Somesh: Sadar Charan Sparsh Maharaj ji, I would like to contribute my Tech knowledge which i gained with your blessings by Creating an Android Application For after which one can simply Install Vedmandir App from Google PlayStore on their Smartphone and remain in touch with you Gurudev and with the website as well. One will have all options similar to this website on the app also.

This will really help us to spread Vedas to each and every pocket on the go all over the world and hence if we would post any Updates like, if we have released any new publication, then all will get updates on their phone that This Version of Book is published. Hence i would Kindly request you Maharaj Ji to give me permission to create Android App for and hence help world to attain the vedic knowledge more easily. Seeking Blessings, Aapka Shishya Somesh
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera tumhe ashirwad, sukhi raho. Your views and hard work for spreading the knowledge of Vedas is highly appreciated. We will do all help you want. You are requested to please make contact with the indicated disciple for further discussion/task.

Dhiresh: Mahabharat rachana.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mahabharat granth kee rachna Vyas Muniji ne kee aur is rachna ko kiye hue lagbhag paanch hazaar teensau varsh ho gaye hain. Is granth mein kaurav –pandavon ke yudh ka varnnan or chaaron vedon se gyan diya gaya hai.

Traditionally Vedas were being learnt and recited orally since Satyug by the grace of our ancient Rishi- Munis. Afterwards, about more than 5,300 years ago Maharishi Vyas jee wrote the Vedas on Bhoj patra. Then few historic events which took place in Dwapur Yug were compiled in the form of Mahabharata epic by Vyas Muni jee. Mahabharata originally has 10,000 shlokas written in Sanskrit, which are true and give Vedas’ knowledge too. Presently, Mahabharata contains 1 lakh 20,000 shlokas out of which 10,000 shlokas are only true.

How do we know that only 10,000 verses of the Mahabharata are the real?

There is a statement by King Bhoj in his book “Sanjeevini” about which Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati too states:
“Vyasji wrote 4400 shlokas of mahabharat to which another 5,600 authentic shlokas were added by the disciples of Vyasji. During the reign of Maharaja Vikramaditya another 20,000 shlokas were added. Further Maharaja Bhoj says that during the reign of his father 25,000 and during half of his life time 30,000 more shlokas have been added to the Mahabharat book. If this process of addition of shlokas continues then the time is not far when Mahabharat book would have to be compared to the burden loaded on a camel.”

There have been false additions to Mahabharat epic from time to time. Regarding this Kashinath Rajvade writes:

“The present Mahabharat is a corrupt and enlarged edition of the ancient Mahabharat. This ancient work has been diluted from time to time with all sorts of additions and has grown in proportion on that account.”