Dave: 1. Swamiji, in your last reply you said that there is only one earth in this universe but Swami Dayanand clearly states that in satyarth prakash that the Vedas are revealed in other worlds as well. So swamiji how can you say there is only one earth in the whole universe? 2. Also, you said that there is life on every planet well why hasn’t there been any life found on any planet except ours? I trust that you are enlightened by gods blessing but maybe there is a fault in your understanding of the ved mantra because your views and Dayanands views contradict each other.
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) The earth on which we live is one earth. However, there are several other planets in the space yet, you may please send my answer of your question where in I’ve said about one earth.

(2) Yes, there is life in every planet which is known either by yogi who has attained Samadhi (enlightened) or by the science, if science research for it. Because lives on the planet cannot be seen with human eye from this earth.

If you say that my views contradict those of Swami Dayanandji’s views then you are free to think the same, please. But either Swami Dayanand, Rishi Vyasmuni or any other enlightened soul, have only one base of truth which is called Vedas.

Dr. Neeraj Panwar: Swamiji Namatse..My question is how three letters (A, U, M)make
three different name each in the name AUM? what is the logic? Please explain Thank you
Swami Ram Swarup: Namatseji. In this connection, I would share with you that (AUM) is the best name of Almighty God, as is also mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/17 and 40/15. This is divine name. Vedas language is not worldly but is of divine nature. This vanni emanates directly from almighty God in the beginning of every earth. I mean to say the secret of divine name of God and each vedic mantra originates in the heart of a Yogi who already has learnt Vedas, has performed daily Yajyen/hawan with ved mantras, has done name jaap of God OM and has practised Ashtang Yoga Philosophy under the guidance of a learned acharya and in turn has attained Dharmamegh Samadhi vide Yog shastra sutra 4/29,30.Similarly the secret of three letters of AUM make three different names each in the name AUM, was known, is known and will be known only by a Rishi-muni or yogi . They further have educated the human beings about the same, in their shastras, upnishads etc. However, worldly meaning (not by attaining Samadhi) has been known by the aspirants through the holy books like upnishads etc., written by Rishis. But reality is only experienced by a yogi in Samadhi as quoted above.

Aravind: Guruji, I belongs to brahmin community. I was impressed with your answer that Veda doesn’t says that you shouldn’t go for inter caste marriage. So if I marry a girl who doesn’t belongs to brahmin will my parents won’t get into heaven.
Swami Ram Swarup: Heaven and hell, both are on this earth, say Vedas. Heaven means a long, happy/pleasant life with bright future and hell means to experience sorrows, problems difficulty, sickness etc. Both heaven and hell are the result of our previous lives’ pious deeds or sins respectively. Secondly, as stated in Yajurveda mantra 7/48 a person is free to do deeds, either pious deeds or sins but result is awarded by Almighty God, in the shape of happiness (heaven) and sorrows (hell) respectively. It means the matter of heaven or hell (swarg-narak) is a personal matter. If a person does sins the result of sin will have to be faced by him alone in the shape of sorrows and not by others. Similarly, if a person does pious deeds, then he alone will enjoy heaven (long, happy life).