily, name jaap of Almighty God and practice of Ashtang yoga philosophy under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. Nowadays, we all are free to choose any worship and result is awarded by God Himself and not by man. In this connection I paste my article also-

Reason for idol worshiping

The God’s worship is in Vedas which emanate direct from God, wherein idol worship is not mentioned. I have previously quoted several examples that idol worship is not required. For-example you know me and I also know you, we both reside in bodies, being souls and souls are also shapeless. So we know each other, but how? Only on the basis of qualities and not on the basis of statue/photos etc. If you or I will try hard then we can also meet together. This is worldly example even.

So on the basis of the qualities of the God, as mentioned in Vedas, God is known and when an aspirant follows/obeys the path of Vedas i.e., worship, Ashtang yoga practice, listening of Vedas, Yajyen etc., under guidance of an acharya, then he attains samadhi i.e., realizes God too. So, as per Vedas, no need of idol worship.
If someone believes that God is everywhere then why does he avoid wine, smoking, theft, etc., etc. inside the temple and does outside? Actually realization is subject of deep study of Vedas and to observe thereon. Sagunn  means with eternal qualities mentioned in Ved mantras because the meaning of Sa+Gunn means ‘with qualities’. So God has unlimited qualities like formless, omnipresent, etc., etc. and nirakar means shapeless. One can not break the rules and regulations of God mentioned in Vedas. Vedas are self-proof and cannot be denied.

Why so many Gods?

If there is no sun rise, naturally there will remain always darkness. So is the case of worship of multiple Gods. That is, due to non-study of Vedas from learned, spiritual master of Vedas, people have become ignorant and do not know the true preach of true Almighty God, Who is one, Was one and will remain always one. Neither anybody took birth nor will take birth, equivalent to the said God. He is almighty, omnipresent, omniscient, formless, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. So there is a great need of study of Vedas to overcome the present illusion. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, ancient rishi-munis were all followers of God given knowledge of Vedas only. We have also to follow the same

Zarin: Can you give me reference that mangal sutra and sindoor is compulsary for women as per Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: In marriage system (Vivah Paddhati) according to Vedas there is no mention about Sindoor and mangal sutra but there is mention of garrand which must be considered sort of mangal sutra.

Zarin: Can you describe the modesty of women and dressing as per Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, it is mentioned that the women must wear clean, decent clothes which cover her whole body.

                         DUTIES OF WIFE
(1) Atharvaveda mantra 1/14/1 – A good wife should establish herself permanently in her husband’s house just as mountain firmly establishes itself on ground. If the wife is not learned and does not deal with the family problems faithfully, gently and happily then Atharvaveda mantra 2/14/5 states that she can be divorced. Vedas also declare that if the husband does not discharge his moral obligations towards family then wife can also leave her husband.
 (2) Atharvaveda mantra 3/25/1- Wife should long to be in company of her husband.
(3) Atharvaveda mantra 3/25/5- wife should be attracted towards the loving attitude of her husband and should always remain sincere to her husband.
(4) Atharvaveda mantra 3/25/6 – wife should discover so much love and affection in her husband’s house that she should not remember her parent’s house at all.
(5) Atharvaveda mantra 3/30/2 – wife should conduct herself sweetly towards her husband.
(6) Atharvaveda mantra 4/38/1 – main qualities of wife:-
(a) Should have conquered sensuality (b) be hardworking (c) possessing best behaviour (d) striving to maintain home in best way.
(7) Atharvaveda mantra 4/38/2 –
(a) Preserves and increases husband’s earnings.
(b) Spends portion of husband’s earnings on yajyen.
(c) She is always working hard.
(8) Atharvaveda mantra 4/38/3-
(a) she does all household jobs with zeal and enthusiasm.
(b) works for the betterment of the house in a very mature way.
(c) ensures that there is no shortage of milk and milk products in the house.
(d) conserves the household earnings.
(9) Atharvaveda mantra 4/38/4-
 (a) she remains happy.
(b) does not get effected by sorrows and controls her anger.
(c) makes every one happy with her good behaviour.
(10) Atharvaveda mantra 4/38/5-
 (a) toils hard from sunrise to sunset.
(b) does her work in the light of sun and does not confine herself to dark rooms devoid of sunlight.
(11) Atharvaveda mantra 6/8/1 – wife should be dependent on husband just as a creeper completely depends on the tree.
(12)  Atharvaveda mantra 6/8/3 -wife should never  even think about separating from her husband.
13) Atharvaveda mantra 7/47/2- wife should remain healthy, possess expertise in household jobs, should be God fearing and remember God’s name and should possess divine qualities.