Anonymous: Sir, I am. In love with a kshatriya girl and I am a brahmin boy.. She is also in. Love with me. But she says that you have to convince me that our shashtras allow intercaste marriages and there is no caste system. She needs proof. I have tried hard but to no vain. Please help me. Sir. Please help me. To convince her that Intercaste marriages are allowed. I showed her the video but still

Swami Ram Swarup: According to Manusmirti intercaste marriages are permitted if boy and girl are adult. For example— in Mahabharat five Pandavas were living in forest for 12 years in the form of Brahmins meanwhile kshatriya king Drupad invited all the warriors to participate in the marriage function and declared that whosoever would target the eye of a revolving fish he will be the winner and would marry with his daughter. Arjun in form of brahmin pierced the eye of fish and marriage with Yudhishthir took place, even at the time of marriage nobody knew that those five brothers (Pandavs were khastriya) but they knew them as brahmin. Second example I would like to give here of Bheem who married Hidimba, who was demonic woman.

Anonymous: What do the Vedas say about transgender, gay people  and gay marriage? Can women become acharyas? Your disciple in his Youtube channel “Know your Vedas” said that varna system is not based on birth but if you are right then why are so many esteemed people keep preaching that varna system is based on birth and also preaching against inter caste marriage? Do these type of Acharyas not know the correct knowledge of Vedas?

Swami Ram Swarup: Transgender is not gay. Transgenders have right to live upon according to their desire.

Gay person may live at their own accord but in Vedas it is unnatural activity.

Yes, learned women of four Vedas and ashtang yog philosophy are authorized by Vedas to be a learned acharya. For example— Gargi who was learned of Vedas and even was a bal-brahamcharini was acharya of king Janak.

Yes, varn system is not based on birth, but is based on deeds vide Yajurved mantra 31/11.  for example— In upnishad, Satyakaam rishi was a son of famous prostitute named Jwala but he went to the acharya of Vedas, got vedic knowledge and astang yoga philosophy and became learned acharya and taught Vedas to king and several aspirants including brahmans. Vedas is a knowledge which directly emanates from almighty God. So, we must follow the Vedas and we must never be against the Vedas.

Harsh: Pranam swamiji, I had a dream when I was sleeping outside and my family members were sleeping in their room. When I was sleeping I heard strange voice like it was music but I don’t give much importance afterwards suddenly a door open and I heard footsteps which are coming towards me and they just came in bed and touches me very tightly and I felt pressure on my chest, when I turn around there was no one but I consider there was a ghost. Then I wake up and realized it was a dream. But then some ghost movies are made and they say they are based on real event. So I am very scared. Please help me.

Swami Ram Swarup: Dear Harsh, according to the four Vedas there is no any existence of the ghosts in the world because even about ghost-existence is not mentioned in Vedas. Yes, whatever you have seen it is really the result of the deeds. So, nothing to worry. Because Atharvaveda also states that normally the dreams and such events are false. My blessings to you, be happy.