Rohan: Nameste Guruji, I was talking to someone at Vedmandir he mentioned that god lives in “DIVI LOK” and that’s one lok that never gets destroyed and rebuild as our Galaxy.Is it true if it is could you please shed some more light on it. Thank You
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji.

In this connection, Yajurveda mantra 31/ 3 clarifies the situation that God due to His nature of being Omnipresent is everywhere but only His one-fourth part of Divine Power when acts in non-alive matter prakriti after completion of the duration of final destruction, the creation starts.

That is why, it is told by Yajurveda that the creation i.e., all three lokas remains in His (God’s) one-fourth power and remaining three-fourth is called Divilok i.e., one-fourth power generates creation and creation is nursed and thereafter is destroyed and the said process is eternal and everlasting but three-fourth power (Almighty God) is not destroyed. Creation is destroyed but not God. So, three-fourth power of God has been told that it remains in Divilok. Otherwise God is everywhere.

Manas: Hindu dharm me SINDUR lgane ki prtha kisne Suru ki awr kinu.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this regard, I paste my answer. Chudi and sindur has been a custom of a married woman, but the same is not mentioned in Vedas.

Rohit: Swami-ji- charan sparsh plz throw light on this following mantra i found it on a Islamic site, Atharva Veda 12:5:62 with an adverse meaning.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The 5th sukta of 12th kand of Atharvaveda actually states about the punishment awarded by Almighty God for those who are against the Vedas.

So, automatically God is giving punishment under His unchangeable law of the Vedas for such persons. Otherwise we’ve no right to kill or harm anyone. This is the duty of Two powers – first either by God; second – by King.

Both being administrators.

Mantra is
“Vrishch Pra Vrishch Sam Vrishch Daha Pradaha Sam Daha.”
(Atharvaveda mantra 12/5/62)

Meaning:- Oh! Ved Vanni , you (Vrishch) cut down the person who criticizes [against] Vedas i.e., those who are against the Vedas. (Pra Vrishch) tear apart (Sam Vrishch) rip apart (Daha) burn (Pradaha) set on fire (Sam Daha) reduce to ashes. So, we must try our level best to know Vedic eternal philosophy which emanates directly from Almighty God. Vedas are not sects and hence are universally applicable to all mankind. Dharma is not made by human-beings. It has already been made by Almighty God in Vedas. Whether we accept or do not accept but truth prevails.

Anonymous: Swami ji- a friend of mine was telling me about law of karma and he give me this example throw light on it is it right or not Ravi had some severe bad karma due to which his life will always be facing insufficiency of funds! The expenses will be more than the income! But, Ravi married a girl Anitha! Immediately, he found that he started to have surplus funds in his bank account and his financial status improved! What this case show? All these changes are due to FUSION OF KARMA OF DIFFERENT PERSONS INTO ONE, WHEN THEY
LIVE & INTERACT TOGETHER WITHIN ONE CHAMBER! If only a single person lives in a house, only his karma is causing the effects in that house! Whereas, if 2, 3, or, many persons live within a house, the karma of all those people MINGLE & start causing the effeects in that house! Now, Let me explain with the above example! REASON FOR (I): Let Ravi has 75% bad karma and 25% Good Karma; And his wife Anitha has 25% Bad Karma and 75% Good Karma! When Ravi lives separately in a house, there will be 75% bad happenings and 25% Good Happenings in his life! When Anitha is living alone in her house, there will be 25% Bad happenings and 75% Good Happenings in her life! What happens if Ravi marries Anitha? The Good & Bad karmas of both Ravi and Anitha is added and taken average and the family enjoys the resultantant karma.! here ravi 25% goodness and anithas 75% goodness. so when they marry 25 +75 =100 divided by =50% Good karma will be there in family. as ravi gained 25% of good karma from her wife his finacial situation improved.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas and shastras, dharm’s meaning is to do the pious deeds according to the Vedas which gives us pleasure and long happy life at present and even after death i.e., in the next births. The said dharma (moral duties-pious deeds) is eternal being made of Almighty God in Yajurveda. So, until and unless we listen to Vedas, nobody will be able to know the eternal truth about definition of dharma (pious deeds or sins). Now, I tell you the definition about the type of fundamental law of deeds from Rigveda mantra 10/135/1, 2. The said mantra states that we have been blessed by God, with human body, to face previous lives’ deeds- god or bad- in the shape of happiness and sorrows, respectively and the deeds which are being done in present life, their result (good or bad) will have to be faced in the next births. So, the deficiency of funds or problems of your friend Ravi are also due to result of previous lives’ deeds. However, the above Rigveda mantra 10/135/3 states that if a person follows the Vedic path and makes contact with learned acharya then the effect of bad deeds of previous lives will be over and the person will spend long, happy life. The karma’s matter is personal. One persons’ karma does not effect other person.

V: Pranaam Swamiji, Thank you very much for your esteemed reply. Indeed your answer has showed me much lights on the untold. However, I should mention to you that I believe immensely in Pitra Puja. Last year I did not perform it I lost my job this year as soon as I did it
I got another job during full one year I was unemployed and encountered many problems and deepened my worries particularly financially. Whenever, I was prayering Hanumanji, Ramji, Shree Krsna, Ganesha, Shivji and Durga Ma I was getting much problem immediately. As if I am not meant to pray the holy gods but whem praying Pitra I am ok. That is why I want to concentrate in Pitra puja. Please advise me. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

You are welcome, please.

Actually, it is not the matter what I, you or anybody want, important is this that what our eternal culture Vedas tell. Because Vedas are self-proof. Therefore if we want to decide the truth then our views should tally with Vedic culture. If our views do not tally then the ancient and present learneds declared it false; based on fundamental laws of Vedas and shastras. So, you can do pitra pooja at your own but as per Vedas and shastras; pooja of soul which have gone already heavenly abode are against Vedas and thus of no use. We can only remember our respected pitras and can follow their pious deeds

Whatsoever has happened with you, it has no link with pitra pooja, please. But, it was only a result of your previous lives’ deeds etc., and the said happening will not reoccur. However, I would again tell you that you can do Pitra Pooja at your own.