JJ: Guru maharaj ji pranam.. Mujhe aap aap se ek qus ka ans chaiye. Maharaj ji hume hmere last born ke karam sukh aur dukh ke roop me milete hai.. Ye isliye hota hai kya. Jb sristi bneti hai. Use time to to last karam hamera zero hota hai.. Isliye ye whi se calculated hoto hai.. Ya fir last sristi ke karam bhi continue hote hai..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Pratyek pralay ke baad srishti kee rachna, uskee palna aur pralayavastha ka aana aur punah srishti rachana paalna aur pralay yeh karma Ishwar kee vyavastha mein anadikaal se chal raha hai.Is srishti ko bane lagbhag ek arab, chhiyanave crore aath lakh 53 hajar ek so unnees varsh ho chuke hain. Isse pehle pralay avastha aur parlay mein kuchh nahi tha. Yeh srishti nahi thee parantu pralay se pehle srishti thee, pralay se pehle walee srishti se pehle pralay thee. Bhaav yeh hai ki srishti ka banna, paalna, bigadna aur phir banna yeh to anadikaal se arthat anant varshon se hai aur rahega. Isliye kisi bhee jeevatma athwa prithivi kee date of birth nahi hain. Isliye hamne is srishti ke aarambh mein bhee pichhlee srishti mein kiye karmon ko bhogna hai, yeh nahi ki is srishti ke arambh mein jab hum hue to hamare karma shunya they.

First of all we will have to understand that who am I ? The knowledge of Vedas and experiences of ancient and present learned acharya say that to know the same “I” the creation of human/living beings’ body is known. I have described this matter in detail on this web site and have also written Hindi/English books which conclude that “we/I” am not body. Body is created by God from three gunnas of prakriti. “we/I” reside within body and are called “souls”. Body is destructible but soul can never be destroyed. Body is non-alive but souls are alive. Souls i.e., we are not made by God.

Secondly nobody has made God as well.

Thirdly, nobody has made prakriti also. So due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, some doubts arise, it does not matter. It is good that doubts like that of Arjuna, are placed before any learned acharya. God, as said in Rig-Veda mantra 10/129/7, may or may not create world including our human bodies, to make the soul to live in those bodies for the purpose of making soul face his good/bad karmas.

In case God doesn’t create bodies then the soul will remain in SUSHUPT stage (i.e., in stage like/ sound sleep). Would it be good if any person sleeps for many thousand years and does nothing? However, it is not in anyone’s hand that God creates or does not create the universe. Secondly it is eternal law that the universe has been created, nursed destroyed and again created. This law is unchangeable. People may or may not raise doubt in not even God can change His eternal laws as is also said in Rigved mantra 2/38/9.