Monish: Swami ji Namaskar, I am confused, please help me out Mann (Mind) chatters so much, on one thing or aspect it speaks dually or more than two things, when it has anger, frustration, fear, ego etc etc how can it be called as sixth sense and if called so than it cannot be said senses don’t deceive. as for example mind may say smoke cigarette, don’t smoke cigarette etc in anger slap this person, don’t slap him etc etc. than how can it be called sixth sense. Thanks very much
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Pure mind and intellect pass pure decision which does not lead to any kind of sin. In the absence of Vedic knowledge, Yajyen, name jaap and Ashtang yoga Philosophy mind and intellect cannot be made pure.

I mean to say that there are five senses, five perceptions which are outer organs of human beings. Five senses are eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. Five organs of action are legs, arms, mouth and two excretory organs. Mann (mind), buddhi (intellect), chitta and ahankar constitute antahakaran. These are internal organs.

Suppose eye sees a snake, so the message of eye would be caught first by mind (mann), then it will be sent to intellect (buddhi). Intellect would send it to alive soul which resides between the human bodies. Alive soul sends message again to intellect (buddhi) either to run away from the site or to kill the snake etc., which ever is deemed fit. This order is passed on to mann (mind) and mann sends the order to either leg to run away to hand to kill the snake by any means-stick, stone etc.

You see, internal organs and outer organs are also non-alive matter and work only in the presence of alive souls and as soon as soul leaves the body at the time of death, then whole body also becomes dead same is the case with remaining four senses. As regards kaam (sensuality), krodh(anger), madh, lobh, ahankar, these are not organs but are called vices or vikaar of prakriti and hence lead to illusion. So, mann and buddhi never work independently if these are purified by worship etc. otherwise, what happens that a person has countless effects on his chitta of pious deeds and sins. Human body has been blessed by God to face the result of previous lives’ pious deeds and sins. Accordingly, at one time, kaam (sensuality), krodh etc., are produced before the mind, due to the effect of previous lives’ sins and may be present life’s too. The situation is created to produce the anger. That is why, by seeing the object, anger would arise in mind, as quoted above. It would be sent to intellect, then soul. You see, if mind and intellect are purified then pure suggestion would be placed before the soul to order and definitely the purified order, to maintain love, justice etc., will be passed by mind. At the stage of purity of mind, intellect etc., by Tapasya, the soul also becomes free of illusion i.e., kaam, krodhh ahankar, ninda, dwesh, chugli etc. hence, no injustice will be done. I mean to say, the sixth sense mind and 7th sense – intellect, are the inner organs which work under the alive soul. Otherwise, we can say 6th sense is the illusion free soul where there cannot be any scope of injustice. If soul is not free from illusion then 6th sense is mind and 7th is intellect and both promote injustice and send the corrupt message to soul to obey and when soul orders intellect and mind, it means soul is free from illusion and the cases of illusion free soul are very few in number.

Hence, mann (mind) never states two things. Infact, impure mann only talks one thing and that is illusion. Decision, to stop or not to stop a person, is taken by the soul and not by mann. For-example: when a person wants to make the first attempt to steal, then inner voice of soul forbids him to do so which is also called voice of inner conscious. If the soul is pure then soul wins and person refrains from stealing otherwise the person indulges in sins indicating impurity of soul and mann.

Now, it is important that study of Vedas, daily Yajyen, havan and name jaap is done while being in contact with learned acharya of Vedas so that soul gets purified and free of illusion to take right decisions.

Anonymous: I am very keen to participate in Yajyen but I have recently done Shraddh and I cannot do Puja Karm before Annual Shradh, as told by Panditji. Please guide me for the same.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I am sorry to listen about the death. May God give him peace. These are the views of the pandit that nobody can take part in spiritual activities etc., but Vedas tell after performing the final cremation no other deed is left. (Yajurveda mantra 40/15 refers). Now, it is upto us whether we follow preach of Almighty God in Vedas or the views of present pandit, etc.