Dadi Amma: I am sorry but this article of yours clarifies about caste system. I am not clear in my mind as to what does it mean by dristivad or sristivad. hari om. dadiamma
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Drishti Sriahtivad that from worldly eyes we determine a person as Brahmin by birth and shrishti drishtivad means in srishtikrram , i.e., in process of creation the shriti drishtivad is not authentic as is also intimate to you earlier vide Yajurveda mantra 31/11. Because in the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God i.e., srishti drishtivad, a person is determined Brahmin based on his divine qualities which are gained by him by studying Vedas and doing hard practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. however, I may tell you that I have not read these words drishti srishtivad and shrishti drishtivad because such words are not mentioned in Vedas, shastras, Upnishads, Valmiki Ramayan, Bhagwad Geeta, Mahabharat etc. I would therefore request you to clarify the meaning of said terms.

Ahinesh: What are the three annadi sattaain?
Swami Ram Swarup: The three anadi satya (eternal and everlasting truth) are :- (i) Almighty God (ii) souls (iii) Non-alive prakriti. Almighty God and souls are alive matters whereas Prakriti is non alive matter from which God creates universe.

There are three matters in the Vedas which is called “Traitwad” first Almighty God , second – souls , third – Prakriti.

Almighty God and souls are alive whereas Prakriti is non-alive from which God creates universe. So, there is not only atma (souls) but Almighty God and Prakriti are also there.

Souls (Atma) are several but God is one. Soul takes living being’s body based on his previous lives’ Karmas – good or bad so human being’s bodies, animals and birds’ body etc., are taken by souls.