Indu: Nameskar Guruji My querry was related to Pirivisarjani Amavasyaa…..Guruji we were performing Pitra visarjani shradh & tarpan every year….we were very much satisfied with our panditji who were conducting this….He is highly educated from Sanskrit Visya peeth ……they do all pujapaath in a very organised way ….but due to some inevitable reason he has to left for Orrissa his home town….Now he is not available……what should we do, we know few pandits but they are not so good even is sanskrit pronounciation…….can we do atleast tarpan ourselves and how ? We want your guidance in this regard.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no Pirivisarjani Amavasya as it does not exist in Vedas, Shastras. The Pitra Visarjani and Tarpann also does not exist in Vedas. The said acts are totally against the Vedas because the Vedas’ Knowledge emanates from the God, so the said acts are against the God also. Sanskrit knowledge is not enough to know the eternal truth. Vedas knowledge is required to know Vedas truth. Manusmriti shloka 2/168 states that those who are called Guru/Pandit etc., and have studied several religious books or languages and have not studied Vedas, they are called illiterate. So, who can challenge Manusmriti or eternal knowledge of Vedas? However, if you agree with the Pandit, you may continue your deed at your own accord but learned of Vedas never accept it. The pandit who use to perform poojapaath earlier has gone to Orissa and other pandits, you say are not capable but my daughter, Vedas, Manusmriti and other Rishis have clarified that act against the Vedas either done by a qualified Sanskrit pandit or others will be of no use. So, if you want to do then, you can invite any purohit, please. I also paste my article on Shradh as under-

Anna Daan/Shradh to departed soul

Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate direct from God at the beginning of every universe. Being the knowledge direct from God, each statement of Ved mantra is also eternal truth.

Thirty-ninth chapter of Yajurveda states about death. The soul when leaves the human body remains under control of a divine air named “Sutratma vayu”. Mantras tell that after wandering unconsciously for thirteen days in the space and planets like Sun, moon, etc., soul comes again on this earth inside the vegetation. Then either the soul enters the male living being’s body according to pious deeds and sins through pores or is duly mixed within vegetation and taken by a male person. Then the soul takes rebirth through parents.

This process is an eternal truth. However, if soul is religious and has done hard tapasya then the soul gets salvation. Only soul has to face the result of previous lives’ deeds through living being’s body. Since soul is alive whereas body is non-alive matter. So body does not face the result of deeds. When soul has gone out of body then how the soul will see, hear, taste, smell or touch or will be benefited of any pious deed etc.? Therefore Vedas do not tell about the present system of shradh etc.

However, the pious deeds done to remember the departed soul by means of devotion or organising the holy Yajyen with Ved mantras, its result never goes in vain and the family is benefited.

Departed soul never meets again please. Even departed soul, when take rebirth, forgets every event of his previous life. As regards dreams Atharvaveda states that dreams of departed soul are not good so it is in your interest and welfare that you do not see dreams.

VKS: Swamiji, pranam, I have been going through your replies please advise who is shri vijay kumar hassanand nai sadak and how to contact him for purchasing the four vedas. pl tell full address and telephone number of him
Swami Ram Swarup: M/S Vijay kumar Hassanand is a reputed book seller. He only sales Vedic culture. His shop address is Nai sadak, Delhi.

You can write him a letter giving my reference and request him to send the books which you require. You can also locate him on internet.

Dave: Dear swamiji namaste. first and foremost, how are you? i recently found out that you were quite ill as of late. swamiji i have a query, basically i would like to know what vedas prescribe in order to get a beautiful handsome mans body in the next birth?

Swami Ram Swarup: I am fine and hope for the same for you. I was effective with Viral. Now, I am quite Ok and was also out of station for nine days and performed vedic yajyen and vedic preach. Now, I have returned Ved mandir. To get beautiful handsome man’s body, one will have to observe Brahmacharya. Now, I will advise you to read my book named- Brahmacharya- Ek Dukh Nivarak Divya manni (in Hindi) worth Rs.100/- excluding postal charges. It can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

In addition, one should follow Vedic path at present under guidance of a learned acharya.

Atharuddin: Swamiji namaste, Q: what is the bharamma sotr of hindu religious??
Swami Ram Swarup: Brahma sutra is holy shastra and not Bharamma sotra, please. Brahma sutra actually is Vedanta Shastra.