Bhavesh: Namaste Swamiji:
Question: (i) Are all the words of the Vedas ‘Yaugik’ or partly ‘Yaugik’ and partly ‘Yog-Rudhi’?

(ii) How to judge whether the meaning given by any person to any Vedic word is ‘Yaugik’ or ‘Yog-Rudhi’? Bhavesh
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji.
(1) All the words (mantras) of Vedas are Yogik.

(2) Here we must understand that if the answer is given by a Rishi-muni/Yogi then naturally the meaning will be Yogic but if the answer is given by an ordinary person then first of all, the ordinary person will not be able to give the answer and secondly the question of Yogic word from him will not arise.