Vishnu: Swamiji, very very thanks for the reply. Could you please translate Atharvaveda 12:5:67-71 mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

Translation of stated mantras is a lengthy task which cannot be done at this time on this website. Please, forward your postal address so that same can be sent to you on that address, at my convenience.

You should however be assured that Vedas do not allow violence except against enemies on border or against criminals within nation, to maintain peace.

Actually, idea of the mantras is that learned king should punish those culprits who are against the Vedas. But nowadays, it is not possible because there is lack of Vedas’ knowledge all around. You see, Vedas tell that if a person is not learned of Vedas he should not be accepted as king. Due to lack of knowledge, this tradition is also not in vogue, so how can any government punish those who are against Vedas.

Ashwin: Swamiji, my pranams to you. What is the meaning of Bhagavad Gita 9:11 shloka? Please explain it in English briefly. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Answer is appended below:-

9/11 Geeta shloka
(MOODAHA) ignorant people (MAAM) me (MANUSHEEM) man’s (TANUM) body (AASHRITAM) holding (MUM) my (PARAM) the best/supreme (BHAVUM) natural /divine thoughts/feelings (AJAANANT) not knowing (MAAM) me (AVJAANANTI) ignore which is (BHOOTMAHESHWARAM) the best amongst all the living beings.
IDEA— It is a well known fact that Shri Krishna Maharaja took birth from respected mother Devkee, his father was Vasudev jee. Vedas emanate direct from formless omnipresent God and all Vedas tell that God is “AJ EK PAAD” i.e., God does not take birth, he is immortal and unchangeable. So, Shri Krishna Maharaja can’t be considered as God. However, Shri Krishna Maharaja was adorable Yogeshwar and Almighty God manifested within him. So he was equivalent to God but not God.

So in a stage of divine merriment, generally Yogi starts telling himself as God, i.e., equivalent to God. Here the idea of Shri Krishna Maharaja is that when Shri Krishna Maharaja was in his body (alive), at that time the ignorant people who did not agree with the eternal and divine Vedic views of Shri Krishna Maharaja for those Shri Krishna Maharaja states in this shloka that Oh Arjuna! Such ignorant people are not aware of my eternal, Vedic views, so they ignore me because I am in a human-body. So they treat me as an ordinary man. Here it is to be noted that Shri Krishna Maharaja was not an ordinary man. He was supreme Yogeshwar.

Yet, people have faith in Shri Krishna Maharaja to worship him as God, it is their own belief and they may continue.

Ashwin: Swamiji, my pranams to you. This question is a bit of continuation of the previous question. I heard from a website that Madhyandhini Shukla YV is the original, Shakal shakha is the original RV, Shaunak shakha is the original AV and Kauthum shakha is the original SV. They are also stating that those are rishis who chose to preserve the respective original Vedas and so the shakha has their names. I have already read your articles on shakhas. Even though what they are stating is right or wrong? Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You can tally their views with my articles.