C: As I begin to make the move from an abundant house of conscious caring people, organic gardening, and clean living to the shelter of my car. I am really becoming aware of the things I accumulated and the attachment to my home that was beginning to form. Although I am now in a place in time where I am about to experience my life at the poorest I have ever been, I have never felt so happy and spiritually abundant as I do now. I am serving people with yoga,
smiles, food, childcare, and even giving a few dollars I can muster to any sweet being with a sign begging for compassion on the street. All this and doing my best to keep meditating, writing in my book of virtues, and reading printed texts written by Pabongka Rinpoche on the principle teachings of Buddhism. Maybe it is crazy, but the entire world feels alive and I am soaking in this amazing experience. I feel rich knowing that my life is abundant regardless where I live or how well I can sustain myself. No matter where I am, I am home. The Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Buddha, the Torah, etc. all have a wisdom to share that have been passed down through the ages. The breath of life and vibrancy from spiritual devotees before us have a sacred appreciation for the human experience that today many people have lost. Many religions, however they may teach and preach, seem to lack the means to put into practice a way of life that dives deep into the soul. Nor supports the listeners with tools to fulfill their part of the whole in order to truly spread more kindness and gratitude to all beings. We don’t put our spirituality and health in the forefront. Hence, we as people don’t know what we are living for anymore other than accept that we must live for ourselves only and strive for success through material gain. When did looking inside ourselves and
playing & learning with others become a waste of time? Why are we less willing to spend the time or money to nourish our mind, body, and spirit first? Is it really okay to own a house full of things we never use? If so, why don’t we reflect more on what matters deeply to our heart? Why is it so hard to ask that we all make small changes to feed a being we don’t know or will never meet? Probably because it takes something bigger than simply caring, it takes an awakening to a certain level. To a level of energy we can’t quite understand with our 5 senses. We really have to feel beyond what we think we know about this life to truly live and breath it. Then again, never have I seen such beauty of both people and community so pressed and urging for spiritual fulfillment. To love and reach enlightenment for the sake of all living beings. What a wonderful vision and wish to put into practice. May others reach a state of constant peace and happiness and have the heart to help others to free themselves from suffering. Anyways thank you Swamiji. I look forward to reading more about instilling spiritual abundance in our lives, pure beings, and more on the the subtle forms of life. Thank you also to those beings who took the interest and had the patience to read my comment (which was simply inspired by this incredible blog).
Swami Ram Swarup: Attachment in the world has been always sorrowful to all concerned. Lotus lives in a pond and its roots are in mud but lotus always makes contact with sun and not with mud. Sun rises and lotus blooms, when sun sets, lotus shuts down its petals. Similarly a person under guidance of a true spiritual master does real worship of God and while discharging all his duties, his mind makes link with God always with pious thoughts. He never becomes demoralized in life. In world, most of the people have failed to live as stated above and hence, the problem like attachment, tension etc.

One should never try to experience life but should always try to make life healthy and wise. So, an aspirant should make the links with learned, spiritual master to get the same.

To serve the people is no doubt, a pious deed and God in time gives benefit for the same. But, it is a good thought that we need a social worker, social reformists all around the world but those who have reformed themselves first. Otherwise, selfishness etc., will tag behind you.

Yes, teachings of Vedas etc., has been passed down through ages but only few got peace and salvation who observed its teachings in life. But those who only studied and taught further etc., could not make the best use of teachings of spiritual books and therefore, could not get peace. So, teachings are still required to be observed and not merely, studied etc. The spiritual books, as stated above, are still open to give peace to everyone and invite to destroy one’s sorrows, tensions, problems and attain salvation.

Yes, several people have lost but not a single devotee lost, who observed teachings in life.To put into practice, is really a matter to think deeply. Suppose, a spiritual master teaches that one should not be angry. No doubt, it is a good preach but it cannot be observed in life, in all circumstances. At last, a person looses patience and anger is shown. To control anger is not only a matter of practice, but it is connected with spiritualism. I mean to say, all preach are connected with spiritualism. Spiritual means practice of God’s name daily, listening to Vedas and other holy books daily and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga which in turn generates good qualities in devotees. In Ashtang Yoga, yam, niyam, asan, Prannayam, Pratyahaar, Dharnna, Dhyan (meditation), Samadhi exists, practice of which is strictly required to get peace and salvation. This is the eternal and everlasting path of Vedic philosophy, part of which is being seen in several religions, to dive deep into the soul. In this way, soul knows herself that alive soul resides in human body whereas human-body is non-alive matter. So, human-body is separate and soul is separate. Soul is alive matter, the purest i.e., away from vices and immortal whereas Human-body is destructible. Soul, without indulging in practice of above quoted spiritualism, always remain indulged in vices and worldly affairs and materialistic articles, pomp and show etc. and hence the problem. We must not live for ourselves alone, this being selfish matter but must live to cooperate with others also. Reason, why we are less willing to spend time and money to nourish our mind, body and spirit. First is that our mind and body along with mind is indulged in illusion and therefore, there remains no scope to spend time for spirit.
If you study Ashtang Yog Philsophy (book written by me, in Hindi, is available) and you find the first path- Yam and second- Niyam, as quoted above also. In Yam, we have to observe- Satya(truth), Ahinsa (non-violence), Asteya (Not to steal), Brahmacharya (celibacy), Aparigrah.

Aparigrah means to gather only those household articles and other articles to live upon which are minimum required. For example- If one pair of shoes is sufficient, the second pair of shoes is not needed. So, is the case in other things like clothes, food, shelter etc. So, is the problem for human-being that due to lack of knowledge of Vedas and spiritual books and observing it, people are indulged in illusion. Illusion means Avidya (in Hindi). Avidya means to consider Sorrows as happiness, Impure as Pure, mortal as immortal and destructible as indestructible.

I heartily thank you for your views in your article.

Sarah: It is amazing how great saints see everything from eyes of shastras and therefore when they enlighten common people like us we find it so easy to understand. I hope I can always remember this point made by Swamiji that is to, remember the purpose of Human life and marriage
is to purify our hearts and existence. Thank you for sharing.
Swami Ram Swarup: If any pious saint preaches Vedas, in a way that public understands easily then he is really a true saint.