Alvin Lal: Pranaam Guruji, A) How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Where did they get the mathematics and precision from (is it propagated from Vedas)?
B) Did exist the Egyptians before the INDU’s living across Indus river ? Do the old Egyptian hieroglyphics bear some similarity to classic ancient Vedic Sanskrit?
C) If the first people on earth were near Tibet, how did the population expand into other regions of the world?
D) Greek and Unanis uttered the word INDU, when they found people living near INDUS river and HINDU name was given. At this point were there already existing Egyptians? This would mean that they came first?
Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji… Alvin
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
A). every science like physics, chemistry, maths etc., has already been mentioned by God in Vedas otherwise nobody could be a learned person.
B). actually, this is a historical question. Yet I would like to state that they may have existed. There is no similarity between Egyptians hieroglyphics and Vedic divine Sanskrit.
C). increase in generation is but natural and still generation is increasing. To settle themselves well, generation requires migration. However, uptil Mahabharata war, there was no other country except India who ruled over entire Earth.
D). As answered above.

Rahul: What is Ashvamedh Yagya about related to Tulsi plant? What were its results?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashwamedh Yajyen does not have any concern with Tulsi plant. The brief of Ashwamedh Yajyen is appended below.

Ashwamedh Yajyen

The meaning of Ashwamedh Yaj is, “to perform the Yaj for the benefit of the nation”. Here the literal meaning of Ashwa in Vedas is nation and not horse. Rigveda mantra 5/27/5 states that the person who wishes to obtain chakravarti rajya (to be monarch), he organizes Ashwamedh Yaj. In the Yaj he listens the Vedic mantra and does the Yajyen by controlling his senses, organs and mind. Rigveda mantra 5/27/6 states that king and his public must organize Ashwamedh Yaj i.e., to build a long living, strong kingdom. In this way king must depute learned acharya of Vedas to spread the knowledge of Vedas all over the nation, so that the people must be learned to be away from illusion and sins and must obey the rules and regulations etc., etc.

Ideally, the king must himself organize number of Yaj wherein he must sit to listen the Vedas, especially the subject, “how to rule”, so that a strong, happy, rich and long living nation is built. So Ashwamedh means nation. Ashwamedh Yaj is performed by a strong king. The main benefit of the Yajyen is that it gives long life to the entire nation. A horse also is prepared as a part of Yajyen (if done by the king) and is set to roam free. It shows the power of the king who has to protect the Ashwa, the horse. To challenge rule of a king one has to hold the horse.

In the Ashwamedh Yaj special Ved mantras are chanted in the Yaj and aahutis are offered. In the Ved mantras the prayer is done from the core of heart, that in the nation Brahmin, Kshatriye, Vaishya and Shudra are born to protect the nation well. Cows, bullocks, horses and strong charactered ladies, girls are born. Pious desires are fulfilled, timely rains occur, the public enjoy long happy life. So the Ashwamedh Yaj is specially organised by a strong king for the benefit of the public. Mantras offered in Ashwamedh Yajyen will bring peace to the nation. So horse is never slaughtered in Yajyen. In fact violence of any kind of violence is prohibited in Yajyen.

There are several names of Yajyen in which one name is “Adhwaraha” meaning thereof Yajyen which is performed totally based on non-violence . For example Atharvaveda mantra 5/27/9 states “NAHA ADHWARAM URDHAWAM” . In this mantra there is a prayer to God that Oh! God make our lives to perform violence-free Yajyen. So neither the slaughter of horse nor any living being is permitted in Yajyen or in Vedic culture.

Anonymous: What is my Gotra?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I am sorry, I cannot help you in this matter, please.

Rahul: Why Lord Kirshna didn’t marry Radha?
Swami Ram Swarup: Radha actually was Sri Krishna Maharaji’s cousin of far relation. So, how could marriage take place? Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj had great respect for Radha.