Sunita Arya: How did the rishis during non-sexual creation know the Sanskrit? Did God teach them?
Swami Ram Swarup: In the non- sexual creation, everyone was ignorant. Nobody knew about any language or Ved mantras etc. Almighty God with his power had intention to make the four rishis knowledgeable about Sanskrit language, word meanings along with Ved mantras. When Almighty God wanted that the rishis should know, accordingly the rishis came to know about Sanskrit language and Ved mantras etc. Thereafter, rishis spread the knowledge to other ignorant people and is being spread traditionally uptil now. That is why, Patanjali Rishi states in Yog shastra sutra 1/26 that Almighty God is the first guru of the said ancient four rishis.

Rohin: Namaskar. I don’t have any questions but I am egar to know some things. How can I get the things which I need because I tried but it doesn’t happen. You are giving relief to people by answering them. Please suggest.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskaar. We have been blessed by Almighty God with human body to face the result of our previous life’s deeds – pious deeds or sins in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. That is why, a child takes birth in a rich family with all comforts whereas another child is born in poverty. First is rich by birth and second is poor, that too by birth. Some people do hard work but result is average and several people are even enjoying and earning without doing much labour etc. The said situations are only due to the result of previous lives’ deeds wherein a person wants something but desire is not fulfilled etc. However, our human life is meant to enjoy long, happy life for which all our Vedas state that every pious desire is fulfilled if a person performs daily hawan/Yajyen with Ved mantras with the effect of said pious deed of yajyen, the bad deeds and obstacles are removed and the aspirant gets long, happy life. So, I would also advise
you to do worship of God in the shape of performing daily hawan and name jaap. If you would desire than sure the process of doing hawan will be made known to you, please through email and CD.

P: Pranaam swamiji, I am suffering from leucoderma and I feel miserable. What mantra should I recite?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. First of all you should follow the medical advise, regularly. You know God destroys our diseases, tensions etc. so, please try to do daily hawan with Gayatri mantra both times. CD and book preaching the method of hawan can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you so desire. Performance of daily hawan would give you relief and obstacles will be removed by God.