Alvin: Pranaam Guruji, hope you receive the donation and payment for CD/Books. Bahaut Dhanaywaad
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my son. Yes, my dear I have received your pious donation and payment of CDs. I bless you and thank you for the same.

Anonymous: I took a vow of brahmacharya for 2 years when i was 20 to get rid of a miser affair. Because I had so much confidence and trust in myself that I’ll never ever in my life break a vow, whatever may happen.

But I am so much ashamed of myself as I could not keep it because of that boy’s tears flowing like river. I ignored him for more than a month after taking the vow but then he created the life hell for me by crying every time.

This fact makes me feel so painful now. I regret and repent for breaking the vow. It has been more than a year that I am away from him, still I cry a lot even today.

Now I dont have that confidence in myself and I have started fearing to trust myself. It is affecting my overall growth in every area of life.

Please help me. I need the true guidance. What can I do to do the “prayshachit” to make my soul free of wrong deeds? Can I be forgiven ever by God? and How can I attain that lost trust in myself again?
Swami Ram Swarup: To maintain the Brahmacharya, daily havan and practice of Yog philosophy under the guidance of learned Acharya is essential by which the mind and intellect is controlled. In the absence of the same, your mind as usually has command on you and the mind insisted you to surrender before the boy. Really, it is a bad luck and you have to repent in the future. Therefore, the boy hundred percent will cheat you and will ruin you.

Secondly, it is not a matter of Brahmacharya. It is the matter of following of right path of dharma and Yajurved states about the dharma (moral duties- deeds) that the mind must not be given to the opposite sex before marriage. My dear daughter, try to make up your mind to leave that boy immediately otherwise mishappening and dark future is waiting for you.

Prayashchit means to pray God and make a firm decision not to repeat it again in whole life.