Manoj: Swamiji pranam i have one query one sholka poornamad poornamidam poornmiday poornmisayeta i hope you know what the sholka is and what really is the true meaning of this sholka if we are complete why we have to be completed and if not complete then why this sholka was written and what is meant by neti ,neti
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/29



says Poornaat (from Almighty God) + Poornam Udachati (This complete universe is created) that God is Almighty i.e., He is complete in all respects whereas soul has limited knowledge and limited powers. Idea of the mantra is that from “Poorna Purush” Poorna means complete, Purush means Almighty God “Poornam Udachati” therefore this universe is also complete in all respects, created by the God. Nothing is required to be added or subtracted, either from God or from universe. God is complete in all respects (poorna) and that is why His creation is complete in all respects. The mantra does not tell that we are complete in all respects.

N K: What’s dashkriya vidhi called in English?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, I cannot say about dashkriya vidhi because it is not mentioned in Vedas.

Manoj Sharma: Swamiji have you ever heard of shiddhashram and ever tried to found it as they say it is headed by great rishi swami sachidanand ji and it it belived to be present in this world is this reality or true myth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, I have read about Siddhashram mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan. Valmikiji tells that Rishi Vishwamitra did Tapasya here and the ashram therefore, was named Siddhashram. The said cases are of the Rishi-Munis who totally were dependent on the Vedas knowledge and its followers. They used to do Yajyen/havan with ved mantras and hard practice of ashtang Yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas. As regards age factor, a Yogi/Rishi-Muni can attain maximum up to four hundred years of age as mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 3/62. The said law can never be changed by anyone.

Sorry, I have not heard about Swami Sachidanand and his disciple.