Amit Dua: Nowadays electric Hawan Kunds are available in market, in which fire is lit through electricity. Is it fair to perform Hawan in
such Hawan Kunds?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, it is not fair to perform havan in electric havan kund. In Vedas God has stated to use woods, please.

Sushma: I have arthritis in both knees. Is there any remedy? Please help.

Amit Dua: Nowadays electric Hawan Kunds are available in market, in which fire is lit through electricity. Is it fair to perform Hawan in
such Hawan Kunds?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, it is not fair to perform havan in electric havan kund. In Vedas God has stated to use woods, please.

Sushma: I have arthritis in both knees. Is there any remedy? Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: If medical channel has since been exhausted then you may try to contact with a local yoga teacher to learn some asans and exercises, which may be useful and fruitful to you.

Aneeta: What does it mean by having faith in God? I do believe in God. How do one show his/her faith in God?
Swami Ram Swarup: The meaning of faith in Hindi is shradha. Further the meaning of Shradha is Shrat + dha i.e., acceptance, concentration and full devotion on truth. Truth means eternal, immortal, unchangeable and which can not be made. In the said category Almighty God, souls and prakriti come. So he who after studying
Vedas has understood about the said three matters clearly he has faith on God. Otherwise it is merely worldly matters which one can say that he has faith on God, which is of no use. Because he does not know the immortal and unlimited qualities of the God which has been mentioned in Vedas and without knowing the same, nobody can love God and nobody can fix his faith on God.

Ritu: Can you please tell me in the exact words of Bheesham Pitama was he said on Dharma in the Mahabharat?
Swami Ram Swarup: Being Kshatriya, mostly he has told that it is a moral duty of a Kshatriya to fight against injustice. So in Mahabharat, the definition of Dharma is – those pious karmas (moral duties) which give us peace & long, happy life here & after death too. Bheesham Pitamah has thus described about several duties (dharmas) which can not be described here being lengthy, please. So in Vedas & in Mahabharat the definition of Dharma is not as is of the present sects. Actually present sects had not originated at that time too.

Sushma: How yoga can help to get pregnant when there is no other obstacle or health problem?
Swami Ram Swarup: The full Yoga Philosophy has been described in Vedas. So according to Vedas such couple must do regular Yoga practice, havan, chanting of Gayatri Mantra & must observe hard Brahamcharya at least for one year or more to achieve long life baby.

S: I like being alone. I love myself more than anyone. I love forest and animals. Is it right?
Swami Ram Swarup: After studying your views, I may say that your decision is not according to Vedas. Human life is not for self only. We have to get progress in worldly pious matters like science, mathematics, agriculture, moral duties etc,., etc., and progress in spiritualism simultaneously. This progress is achieved either in married life or in whole life observing brahacharya. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Rishi, Muni, King Dasrath,
Hatrishchandra and their public discharged moral duties and did pious deeds according to Vedas in married life whereas Bheesham Pitamaha, Janak Acharya Gargi, Hanumaanji and several others did the said pious deeds while maintaining the hard brahamcharya in
whole life. so you can either opt for family life or life observed in Brahamchrya to discharge the said duties. But you are telling your own path which is against the Vedas, Shastras, Bhagwad Geeta and other holy books. I think, it may be due to result of previous life’s deeds which are always destroyed by doing worship of God, otherwise you will get no peace in present life as well as after this life. I will advice you to read my hindi books—- Manav Dharam shiksha and Vedic Satsang Sangrah Part I which can be sent on receipt of your postal address. After accepting married or life of brahamcharya, your love for forest and animals may also be continued. But in absence of discharging duties or maintaining spiritualism, the life will go always in vain.

Rahul: Poojniye Swamiji, I have been following your teachings for the past 2 years. You have send me several books. I have been reading these books deeply. I thank you very much for this.At present I am 18 years old and passed my XIIth. I have 100% faith in Vedas, yoga and your teachinngs. I am deeply studying your books since past 2 years and nowadays feeling very suffocating since i know you and the truth (Vedas) still I am not learning them from you
personally. I feel that may be due to my some pious deeds of previous life I came accross your site 2 years ago and immediatley felt some attraction towards you and Vedas. There has been no stopping since then. Swamiji, in my life till my Xth I have been learning science and other subjects deeply and for past 2 years devoting some time for spiritualism also. Now I want to devote my entire life with you learning the Vedas and yoga to attain my motto in life:MOKSHA. I
know the tradition and I am ready to live in your ashram maintaing brahmhacharya etc till you accept me as your disciple. Swamiji it is my humble request would you please allow me to become your disciple to learn Vedas? I know as per Yajurveda 40/14 we must have progress in both spiritualism as well as science. I have learnt science deeply till my XIIth and now I want to learn spiritualism totally and deeply. We both know very well that if i go with my life giving spiritualism 20 to 25 min only daily then I will not gain much. My aim in life is to destroy my sins and karmas and to realise God. I have come to you and offer myself to you. Please accept me as your disciple. Please give me the knowledge of Vedas and help me attain my motto. This
is very serious matter and I am eagerly waiting for your response. I want to live in your ashram with you to learn the Vedas completely and realise God through yoga.
Swami Ram Swarup: Really it is astonishing for me that you being eighteen years old have been taking interest in studying books based on Vedas and you believe in Vedas which is actually a motto of human life. On the other hand mostly the people are indulged in illusion and do not even know names of four Vedas, then what to talk about study of Vedas by them. I am truly speaking that God as well as learned Acharya of Vedas are pleased with your devotion and bless you for your long, happy life. I also thank your parents who have given you pious birth. As you said about learning of science uptil 12th, its okay but here science means the education up to the level of college or university as is possible by any aspirant along with other worldly
pious matters like agriculture, atomic energy, electricity, politics, animal husbandry, weaponry, artillery, moral duties of family etc., etc. which are learnt in Vedas also. I always give brief description of the same while teaching Vedas here. So you can get progress in both sides.

Secondly your decision to come here is pious according to Vedas and therefore appreciated.
But in this connection, permission from your parents must be obtained first by you. You may also continue the study in college etc., and can devote sometime like vacations etc., with me to learn Vedas and yoga philosophy. I am sure you will get the same hundreds percent. Both way fare, from your destination and return journey will be borne by me. Lodging and boarding are always free here for the aspirants. My blessings to you.

C: My son is developing bad habits. I want some practical solutions to motivate him & bring him in a good way. Kindly help.
Swami Ram Swarup: I can understand that habits of your son are not appreciable. He requires continuous advises to build his future. Otherwise he may ruin his future. Money-demand and playing on computer are really dangerous to the student.

I would say that you have been looking after your son since his birth and now he is young. As
per shastras, preach uptill twelve years can be gained by children and above twelve years of age it becomes very difficult. Your son has got some bad society which has made him to spend unnecessary money, play computer and other activities. Now, the elders of your family must advice your son regularly to leave the bad habits and to pay full attention in studies and pious deeds.

Dharmendra:Aapko Vedo ka gyan hai aur Vedo me Atharvved me (Gopaltapni upnishad1.24) kaha gaya hai – yo bramhanam viddhati purvam yo vavedanschgapyati sm krishnah. tatha aap bhagwan krishn ko yogeshwar mante
hai kintu unki bato par jo ki unhone bhagvadgeeta me kahi hai nahi mante kyo?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are 108 Upanishads at present but learned accept only 11 Upanishad. In the 11 Upanishads, the name of Gopaltapni Upanishad has not been included, please.

I always agree with Bhagwad Geeta for those shlokas which tally with four Vedas, Vedas being self-proof. The shlokas, sutras or anything which is against the Vedas, is not acceptable, please. According to Vedas avtar is not possible. Please read the article on Avtars.

Manoj Soni: What are the kartavyas of husband and wife in grihast ashram? How should they lead their life while taking care of their children and dependent parents when both are working? It is always a problem to find time for daily Yajyen, Name Jaap and dhyan etc, so how can they achieve aim of life i.e. to become one with GOD, and finally become like God?
Swami Ram Swarup: The answer of your question requires detailed and lengthy explanation which is not possible here, please. But piece need reply may serve the purpose. First of all, I would like to advise you to study my book ‘Manav Dharam Shiksha’ in Hindi in which some duties of husband and wife are mentioned. The book is not so lengthy containing only 88 pages. Nowadays, mostly the people think that their life is busy in earning and settling the children and therefore they have no time for worship etc. But in Vedas God says that human life is meant equally to get progress in spiritualism and materialism (study of science etc. and to discharge moral duties of family). One sided progress is always harmful. Moreover, the real worship actually makes man able to earn sufficient money to discharge duties easily and to nurse the children properly. Actually in the absence of real worship, which is mentioned in Vedas, such type of questions as put forth by you are raised. Peace, happiness, long ill free life etc., is not obtained by earning money, assets etc., alone. It requires hundred percent support from real worship of God. Actually the base of pleasure is real worship and money, assets, both. Mostly the people are earning money but are not aware of the worship of God in the absence of which mostly the people are not aware of their moral duties even. Otherwise it could be known easily that real worship is first then comes materialism. We must know Shri Ram had a wife and two sons. He was also the king of entire earth. And according to Valmiki Ramayana he discharged his duties with respect to his parents, wife, sons and whole public of the world faithfully and satisfactorily based on spiritualism only. So was king Dasrath, Harishchandra, Puru, Kuru, Bharat and
several millions of kings and their public who were also married. So please first of all read the book and then try to send your question again.

Vidya: Guruji, I find your answers very satisfying. Me and my husband earned money with great difficulties, but our relatives needed it so we gave them and now we are in debt. We heard that the donation comes back in good form how is it possible? Will we be recover from today’s debt situation? How not to dislike them or how to avoid them as I have heard neki kar dariya meindall. Will some come to my rescue? Please answer me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Nowadays, it is harmful to give money to relatives or any friends etc., beyond limitation. But you have given and that is why you’ve to face the consequences, please. I am sorry to say that your hard earned money may go in vain. If you will force them to return then struggle and unnecessary fight will ensue. So, better if you keep quiet. However, you can try to get the money back by some reputed, learned and aged person alongwith relatives. That is why in Vedas, it is stated that donation or help must be done to right person.

Sri Hima: Thank you for answering my doubts very patiently. I would
Swami Ram Swarup: Swarg (heaven) means long life with pleasure and happiness in the family or alone which is based on previous lives’ as well as present life’s pious deeds. So Swarg is experienced in present life, here only. Similarly, a sorrowful, tense and life with problems, diseases etc. based on previous lives’ deeds is Narak (hell) which is also experienced here in present life. So no swarg or narak are in sky etc. and there is no Devta Indra who presides in swarg etc. This all is mentioned truly in four Vedas. So one should do pious deeds along with worship to attain said Swarg otherwise Narak is experienced. We the human beings are free to do pious deeds or sins as per Yajurved mantra 7/48 but result is awarded accordingly by God.

Such karmas are always counted in next birth. There are three types of karmas- Sanchit, Prarabdh and Kriyamann. Please read the article/questions on Karmas for more details.

Chepuri Goalakrishna Murthy Sarma: Thanks for your welcome and my question is ” ACCORDING TO SIVA PURANAM LORD GANESH IS HAVING 21 WIVES. PLEASE GIVE THE NAMES.”
Swami Ram Swarup: In the beginning of the Earth, knowledge of four Vedas emanates Direct from God and all pious deeds, knowledge and worship have been briefed therein. Whatever is happening in the world is according to Vedas therefore all our views, deeds, knowledge, worship etc, are only true men the same are tallied with the Vedas, Vedas being God’s knowledge. In the Vedas, only one, formless, omniscient, Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the Universe, is preached to be worshipped. Secondly, Vedas do not tell about any Devta other than alive Devtas i.e. mother, father, atithi Acharya and Almighty God to be worshipped
according to Vedas. So no learned Acharya accepts authenticity of such story of puranas. Please also read the articles/questions on Vedas philosophy.

Baba Ganesh: Nowadays it has become very difficult to get a wife who creates a spiritual environment. Please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not difficult to search an educated as well as spiritual minded wife. Vedas also state if wife and husband both are learned of Vedas— spiritualism, then only the life becomes long and happy. In the Arya Samaj, such type of spiritual minded girls would be available specially these who have studied in kanya gurukul. So, to search learned wife is not difficult task. My blessings to you.

Dr. Raj Bhalla: Namaste. I agree with 100 Percent. But my question to you was about Bhagwat Gita, in which Lord Krishna shows his Veerat Roop (infinite size) encompassing the whole creation. And Arjuna sees Duryodhan and other enemies going towards their death. Then Arjuna begs Lord Krishna to come back to his human form. So my question is, if Lord Krishna is not Almighty God, then how he was able to show Arjuna his Veerat Roop?

Swami Ram Swarup: Sri Krishna was not an avtar. Avtar is not possible please. Please read the article on Avtaarvad.

In Vedas, like Yajurveda Mantra 40/8 the qualities of God are enumerated that He is Almighty, formless etc. Vedas state he is immortal and never takes birth. In the tenth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta Sri Krishna Maharaj has described the supreme qualities of almighty God and not of himself. But the way of telling the vibhutis (qualities) it seems as if Sri Krishna Maharaj is Himself God.

Sri Krishna Maharaj was a complete Yogi. Vedas tell that in a complete Ashtang yogi,
Almighty God manifests. At that time when the soul of Sri Krishna Maharaj was totally indulged in Brahma then from the mouth of Sri Krishna Maharaj the qualities of almighty God were told and not of Sri Krishna Maharaj. Accordingly Sri Krishna Maharaj told the Vishwa Roop of formless God. The said secret is known by first listening the four Vedas or by becoming a complete yogi himself.

You are advised that you may immediately send the E-mail if still you have some
doubt, please.

Atharvaveda mantra 4/20/7 states (kashyapasya) learned of Vedas, who always remain in divine pleasure. (Chakshuhu) eye (asi) is i.e., knowledge of Vedas is
the divine “eye” of a learned yogi.

It means when an aspirant starts study of Vedas and does hard practice of ashtang yoga with the result when he becomes learned of Vedas, he attains full divine wisdom of Vedas by which he knows each and every matter of the universe as regards science, deeds and worship. He knows about Dharma, arth, kaam, moksha. So the divine knowledge of the Vedas is the divine eye of the learned Yogi by which he differentiates truth and untruth. Sri Krishna Maharaj was a complete yogi and Almighty God manifested within him. Sri Krishna Maharaj also learnt four Vedas in the ashram of Guru Sandeepan. So Sri Krishna had the above said divine eye and knows the universal matters and truth and each article of the universe. Such yogi when preaches, the listener becomes magnetized and accepts, the truth then and there. So Sri Krishna did not give any self-made or other made divine eye but he only gave above quoted divine preach to Arjuna in which Sri Krishna also briefed about the divine qualities of almighty God with in universe.

Again in Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/1 Almighty god states “Aham Rudrebhihi Vasubhihi Charaami Aham Adityaihi Ut Vishwadevaihi Charaami” i.e., I (God) being omnipresent move along with eleven rudra (10 breaths+ 1 soul) and Eight vasu [earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire (agni), air (vayu), space (antariksh), sun (surya), moon (chandrma), and planets (nakshatra).] and also with aditya (i.e., 12 months) and Vishwa devaihi i.e., all 33 non-alive Devtas.

Idea is that God is omnipresent. Being omnipresent he does not need to move but the said devtas when move, it means the Devtas are moving within God and when any devta i.e., Prann, soul etc., are moving then we may assume that God is moving along with Prann, souls etc. That is why, when a complete yogi like Sri Krishna would say, it means Almighty, formless God is saying within the Yogi that He is takshak amongst snakes, king amongst humans, lion amongst animals, peepal amongst trees, Samveda amongst four Vedas, Shankar(almighty formless God who gives peace) amongst 11 Rudras, agni amongst eight vasus etc., etc., etc.

It means though the God is present within all non-alive as well as alive matters but God is most supreme amongst all matters of the universe. That is why, God within Sri Krishna or Sri Krishna duly indulged within God says that God is the most supreme i.e., supreme matters have been stated in respect of Almighty God in the tenth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta. For example:- Peepal is most supreme amongst all
vegetation, king is the most supreme amongst all human-beings, takshak is most supreme amongst all snakes and so on.

Similarly formless Almighty God omnipresent God who creates, nurses, destroys the universe is Supreme amongst all matters of universe. The said God who is ONE and for whom Yajurveda mantra 27/36 states that no one was born or will be born in future even equivalent to the said God. Then what to talk about being greater than HIM. Therefore Shri Krishna is not God but God as per rules of Vedas, manifests to himself within a Yogi. Therefore the Almighty God manifested within Shri Krishna. And Shri Krishna in many occasions in Bhagwad Geeta is talking on behalf of Almighty God, stating himself as God. So, Shri Krishna is not God.

Why did Shri Krishna tell Arjuna in Bhagwadgeeta that I am the Supreme Personality?

As per Vedas, avtar is not possible please. To determine every truth, the main proof are Vedas, which are called self proof. Vedas state that after getting the knowledge from a learned Acharya, when an aspirant performs Yajyen, does pious deeds, discharges his moral duties faithfully, while doing the same he does practice of Ashtang yoga, he thus attains Asamprgyat samadhi. At this stage of Samadhi, Almighty God becomes present within him. Samveda mantra 944 states that at the stage of the Asamprgyat samadhi within the yogi, the preach of Vedas which flows from the mouth of Yogi is inspired by God Himself. So the Yogi at this stage can say, “I am Ganesh, I am Shiva, I have created universe and all must worship me etc., etc.” because at this stage the words uttered by the yogi are inspired by God Himself and the words are directed from God.

Secondly, the souls who had got salvation may come back and take birth to guide the people. And after doing his job the soul goes back at his own to realize salvation. This is as per Atharvaveda mantra 9/10/11. So within the soul of Shri Krishna Maharaj actually the words of God were uttered which are true. However, one must know that Yajurveda mantra 32/1 too says that there is only one formless God, who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. But His names are several according to His qualities.

So Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Ganesh, Shiva are the names of God according to His qualities which I have briefed several times before.

Kamal Kashyap: Why men is so greedy? Though he/she know all about life & death? What is the Value of Wealth, Materialistic Achievements and other worldly matter. Why man work so hard to achieve all these?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is illusion/ignorance which makes man greedy along with other bad /worst qualities. As is also mentioned in yog shastras sutra 2/5 that due to not studying Vedas and other religious books under guidance of an Acharya, mostly people remain ignorant. Ignorance means he considers untruth as truth, impurity as purity, mortal as immortal, non-alive matters as alive matters, impermanent/transient as eternal. So the person who is indulged in ignorance/illusion, he thinks that he will be getting peace from materialistic articles of the world. Therefore he works hard to gather money, assets, and materialistic articles like gold, buildings, luxuries. He does not love soul but human young bodies etc., whereas all these are destructible and therefore his love with impermanent articles is not everlasting and finishes along with destructible articles. Such people
nurse their bodies or family’s bodies by providing the said materialistic articles which are impermanent but they do not know themselves that is they do not know that they are bodies. They are alive, immortal, eternal souls and reside within bodies. Human body requires gold, luxuries, good food etc., but the qualities of soul is different. Soul does not require food, luxuries or any materialistic article. As is stated in Atharvaveda kand 4, sukta 34, soul requires Brahamaudanam, i.e., spiritual preach and practice of yoga philosophy etc., under guidance of an Acharya. Suppose, a person does not feed his body then first of all, he will become hungry, starving, facing sorrows etc., and after some days, he will be no more. Similarly, when people do not feed themselves i.e., soul does not take spiritual nutrition according to Vedas and other holy books then soul, inspite of having gold, luxuries etc., starts feeling sorrows, problems, tensions, sickness etc. Such people do not understand that all worldly impermanent, materialistic articles will be destroyed one days therefore get duly indulged in illusion/ignorance, they are mostly after the materialistic articles, pomp and show and are indulged in several sins. This is only due to above said ignorance/illusion. So the value of wealth materialistic achievements and other worldly matters is not eternal but impermanent. However, God states in
Yajurveda mantra 40/14 that a person must get progress in both paths simultaneously i.e., in spiritualism as well as in (pious) materialism. Here materialism (pious) means, he must get good education and must make progress in all kinds of science like agriculture, biology, physics, chemistry mathematics, medical science, atomic energy etc. so one must pay full attention first of all in spiritualism then in materialism.

K T Rao: So many temples have been destroyed. But for one unused building in Ayodhya already in ruins, 1788 deaths occurred. Why our youths are not being made aware of this grim fact? Riots targeting Hindus and their business happened for * BUSH VISIT; * DANISH CARTOONS;* FALWELL’S REMARKS;* KASHMIR RELICS; * TEMPLE MUSIC IN MAU, UP * TEMPLE LIGHTING IN ALIGARGH, UP with no connection to BJP/VHP/RSS and with no revenge attacks. Why our youths dont know much about this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God. In Vedas God has preached some rules and regulations to be adopted by human beings for their long happy life. Religion is made by God according to Vedas and not by men. That is why the man made laws have become harmful for the human beings casing riots and involving death of innocent people. So first of all, our youth must try to listen Vedas to know the eternal, true religion which unites and tells to live and to let live and finishes the ravages of hatred.

Mostly our youth or elders follow the path of those leaders or saints who are also not aware of Vedas and true religion and hence the problem. So the problem quoted by you can be removed by true education and by knowing true religion. I would advice you, to read two of my books in Hindi—— Manav Dharam Shiksha and Vedic Satsang sangrah, please, if possible. The books can be sent on receipt of your postal address. After studying the books please send your views regarding above question and we all will try to make youth educated properly.

Vivek: I am presently disturbed by one question that is coming in my mind. Its about Sri Ram. He married Sita took a vow that He would protect and stay with Sita till 7 generation by taking the 7 phera in the marriage. Then how could he just leave Sita just because a dhobin [washer man’s wife] told and doubted the purity of Sita. Was he that weak or did he forgot his promise that he took in the 7 Pheras at the time of marriage. Why he could not stand beside his wife, Sita at the time of her need? Is this the kingdom of Ram we are wanting?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sri Ram protected Sita well for whole of her life please. The story about her exile is totally false, please. Authentic Ramayana is Valmiki Ramayana. Valmikiji was contemporary to Sri Ram when he wrote Valmiki Ramayana in Sanskrit. Valmikiji saw all happenings/ events of Kingdom of King Dushrath, right
from the birth, exile, victory on Lanka and thereafter resuming Ayodhya as King. Sita gave birth to Luv and Kush in Palace.

R K: I am not a Brahmin. Can I wear yagyopavit?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yajyopavit and Janeyu ceremony are one and the same thing. And all human beings without considering caste system are entitled to wear the janeyu/Yajyopavit. So please contact ARYA SAMAJ MANDIR and while performing concerned holy Yajyen with Ved mantras, you may wear Yajyopavit. Caste system has not been made by God in Vedas

Rekha Nautiyal: I have started doing havan daily by Gayatri Mantra. I am doing it right now one time in the morning (around 9 o clock) every day without fail. As I am working lady I can’t do it in evening as I reach Home at 7.00 clock. A sadhu in TV channel informed that for havan right timing is important. If you do havan in right time then it will be beneficial but if you do it in wrong time then the impact of the havan will be opposite. He also states that Ghee should be of Cow otherwise it will not give you benefit. Swami ji kindly clear all these please.
Swami Ram Swarup: As you know, Vedas are divine knowledge, direct from God which can never be challenged. In four Vedas, God has preached that haven/Yajyen must be perform in the morning and evening while the sun rises and before it sets respectively. But again God has told that haven/Yajyen can be performed in night also as well as in any suitable time please. Timing can be set by the devotee and it can be changed any time. Problem is this that we do not study the Vedas and start giving our own views. Vedas, Shastras, tell that tally all your views, deeds, knowledge and worship with Vedas otherwise it will authentic and would be unacceptable. In haven/Yajyen, we recite Ved mantras regarding praise, pray and worship of God which can be recited any suitable time, please. How can it be opposite? On one side saints say that name of God must be remembered twenty-four hours. Then why not the name of God in Ved mantras recited in any suitable time? Cows ghee is more beneficial but other ghee are also good.

In Upanishad, there is a true story when a Rishi asked that if ghee or oil or other matters are not available to perform Yajyen/haven, hen how will you perform Haven? Then it was replied that the haven will be performed even with grass or water etc. but nowadays God has provided us with all pious matters to perform Yajyen. So we must do haven/Yajyen with all available matters whether cow’s ghee or other ghee.

Ganesh Shankar: How can I manage both spiritual and office life? I am having trouble managing both.
Swami Ram Swarup: We have to get progress in spiritualism as well as in materialism simultaneously as in also said in Yajurveda mantra 40/14 and it is also possible in married life like the married life of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Dashrath, their public, several other Rajrishis and millions of Rishis-Munis like Muni Vyas, Guru Vashisth etc. However, guidance from an Acharya who knows about Vedas and other religious holy books, is necessary. The spiritual knowledge is meant for soul and not human body. Human body is burnt in the pyre at last. You know, soul resides in human body either of man or woman. So when man and woman become learned of Vedas/spiritual knowledge, they easily maintain their married lives to realize god while discharging all family moral duties. First of all, you are advised to read my book—Manav Dharam shiksha in Hindi worth Rs. 21.00, excluding postal charges, it will give you good guidance. Book can be sent on receipt of your postal address.

K: I am mailing you regarding a question that is haunting me very much from The past 3 years. I have approached some astrologers and they are of the
Opinion that I have what is called “Brahma hatya dosha”. Because of this
problem my cognitive abilities are deteriorating gradually. I cannot analyse any
situation.I seem to live in an trance state or as in illusion. In general I am lacking in mental abilities. I was an atheist in the past but after some strange happenings I partially believe in God (I am a brahmin too).Now my question is what is brahma hatya dosha. Why does it come? When will it go away?
Swami Ram Swarup: God has created universe and He is the supreme commander and lord of the same. He has made constitution in the shape of four Vedas to function the universe in accordance with his laws and orders. Whatever is true, is always tallied with the Vedas. If it is not tallied then it is against the Vedas and being unauthentic is considered false by all learned. I mean to say present astrology, Kall Sarp dosh, mangal dosh, etc. are not mentioned in the Vedas, so
are not authentic. Brahma Hatya means if a person has killed a Brahmin. In Vedas, the Brahmin is not considered by birth but by qualities. So any one who wields the good qualities as per Vedas, he is called Brahmin. In yajurved 31/7,it is mentioned that he is Brahmin who has studied four Vedas deeply from his acharyr, does agnihotra daily, does Ashtang Yoga practice daily, speaks, listens and attains always truth. Has control on his five senses, perceptions and mind, does Tapasya according to Vedas etc. So if a person has killed such a Brahmin then the culprit comes under braham- Hatya dosh and is badly punished by God in present life. Such dosh is removed only after freeing the punishment given by God or by doing hard tapasya of a Beahmin and when such defaulter becomes unable to do any offence and himself becomes a Brahmin, then only there is possibility of forgiveness by a Yogi/ Rishi. But, usually the defaulter does not make himself capable of such forgiveness.

In your case, so called astrologers have made you fool to believe to have such Brahma Hatya by you. Actually you are not the defaulter. So, please try to save yourself by yourself and for yourself. Be brave and believe in Vedas and never believe in such false pandits etc, who demoralize the people by their false predictions that too against the Vedas.

Preeti: I want to know that Pipal prikarma start from right to left or left to right.
Swami Ram Swarup: Parikrama is usually done from right to left. However, Peepal Parikrama gives more and more oxygen to maintain good health otherwise in Vedas it is not a kind of worship please.

Arundhati: I am a bharata natyam dancer and willing to some project on ‘sankhya’. I want to know the significance of numbers in Hindu philosophy. I want to
know about no.7 and 4 in particular. I will be blessed to get answer from you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mahurt and significance of numbers etc., do not effect the life of a person. Happiness or sorrows come due to the result of good and bad deeds of a person. So in Vedas, there is no importance of mahurt, nakshatra pooja, numbers, kaal sarp yoga, etc.

Sunil Parashar: How to do meditation?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meditation (dhyan) is the 7th stage of Ashtang Yoga, please. So, until a person learns and crosses the 1st six stages by his hard practice under guidance of an Acharya, the 7th stage i.e. meditation (dhayan) can not be briefed. You are advised to study my book Patanjal Yog Darshan, hindivyakhya sahit -Part-1 and 2 in which all the 8 stages of Ashtang yoga philosophy that is yam, niyam, asana, pranayam, pratayahar, dhyan, Samadhi have been described in details.

Rahul: I apologize for me and my friend getting to inquisitive. I had asked about yoga photographs and why few Rishis have long hair.
Swami Ram Swarup: No question of sorry please. Everybody is entitled to put any question to an Acharya but it depends on Acharya to give the answers or not as answers are always given to a right person. Actually you and your friend do not know about Ashtang yoga philosophy and about a yogi who attain 8 stages of Samadhi. So, the question raised by you and your friend about the photographs was not answerable please. Because I have never told about such Samadhi in brief to anybody as it is not required. Why? As people now a days do not study Vedas and shastras wherein the divine qualities of a yogi are mentioned and when such any quality will be told to anyone, he will make fun of it naturally as it is not his subject. False saints have been telling against the Vedas and Samadhi for a long time with the result, people are not able to understand such subjects. If the said subjects could have been in touch with the people as was in the ancient times of raj rishis like Dushrat, Janak, Yudhisthir etc. then no such questions could have been raised as it’s answers was already known to learned public that will such a yogi ask for being photographed? Naturally not. It could naturally be work of disciples, etc. Secondly, ancient rishi-munis used to live in dense jungles like my Guruji where no arrangement of barber or shaving apparatus was available. Yogis were not even interested to shave etc. such rishis when used to come down from caves in public they used to do have. That is why the place of rishi kesh is named so that is where the kesh (hair) of rishi munis were cut. My Maharajji mostly never left the cave of dense jungle and did not like to come down in public places. My blessings to you.

K D Gupta: Should we not use woman only for santanopatti and not for bhog? Secondly what is dharm, param dharm, sanatan dharm and we know that the Almighty is Ajanma, nature does everything and not the soul does. Please let me also know that Lord Krishna was a yogi, Sanjaya was a yogi and so became Arjun to see the roopamageshwaram then why we don’t believe that the only God is the nature and equally available for all? If we say, Arjun asked -karpanyadoshopahatswabhawa prakshami twam then Lord says sarva dharman parityjya mamekam shardamn bhaw –manmana bhav madbhakto — then Arjun says karishye bachanam tav goswamiji writes bhajiye rama sab kam bihayee.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, the woman is not for bhog but to get a learned baby with long life.

Dharam, Param Dharam, and Snatan Dharam is one and the same thing please. Param means divine and most supreme. Sanatan means eternal and immortal. So that which is eternal, immortal, divine and most supreme pious deed originates from the eternal knowledge of Vedas, made by God Himself is called Dharam. Dharam is never made by man, it is made by God. So God’s made Dharam is those pious deeds based on Vedas which give pleasure, peace and long life in trhe present life as well as after death. In this connection, Vaisheshik shastra’s sutra ½ also refers. Dharma is made By God Himself that is why in Bhagwat Geeta shlok 3/15 it is said that O! Arjun all deeds (dharma) are originated from four Vedas and Vedas’ emanates from God. Manusmriti shlok 2/6 also state, “VEDAH AKHILA DHARAM MULAM” i.e., all dharams (deeds-duties) originate from Vedas and because Vedas emanate direct from God therefore dharma is made by God and not by man and we have to follow the dharma which is made by God.

What do you mean by nature, please? In Vedas nature means prakriti which is non-alive when the power of God acts in prakriti then the universe is created because universe is created from non-alive prakriti therefore every matter of the universe including human body is non-alive and non-alive matter can do nothing on its own without the support of alive matter. Soul is alive which resides in human body/human beings. Presence of alive soul makes human body to act or to do any deed. When the soul goes out of the body at the time of death then human body or any of its part like eye, ear, nose, leg, hand etc., stops functioning forever and starts
deteriorating. This proves the nature itself can do nothing. Secondly Yajurveda mantra 7/48 states that human beings are free to do good or bad deeds but result will be awarded by God. Therefore God Himself is not responsible for any kind of deed of human beings. Yes, Shri Krishan was a Yogi but Sanjay and Arjun were great warriors and Devotees of God. Please read previous answers for more information.

Prakash Lakhani: I request you very humbly and respectfully to answer the following questions Q1- Are there common souls for Ladies, gents and animals etc. or souls are demarked separately for male, female and animals’ bodies? Q2 – Please explain the word “SHANTI” from each and every angle?
I) Souls are common, please. The qualities of a soul are same for all souls. Only bodies are changed based on god or bad deeds. Soul having male body can take female body in the next birth and vice-versa. The same soul based on its bad deeds can take bodies of snake, mosquito, lion etc., etc.
II) When as aspirant under the guidance of an Acharya based on his study of Vedas, Yajyen, hard practice of of Ashtang yoga, even in family life becomes able to control his five senses, perceptions, mind and burns his bad desire forever then he gets peace within himself which is called shanti. Based on the same tapsya he becomes Yogi, Rishi, etc., as per Yog shastras sutra 3/1 and onwards till the chapter of
four. Each matter of the universe like sun, moon, water, river, trees, mountains, human beings also start giving him pleasure, happiness etc., which gives peace (shanti) to him (Yogi). Previously you also asked about saat samnudra and I was thinking that you’ll ask again about such saat samundra because the answer given by me was not complete. In several mantras of Rigveda, the description of seven samundra (sapt sindhu) are two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth and those seven samundras are also BHU, Bhuvah, Swaha, mahaha, janaha, tapah and satyam. I think you have been writing the book and hope you’ll complete at your convenience.

Pankaj Bakhru: My question is when two person married they become husband and wife after the death of both can they become brother and sister or son or daughter to each other. I had asked this question to several aacharayas but still no body had responded but this mystery can be solved by you only I think.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Brother, sister, mother, father, aunty, uncle, grandfather. Grandmother etc., etc., are relations between human bodies only. It is not a relation with soul. Vedas state that soul (jeevatma) and God have no mother, father, brother, sister etc. So according to good or bad deeds the soul gets rebirth i.e., another body. Soul can take body of brother, sister, snake, lion etc., etc.

Rahul: Now, my question in simple words is: DOES GOD KNOW OUR FUTURE? I think the answer is YES. Below I am writing what I already know about this question and also what I have doubt: I know that future is based on previous life deeds. So God decides the entire future at the time of birth based on the prarabdh karma selected from the stock of sanchit karma. As the child grows he can do pious deeds based on the Vedas and hence burn the previous life deeds so that he need not face the result of them in future. If he does not do pious deeds then he will face the deeds and as said above if he does pious deeds he will be free of result of deeds. This much I know about my question. What I am not clear is this:
Does God know at the time of birth of child that if “he/she will do pious deeds or will not do pious deeds”? I mean God obviously knows what results of deeds child will have to face in future but does god know at the time of birth of child whether the child in this life will get salvation or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Yajurveda mantra 7/48 too, we are always free to do good or bad deeds but result is awarded by God. There are three types of deeds (karmas)— sanchit, prarabhadh, and kriyamaaann. Prarabhadh karmas is destiny. So when a person is dead, he is awarded for his deeds (karmas) to be faced in next birth, which is called destiny, luck or future. So future is known when a person discharges his duties or does pious karmas/deeds(kriyamaannkarmas). Then he can burn all sanchit karmas and everyone can thus make his future bright and can even attain salvation. So, God only decides the future first at the time of rebirth, based on his deeds of present life and future can also be changed by a person by doing pious kriyamaan karmas/pious deeds. So it is very difficult to say that God knows the future because everybody is free to do good or bad deeds everytime based on which future gets changed. If God inspires us to do good or bad deeds then certainly God could know the future but a person is always free to do deeds. And therefore God does not know who will do pious deeds or bad deeds and when?

God is only witness of all good or bad deeds done by a person and salvation is also based on the free desire and hard tapsya of a child, person etc. At the time of birth, a child has to face illusion, i.e., worldly affairs to be indulged into or worship and pious deeds. So it is his personal and free desire, what he accepts.

Rekha Nautiyal: After doing the Havan, what should we do with the Raakh?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Burnt material must be thrown in roots of plants or trees or in flowing river.

Rahul: I was reading an article on the internet which was about authoritative books by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. While criticising Puranas he has talked about the Ahalya Indra story. So is the Ahalya Indra story given in Valmiki Ramayan true or false?
Swami Ram Swarup: Whatever Swami Dayanandji has written is true because he explains the story based on spiritual meanings. On the other hand, based on the incidents which occurred previously, it is also true that Indra was a man who did the offence. But Ahilya was never made a rock and she was not freed from curse when touched by Ram’s feet. Such kind of story is false. On the other hand, Valmikiji wrote that Shri Ram and Lakshmann being kshatriya touched the feet of Rishi’s wife— Ahilaya, as a token of respect. There are two kinds of meanings of the words of the story—Vyavharik and Parmarthik or spiritual and literal.

Dharmendra: Swamiji, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans ka manana hai ki hame sakar ishwar me dhyan lagana chahiye isse apne aap bad me ishwar ke nirakar hone ka gyan milega. aapk mat.

Dharmendra: Swamiji, Ved dianasorus ke baare me kyakehte hai aur agar Vedic samay aeroplane technology thi toh wo ab kaha hai.

Prakash Sunar: Swamiji – Soul (Aatma) – I think there is no meaning. This word is prepared by Man (Hindu). I give clarification that if there is Aatma who enter in other body/other animal/insects etc. by transferring yoni. Just think that before 60 years (1947) the population of world was around 250 crores and India’s 35 crores. Now world population is around 650 crores and India’s 110 crores. 400 crores Aatmas (Soul) are increased in 60 years. These are new Aatma are rotated aatma?
Previous year due to disease many no of chickens (hens) are burnt/destroyed by man that means a man can increase or reduce the production of chicken/fishes/goats.. etc. then where is the question of aatmas? Please give clarification.
Swami Ram Swarup: yes, the word soul is made by men may be Hindu,
European, etc. The divine word of Vedas is “Jeevatma” or “Atma”. So we’ve to look after the divine words of Vedas which are eternal and immortal because the same emanate direct from God but if the translated meaning of Atma, Jeevatma or jeev is “soul” in English, then it makes no differences. Languages may be any but idea must not be changed. So all languages are respectable. Souls are constant in number. Increase in number of human beings is due to rebirth based on karmas (good or bad deeds). Your statement about increase in number of human beings is based on counting of human body but we have to see also the decrease in number of bodies of animals like lions, tigers, birds, insects like flies, mosquitoes etc., and the unseen bacteria in the air, water, oceans etc.

Sumt Sudan: How to Pray Shri Shirdi Sai Baba? I’m very disturbed for last few months.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are advised to please make contact with the priest of the temple of Shirdi Sai Bawa please. Because I am sorry to say that I worship only formless, omnipresent, omniscient and Almighty God who is beyond description and beyond imagination and who creates, nurses and destroys the universe alone and whose description is mentioned in eternal knowledge of Vedas by God Himself.

Abhishek: I am interested in learning old yantras, tantras and mantras.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mantras are of Vedas. But in Vedas there is no mention of present yantra and tantras. So if you are interested to study the Vedas then such books can be dispatched to you on receipt of your postal address. Please read the article on Vedas Philosophy.

Alok Kumar: Send me the invitation to attend the poornahuti and tell me the proper way to reach Kangra from Shimla bus stand. What is the mode of transport to reach here?
Swami Ram Swarup: Poornaahuti has since been offered on 10th of June, please. Being busy, sorry, I could not reply earlier.

Bageshri: Is it true that in the recital of Gayatri Mantra, there is some mantra that women should not recite?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please there is no restriction at any juncture or in any situation, where a lady or girl cannot recite Gayatri mantra or any Ved mantras. I mean to say that all human beings are authorized to listen and recite the Ved mantras and perform holy Yajyen with Ved mantras, please. It is a poisoned propaganda against the Vedas that women/girls cannot recite Ved mantras or Gayatri mantra. Mata Sita and other learned ladies learnt all the four Vedas from Rishis and used to perform holy Yajyen with families daily in the ancient times.

O P Mishra: Will the mankind survive the 8 year warning to climatic instability as predicted by UN? I have been asking this question to statesmen, scientists as well as acharyas. Do Vedas have a solution as well as prediction of the future?
Swami Ram Swarup: To know the exact answer one will have to pay his attention about the fundamental law of Vedas, about creation, nursing and destruction. Vedas emanates direct from God which are eternal, unchangeable and unchallengeable and the said fact has also been mentioned in Rigveda mantra 2/38/9. A deep study of Vedas reveals that whole science of even present times, is mentioned in Vedas and our ancient hand written books of our rishis Munis explains all the modern times as well as science yet to be known from Vedas. Rigveda mostly states about all the science like agriculture, electronic, weapons and artillery, chemistry, creation, botany, zoology and all four Vedas give knowledge about matters. Economics, finance etc. I mean to say the creation and destruction is
eternal and takes place automatically at a proper time. This earth was created one arab, 96 crores, 8 lacs and about 53,000 years ago. Please read the article on Yugas.

So after a period of about one arab years the final destruction of the universe will
take place.

The God is Supreme commander of the universe and His said time of final destruction is eternal and unchangeable please. Some answers about prakriti put forth by a scientist from abroad and answered by me are also pasted here, for your information. I mean to say the creation starts at a proper time when the power of God acts in non-alive prakriti. After nursing final destruction takes place under the fundamental laws of Vedas at a proper time. Yajurveda mantra 40/9 states that those who are only indulged in the matter of science i.e., always do, research regarding sun, moon, creation, medical and other sciences etc., and do not try to realize God within them by worship, they plunge in deep darkness but those who achieve progress in science as well as spiritualism simultaneously, then with the blessings of God they overcome death and even attain salvation.

So the modern science is no doubt beneficial for human beings but side by side, it is too harmful to say. Why? Because it is based mostly without real worship of Almighty God and therefore unnecessary worldly war between countries, corruption, rape cases, illusion, injustice, poverty, violence, militancy and other thousands of problems at world level are being seen.

That is why, the U.N. based on the information of the mind of the scientist has declared its views of world’s destruction due to climate instability after eight years which is not as per four Vedas, please. Yes, most of the human beings are now against Vedas, against God etc. So due to bad effect of climate, the human being may be facing more and more difficulties in the shape of death or diseases as was observed when the Hiroshima- Nagasaki were struck by hydrogen bombs and till today people are experiencing the ill effects there of. Similarly, the bad effect of climatic instability may ruin the human being for a long time but the final destruction is not possible after 8 years, being against the law of almighty God.

So destruction of human beings may be possible at large scale but final destruction will take place after about Arab years, a study of Mahabharata Granth and Valmiki Ramayana also reveals that at that time, the science was not advanced than even present science. But that science was too disappeared and after Mahabharata war, it has started coming into existence. For e.g. Ravana, Sugreev had most advanced aero planes, bombs, radars and army equipments etc. which have disappeared. Now again manufacture of aeroplanes pioneered by Wright Brothers, has begun since about 200 years. I mean to say creation and destruction is natural but final destruction is in the hands of God as quoted above.

Arundhati: My father is no more. I need to work hard and take care of family. Please advise.
Swami Ram Swarup: I am sorry to listen about your father and brother who have gone to heavenly abode. Yet, God says in Vedas that one should accept the justice of God and one should keep patience to face the problems of life bravely and happily. My daughter you may select job at your own wish but I would advise you, you must never make any contact with bad societies etc. it will be better for you if your life partner may be a kind hearted gentleman who could also look after your mother along with you whole life. Otherwise you may make your mother’s future secure before marriage. Luck is always in our hands my daughter. Hard working, firm decision, concentration, devotion and dedication towards right path always makes our future bright.

Mawaram: Do you have any books printed in the English language with information on Hinduism?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry please, I have not written such a pious book. Yet, a list of books about the eternal philosophy of our Indian as well as worldly culture is available on the website.

Snehal: Do Vedas have any description of Ganesh?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Vedas don’t have description of Ganesh devata. Vedas only tell to worship formless, almighty, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe Himself.

Sri Hima: How to keep ourselves always in good presence of mind and peace?
Swami Ram Swarup: To be happy always one will have to lead a life strictly according to the orders and instruction of the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanate direct from God please. So listening of Vedas, do daily Yajyen, regular contact with learned Acharya of Vedas, practice of asan, prannayam, meditation, name jaap will one day make the life of an aspirant long and happy. This will be done while discharging all moral duties according to Vedas. Actually the said path is not so easy to obey. Only an aspirant who is anxious to know God like a hungry who needs food to save his life, is able to follow the said path.

S P Ianala: All my life I have been doing self study, but now I understand I need a Guru to grasp the great knowledge of Vedas, I am a very fast and good learner, lot of information and knowledge reaches me when I am in deep meditation after my regular pooja, I have your books and as you said yagya sarvasrestha pooja, I tried to do in my home but, since I am in Canada, and the climate outside is very cold or very humid and the homes are connected with smoke detectors, little smoke cause these detectors to go beeping. I learned yoga and pranayama from a yogic guru in Hyderabad and I had also been to meditation classes, I have been regular in pranayama since then, but now I am not satisfied with my routine pooja. How can I do yagya pooja with out smoke? What is the best material to start a fire and how do you extinguish the fire and what do you do with the burnt materials etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you please. Yes, please. All Vedas state that without a learned Acharya no one can get right path to worship God etc. Yes, Yajyen/agnihotra must be perform daily as said by God in Vedas. If possible you may perform havan out side the house in open sky please, which is even more beneficial.

I have been to U.S.A in winter too where we used to do havan outside the house in open air, within the premises of house i.e., open space surrounded by boundary wall. Tips to do havan are also there on the website.

Nirendra Kumar: In Ramayan and in the closing slok “ek ghadi aadhi ghadi, aadhi me puniaadh” Swamiji, “Ek ghadi kitna hota hai?”
Swami Ram Swarup: Ek ghadi ka matlab hai “calculation of time” and I ghadi= chobees (24) minute kee hoti hai. I.e., time of 1 ghadi = 24 minutes.

Kumar: Is there a differnence between parmeshwar and shiva? Who is the supreme God of Hinduism?
Swami Ram Swarup: Parmeshwar means formless, almighty God who has all glory and grandeur etc. Shiv means who is beneficial to universe. So Parmeshwar and Shiva both are names of one Almighty God.

Rahul:Dear swamiji, In his commentary of Gita, Dr. Satyavrat Siddhantalankar writes that Gita was not preached in battlefield as it is impossible to do so. I remember you too have mentioned this couple of times on the website. Please clear my following queries regarding the matter:-
1. If it was not preached on battlefield, then why did Vyas muni write in Mahabharat that it was preached on battle filed? It is clearly mentioned by Vyas ji in Gita also that the rath was between the two armies. As Rishi’s don’t say lies, what is the explanation for this? Dr. Satyavrat writes that Vyas ji is explaining the upanishads and other Vedic truths in the form of this situation. Vyas has used Krishna and Arjun as instruments to explain the problems that arise in the mind of all of us. This is what Dr. Satyavrat says. But I am not satisfied. I do understand what he says, but what authority do we have to interpret like this because it is clearly mentioned by Vyas that the discussion was in the battle filed. As per Yoga Darshan apt rishi vakya is proof. Therefore we cannot go against what Vyas has said by interpreting in different ways. So please clear this doubt as the base of Gita lies in this.
2. Now, where was it preached then?
3. In Mahabharat by Swami Jagdishwaranand, is anything said about this matter? I am yet to buy this book. this is why I am asking whether Jagdishwaranandji has said anything on this matter?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagwad Geeta is not a separate holy book. I have written so many times that Vyas Muniji wrote Mahabharat epic in which Shanty Parv, Van Parv, Moosal Parv are there.

Eighteen chapters of Bhagwad Geeta are an extract of Bheesham Parv and have been printed and named Bhagwad Geeta. Actually it is an extract of Bheesham Parv. So in epic the Rishi produced the shloka of Bheeshma parv (Geeta) in such a manner that its effects and makes emotions to the heart of readers being an epic. Logically also it is not possible to make and recite 700 shlokas in shape of poetry, between the two armies. But in an epic written by Rishi everything is possible to produce truth. How can one imagine that a Rishi can tell lie? Not only Bheesham Parv (Geeta) but complete Mahabharat is full of truth. In Shruti, it is stated “PROKSH PRIYA HE DEVAHA” i.e., the learned of Vedas, a Rishi are fond of telling the truth in secret manner and in short too, so is the Bhagwad Geeta .

You see when two armies come face to face for fight then it is not possible to avoid the war. Naturally, the discussion between Pandavs & Krishna, and Krishna & Arjun took place before deciding war in the kingdom. But I may tell you such thinking now is of no use. We must extract the truth to adopt in our daily life from Geeta etc., and where the discussion, war or preach took place etc., are the historical questions and are not based on spiritualism, please. Shruti states- “SVALPAM AAYUHU BAHUVASCH VIGHANAHA” i.e., life is short but work is a lot to be done, that too with many obstacles. So we must consider only such facts, that too in short by which we can the motto of human life as from the mixed milk and water, hansa only takes pure milk and leaves the water.

Rahul: I have a few doubts on the early system of marriage. It is clearly seen from Ramayan and Mahabharat that marriages were based on qualities and not love/charm etc, etc. During marriage of Sita, Ram had broken the bow and during marriage of Draupadi, Arjun had pierced the eye of the fish. What I want to ask is all these places it is the bride’s father who has put the condition. Is he free to put any condition or if the condition he puts should be according to quality of bride? For example, in Ramayan Janak had put condition to break arrow. He justified this by saying that his daughter (Sita) was veerryashulka. Sohere the quality of kshatriya was there in his daughter, Sita and hence he put the condition of breaking bow. Regarding Mahabharat, i am yet to read it, so I don’t know whether Draupadi had kshatriya qualities. But I suppose yes because she was considered kshatriya. So is the condition based on quality of Bride? I mean could Janak keep a condition as to who wins a debate (Shatrarth), they would marry Sita? Here Sita’s quality is not checked (I mean she has more kshatriya qualities but the condition is Brahmin quality). So was this type of condition possible? The main essence of my question is: in early times, had the qualities of husband and wife had to be the same? ie if girl had say Kshatriya quality then husband should also possess some kshatriya quality? Ok Arjun was in Brahmin dress but he proved that he had kshatriya quality. This is what I am asking. If it is so, then a girl not much intelligent etc. can only marry a man who is also like that?
Swami Ram Swarup: Janak and Drupad both were kshatriyas by karmas. According to Vedas, the marriage of a daughter could be fixed with a man who either was a warrior or the Brahmin because the marriage could be with the equal status or with bridegroom of higher status but not less, based on qualities and not caste.

Secondly, he who would break the bow shown by Janak would sure be a great warrior considering Sita as Veeryashulka i.e., he who would break the said bow would definitely be the great in qualities of kshatriya as compared to Sita otherwise other bow of less qualities than Shiva’s bow shown by Janak could be shown to the warriors and Sri Ram. Same is the case of piercing the eye of fish with an arrow.

Another point is this that kshatriya king like Janak, Drupad , Harishchandra , Dashrath etc., etc ., were qualified scholars of gurukul in childhood and upto the minimum age of twenty five years. So they knew all about the secrets of pious deeds, Yajyen, etc. Therefore they knew that the bow would be broken or the eye of fish would be pierced either by a great kshatriya or by a Brahmin like Dronnacharya , Parshuram, etc. So marriage would have been either with kshatriya or Brahmin which was according to Vedas.

Therefore when Pandavs were in the dress of Brahmin and Arjun pierced the eye of fish then too the king Drupad was happy to marry of his daughter with Brahmin, though they were kshatriya which Drupad came to know afterwards.

Yet, I would say again that the above explanations nowadays and at that time too has no value and we must not waste time in such historic facts but we must learn Vedas, do daily Yajyen, name jaap and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga under guidance of an Acharya to achieve the main motto of human life while discharging all our moral duties.

Rahul: You once mentioned in the website that a yogi having attained moksha will shave off his beard etc. Then, in your Yoga Darshan part II, you guru had beard? I am just asking because i am confused. Pleaase don’t misunderstand my question. I don’t mean any disrespect please. I have high regards for you and your late Guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: Your question is not answerable please because I have no power to tell about my Acharya who is free from facing all kinds of the results of the deeds.

Rahul: Recently I was showing to my friend, a few pages of your Yoga Darshan commentary, that he asked me a question to which I couldn’t give satisfactory reply. First of all I must say that he doesn’t believe all this much. So his question was in the photos you had given you were in Samadhi state. So at that time why did you get yourself clicked by camera? IF you were in merriment, then he says that there is no reason he finds that you should pose for photograph. Please clarify his question. I couldn’t give satisfactory reply. Again please don’t misunderstand me. I have immense faith in Vedas and you please.
Swami Ram Swarup: When your friend does not believe then its okay. As regards camera etc., one should think deeply himself about the truth because two a trade never go together.

Lalaji Barpanda: I am a student but I am not able to concentrate on study.
Swami Ram Swarup: If you are a student then you must concentrate on your studies and must take care of your health. If you do not concentrate then why do you tell yourself to be student. I mean to say the “VIDYAARTHI” is a Hindi word for a student. Vidya + Arthaha means vidyaarthi. Vidya means knowledge, study i.e., the highest study and Arthaha means aim. So one whose main aim is to study hard with full concentration and devotion, he is only called a student. Shastras say student has no time to gain baseless pleasure from senses. And if someone has time to gain pleasure from senses then he is not a student. You have been blessed with human body by Almighty God and this is the time for you to study hard with full concentration, devotion and dedication please. So I would advise you to please discharge your moral duties to be a real student. Thus you will please yourself, parents, society and nation. However, student must also worship God daily under advice of spiritual master even for 10 minutes both times. Please also read more answers on the site where details of Students’ study is mentioned.
Rekha Nautiyal: Is it necessary for married woman to wear Gold. What are the qualities of Gold with reference to Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. Vedas permit to wear gold by ladies as well as men in married life. In Valmiki Ramayan it is also mentioned that in those days men and women used to be laden with gold right from toe to head. But nowadays due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, the administration is weak and one should wear the gold carefully to avoid theft, etc.

Anonymous: With your blessings we are doing very well. This is about my husband. He does only morning prayer i.e. just to lit agarbati in front of mandir and a small prathana. Swamiji he remains whole day very busy. He leaves home at 8 clock and reaches home at 8 clock. Although I do havan, mala jaap everthing. Swami ji can I tell him to jaap OM while travelling, walking, sitting(when idle). I want that by doing this he could take interest and find time. Swamiji please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please, it will be a best jaap for him if he starts reciting the holy name of God i.e., ‘OM’ as much as he can while traveling, sleeping, while even
doing jaap. But he must only recite by heart. Before going to bed at night, he must sit on bed on any simple aasan, he must close his eyes and concentrate between the two eyebrows , keeping the back straight and must do the jaap of OM by heart even for five or ten minutes or as much as he can. It will give him peace, mental and physical strength, progress in life and several benefits. God is pleased also by doing such jaap and gives His blessings.

Anonymous: I am student and not comfortable with studies. My girlfriend is getting married elsewhere. I want peace in life and want to work for society. Money seems to be most important in the world. Please comment.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, God states that in student life of a boy and girl, there must not be any liking otherwise it is sin. So please leave the idea of girlfriend and work hard to brighten your future. A man can purchase anything with money but not peace, long life, true love and respect. Then what will be the use of such money which lacks such priceless blessings. So one should finally believe in God and everybody must worship God daily then only will the money earned by hard working will give peace, love, respect, glory, fame etc.

Control on all five senses, five perceptions and mind gives victory on the world please and such aspirant always remain happy even while living in the world. So one should search a real guru who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy and aspirant must observe his Vedic preach to control the said senses.

M: I had a dream: I was invited to a sort of meeting with SOMEBODY very special, people were telling me that it is practically was impossible to obtain the invitations for the meeting and I felt very lucky to be there. I did not know what to expect – some type of celebrity… When I walked into the room there was a podium where few people were sitting and in the middle there was a little boy, which I had a feeling I saw before (next day I did remember – the boy was from the picture of Krishna). When He saw me, He came to me with this kind smile and took my hand. I do not remember what exactly He told me, one of the things He said was “ASK”, but I said that I am not ready for that conversation and I do not know what to ask. He told me His name was Milen or something very similar to that. After that I wake up. All next day I had very good and warm feeling of something nice happened to me and then I remember where I saw the face of this boy. India, Sri. Krishna, Yoga are very close to my heart, but (unfortunately) I cannot call myself a devoted follower or a practitioner, that is why my dream was “unexpected” or better to say “out of blue”. So, may be there is no connection between the two names or I do not remember it correctly, after all I did say that I was not ready yet.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is truth that dreams come on the basis of the scene which we have seen in Present as well as previous lives’ or mixtures of both. For example if a person has never seen a fountain and he sees fountain in dream, it means he had seen the fountain in his previous life, the effect of which was imprinted on his chitta (mind). Secondly, dreams are false. Dreams may give some pleasure but become painful sometimes. If a business man observes that he was a king in the dream but when he will wake up, he remains business man only and not the king. Vedas say that one should try to do worship of God to finish the coming of dreams in sleep.

K D Gupta: Is it not the misguiding to Arjun by Krishna to engage in yudh to fulfill Krishna’s ambitions by misinterpretation of sankhya and karma while there is no importance of body for a bhakt same as the sold animal’s body.
Swami Ram Swarup: The First shloka of Bhagwad Geeta is
means the war was fought to establish the dharma i.e., eternal Vedic religion and not to fulfill the selfish motto. Secondly, we must know about the character and Vedic qualities of Yogeshwar Sri Krishna who was a complete yogi and the Almighty God thus manifested within Him. Therefore, no one can even think in a dream that Sri Krishna made Kauravs and Pandavs to fight against each other to fulfill Krishna’s selfish
motto. Today even there is no importance of human body if the body is not engaged by soul to discharge moral duties, worship to realize God. So rightly Sri Krishna told the same matter to Arjun. Even body will be destroyed one day and the soul which lives within the body is immortal.

Satish: I have started a new business alongside job. It is affecting my family. When is a good time to sell it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, it is your good decision to leave the business, please because you have also to devote time to your family which is also your moral duty. Vedas state that one should earn more and more money to feed family properly. So if your salary is enough to feed your family then business is not required please, keeping in view the family circumstances. As regards time frame for selling the business, please read the answers on Shubh Din. Therefore you can close your business at any suitable day and time.

Shama: Can women perform havan, puja, etc. at all times? I don’t know much about Vedic history but as much I know I found that all the Vedas are written by men and not by women. I know little about Gargi but still compared to Charak, Kanad, Patanjali, Vyas there is no woman who has written Ved. Also, I would like to know about the daily routine of ancient women in Vedic period. Was she also busy in kitchen, office and children like us? Some time I really wonder what might be the routine of Devi
Rukmini, Devi Sita, Rushi kanya, Rushi patnis? How their childhood, adulthood was as far as I know they were all learned in 64 kalas. This soul also wanted to know about Vedic parenting. As a mother some time I realy dont know how I should bing up my daughter as she is the most beautiful gift for me from God.

Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas and Yajurveda mantra 40/8 the God
is the purest, divine, supreme power. His purity can never be finished by any means. Even the sun rays when fall on dirt, filth, stools, urine etc., on earth, are not made impure and remain as pure as ever. Similarly God who even enlightens the sun is so pure that He is in our blood, stools, urine in the body but the stool, urine, blood etc., can’t touch the God, He remains the purest. So, you may always do worship of God without break.

Gargi was the head Acharya (head spiritual master) of king Janak. She studied Vedas and
did hard practice Ashtang Yoga. The ancient ladies like Sita, Madalsa etc., had perfect knowledge of Vedas and accordingly they knew and discharged their family duties well including kitchen, pious deeds etc. However, the duties of men and women are so lengthy
that they can’t be describes here. I advise you to read my books in Hindi—- “Manav Dharam Shiksha”‘ and “Brahamcharya”‘ which will give you immense knowledge.

Childhood of all ancient ladies as well as of Rishis was spent to maintain Brahamcharya, study Vedas and doing yoga practice and thus performing daily pious duties even in Gurukul as well as with parents after Gurukul period.

Kalas are only 16 and not 64 please. According to Yajurveda mantra 8/36, These kalas
ar Ichha, prann, shradha, prithivee, jal, agni, Vaayu, aakash, indriya, mana, Anna, virya, tap, mantra, lok and naam.

The childhood of girls and boys used to be spent as above and then they entered married life to perform duties well according to Vedas. So at present if parents fail to study Vedas in childhood, they must start listening Vedas immediately so as to realize their duties and also to become learned. One should also perform daily havan with Gayatri mantra even
which is the best worship of God. One must also study Vedic culture. A list of books on Vedas written by me is also on the site for your information, please.Books can be sent on receipt of your address if you so desire.

Rama Murty Magal: How to overcome depression?
Swami Ram Swarup: One should awake early in the morning, so for long, morning walk and must do light exercises. He must take non-fatty food and must take at least twenty glasses of water daily. He must learn Yoga asan, Prannayam and meditation. He must exercise control over anger. He must take medical advise and must continue the medicine regularly. He must also do daily hawan even with Gayatri mantra which will give peace and which is a worship of God. This all will help the person to control depression.

Rama Murty Magal: I am not able to concentrate while praying.
Swami Ram Swarup: Concentration is not easy please. However, hard practice makes it quite easy. First of all the person requires personal, regular advise of a learned
Acharya. Listening of Vedas during daily hawan, name jaap, practice of Yoga asan, prannayam and meditation serve the purpose please. I will advise you to read Patanjal Yog Darshan- commented by me in Hindi which will give you detailed knowledge regarding meditation etc.

Rashmi Sahu: A lot has been written about Yogeshwar Shri Krishna.What his relation with Radha and how many wives he had as per Shri Vyas Krit Mahabharat. Further the dynasty of Shri rams i.e ikshvaku vansha was also ruling at that time .Who was the king from Shri Ram was ruling and which part of India he was ruling when
Mahabharat happened.
Swami Ram Swarup: Radha was a distant cousin of Yogeshwar Sri Krishna. According to Mahabharat, Rukmini was the wife of Sri Krishna. Satya bhama has also been mentioned in some holy granths as a wife of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna was a great Yogeshwar and he maintained hard Brahamcharya too in family life. Image of such a great dignitary of the world has been tarnished by popularisity that he had 16,108 wives. So we must be condemn such false statements. In Mahabharat there is no such description that king of Ikshvaku tribe was ruling.

Anand Sharma: I have shani mahadhasha and antar dasha. Please guide me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Shani dasha and antar dasha are not mentioned in Vedas and as such are not authentic. So you may not worry please. You must do daily hawan with Gayatri mantra. Actually soul always remain worried in problems etc., being indulged in materialistic matters of the world. Soul can only get the peace when he takes advice from an Acharya on Vedas and holy books to be obeyed and to worship God accordingly. If some body fails to do the same then it means, he will always remain worried even after death. So please, do daily hawan and you may send your problem if any to be solved.

Prakash Laxumeyya Sunar: I want to know that how many upnishades are
Swami Ram Swarup: There are 108 Upanishads at present. But Upanishads which are completely according to Vedas and are accepted by learned are 11 only in number.

MM: I had predicted that activities by fundamentalists will be a disaster for Islam. In my view Indian muslim should awake and would give the much needed life support to save the Islam for some more time.
Swami Ram Swarup: Religions are established on faith and as much as
time, faith is there in the devotees, the religion will stand, please.

Rashmi Sahu: What are the soul’s activities in Moksha? How many types of Yajyen are there?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are 5 types of Yajyrn detail of which has been described on this web site. Yajyen are—1. Dev Yajyen 2. Brahma Yajyen 3. Balivaishvdev Yajyen 4. Atithi Yajyen 5. Pitar yajyen. As regards soul’s activites in moksha, souls being free from facing any karma. He only experiences divine pleasure all times with God.

Sekhar: I do various types of meditations but they take time – one hour including pranic healing meditation.I am looking for source how to get energy / shakthi to physical
body spending little time as in cities like Hyderabad and working from 7.30 AM till 9 PM it is difficult to get time to do meditations. Kindly guide me. Can I get solution/reply through email please.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for long happy life must always awake early in the morning i.e., at about 4.30a.m. for a morning walk and light
exercises. You may then do about 8-10 simple asans daily and lome-vilome pranayaam.this process may take only one hour and then you may prepare yourself to go
to office etc. This will give you mental and physical energy and long life. Actually our birth is not only meant for hard work to earn only but simultaneously we must also devote time in spiritualism which is the main motto of our life, otherwise the whole life will be ruined.

Jayshree Shah: I am afraid I will be able to visit it this time. We are trvelling to Manali and thought that if it is on my way back to Chandigarh , I would surely stop & stay back for a day or two. But since the ashram is towards Dharamshala, it will be a
different route altogether. However I plan to cover Dharamshala, Dalhousie next
year & would surely keep 2 days for visiting your divine ashram. Really appreciate your details to reach the ashram. Will forward it all my Arya Samaj friends who intend to visit your place.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you, please. You are always welcome here. For the last 28 years 50 days annual Yajyen of 4 vedas is held beginning from last week of April till 2nd week of June, with the blessing of Almighty God. Poornna aahuti of the said holy Yajyen of this year will be offered while completing Atharvaveda mantras
on 10th June, 2007. So we shall feel pleasure if you attend holy Yajyen with your family otherwise you may invite all Arya Samaj brothers and sisters to attend the same, boarding and lodging is free. Daily 5 times Yajyen with explanation of Ved mantras is held and the aspirants who want to learn Yoga philosophy are also preached.

Vidya: When will I get over with bad phase in life? Will I get another baby?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pleasure and sorrows come as the phases of life based on pious and bad deeds of the previous lives. Our present pious deeds like proper worship and discharging of moral duties kills the bad deeds and person attains peace. So, please never become nervous in the life. Your hardworking, dedication and concentration on right path will give you pleasure in life and will give you long, happy life. Your pious
deeds will also give you next baby, you want.

May 2007

Anonymous: I am constantly tense and worried about work and life and future. I
Do well financially but feel very insecure and restless. I feel no joy in doing my job or living. I have a good wife and a daughter but they just seem to be distractions. Please advise.
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is always made bright by present hard and pious deeds, honesty and progress in worldly good affairs and simultaneously in spiritualism. It is a well known fact that either there is poor man or middle class or richest people, if they lack worship of God under guidance of a learned Acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy then all feel scared as if something is lost, nervousness, loneliness etc. Actually we are souls and reside with in body. So all materialistic articles like Gold, assets, buildings,
food etc., are meant for non-alive human body and not for alive souls. Souls require knowledge of God i.e., full spiritualism in the absence of which souls always remain worried inspite of being rich etc.

So you are advised to please chant gayatri mantra daily both times and do havan with gayatri mantra both times daily along with family which will sure give you peace along with happiness and satisfaction in near future. A list of spiritual books written by me is also given on the website. Study of books will sure give you peace and will assist you to worship God properly.

Karan: If you remember me, i talked to you regarding leaving non-veg food and was to go abroad for settlement. I am in a foreign land now (Australia) and am writing this mail from here. Swamiji, is wearing of leather products (like jackets, leather shoes) also a sin because leather is obtained from the body of animals …may be after killing them! Please enlighten. Also,if we eat any product (like icecream or cake) which has egg
in it….is that also counted as a sin ? It sometimes seems pretty difficult to lead a normal
life without committing any of the sins at all. Our daily lives are such that these things are bound to happen some way or the other. Then, how to forget about all this and lead a normal life. Please guide swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I very well recollect you and congratulate you for setting yourself with family abroad. I hope you will get success there at every step of your life. Yes, any leather product requires violence infected on animals before its production. So better if it’s not used. There may be other options to wear. I really appreciate your deep views about violence. Violence is not required in the matter of spiritualism please as said in Vedas and is also said in Yog Shastra sutra 2/29. It includes all products like ice-creams etc.

No, in our routine/normal life we are bound to leave violence and sins totally, please. Then only we may lead a long, happy life. Yes, I agree that in the beginning so many obstacles and problems may come but you know “Truth prevails”. Daily life is of two types please-
(1). For Devas/learned
(2). For evil minded people.
You may be knowing very well that Vibheeshan was a Devta but bound to live in surroundings of evil-minded persons. When Hanumanji asked Vibheeshan in Lanka that how do you manage to live while surrounding by Rakshasas. Vibheeshan replied that he escaped himself just as tongue in mouth keeps its self safe while being surrounded by teeth all around. So, it is only upto a man who continues his firm, pious desire or fails.

Kripa: If Krishna was not God how did he save Draupadi from shame when
her saree was being pulled by Druyodan’s brother? How did he provide her with saree? If Hanuman was a monkey how did he communicate with the humans and how did he fly across the ocean?
Swami Ram Swarup: Saree being protected by Sri Krishna from a far distance, is a story written by somebody. But it is not mentioned by Vyas Muniji in Mahabharat. So we have to follow the views of Vyas Muniji as proof. Draupadi in “Vann parva” had said to Sri Krishna that she was caught by her hair by Kauravas and was forcefully dragged to the court of Dhritrashtra. But Sri Krishna did not protect her.

Hanumanji was not a monkey as is written by Valmikiji in Valmiki Ramayan. When Sri Ram met for the first time with Hanumanji in jungle. Then in the end Sri Ram told Laxman that Hanumanji is a great learned of four Vedas and speaks sweet speech. So monkey can’t learn Vedas and can’t speak with Sri Ram and Laxman. Secondly, we must think that the Hanumanji, Sugreev, Angad and their male members of family had been termed as monkeys and not their ladies. So we must come to the truth that they were not monkey. In Vedas as well in Yog shastra sutra 1/7and other shastras too proof is required of Ved mantras or that of a Rishi who knows Vedas and Yoga philosophy and is a complete yogi as is also said in Yog shastra sutra 1/7 otherwise the statement of others may be wrong. So in the above case also Vyas Muniji and Valmikiji were complete yogi and Rishi i.e., philosophers of Yoga and Vedas’ philosophy. So the views of the said dignitaries are to be accepted.

Suraj Prakash: I am a young purohit from Mauritius. I want to have more knowledge about Vedas, shastras, philosophy and karamkand in Gurukul or institution. Can you please help me?
Swami Ram Swarup: In India, there are so many gurukuls which admit the students to learn Sanskrit grammar (PANINI Muni’s grammar)and then inspire them to study Vedas but they admit the student below eight years of age. You may send your
biodata first please. I will give you further information later.

Alok Kumar: kya kabhi insaan ish kalyuga mein mrityu par vijay prapt kar payega? Is there any possibility of “mritsanjivni vidya”? I know the thing highest form of religion is science and the peak of science is religion. Will they ever meet and validate the theory of E=mc square and “challenge the kingdom of super natural”. Oblige me and enlighten my path to one-ness.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera ashirwad. Mritu par vijay pane ke liye Indriyon ke sukhon ko tyagna padta hai.Indriyon ke sukhon ko tyagne ke liye arthat vairagyavan hone ke liye drid(mazboot) ichcha karni padti hai aur phir ved and yoga vidya ke gyata guru ki sharann mein jaakar vedadhyayan, yajyen, seva aur Ashtang yoga ki sadhna karni padti hai. Jo aisa kar payega wahi mrityu ko jeet payega. There is no mrityu sanjeevani vidya accept as the path quoted above.

Science and the knowledge of straw to Brahma is in Vedas please. So when the aspirant will study Vedas, he will be able to know about the science please and he will never indulge in illusion, blind faith etc. The true religion i.e., Vedas and science are one and not separate. Problem is this that nowadays mostly the people are misled by the saints who preach against the Vedas and hence the problem. Actually our ancient Rishi-Munis were scientists as well as complete Yogis, because there knowledge was completely based on eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates directly from God. The said truth is therefore very well mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/14 that human beings must get progress simultaneously in both paths-science as well as spiritualism, both being the subjects of Vedas.

Victoria: Do you know any connection between Krishna and name Milen?
Swami Ram Swarup: I do not know the connection between Sri Krishna and Milen. However, the name of milen has never been read by me in Mahabharat, holy books please which are written by Vyas Muniji who was contemporary to Sri Krishna Maharaj. I would request you to kindly give reference and throw some light on the life sketch of milen to enable me to think over the matter. Thanking you, in anticipation please.

Rashmi Sahu: Guruji till now how many creations have passed?
Swami Ram Swarup: My Dear daughter, the creation from prakriti and Vedas are eternal and therefore the date of birth of the said matters can even not be considered.

Sanjeev Kadian: I am doing dhyan from last few months (not on regular basis). The only thing I can do is that I go to a stage where its total black no out source of light (that to very rare) and I have never proceed beyond that point but I really feel relaxed when ever I achieve that stage also.
Swami Ram Swarup: One should learn the method of dhyan from an Acharya and he must do dhyan (meditation) daily without fail because for this very purpose God has blessed us with beautiful human body. To reach the stage of blackness is not so good please. So I will advise you to do meditation regularly to go ahead. Actually one should learn Yam, niyam, asan, prannayam, pratyahar, dharna and then dhyan from an Acharya. One should also do daily havan with Gayatri Mantra.

R M: We are going to have a baby girl soon. Can you please suggest us a few names?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Kavya-means pleasure, Manisha-means who studies Vedas, shastras, etc., Sumedha- who has the best, pure mind. These are a few Vedic names from which you can select one please.

Parth Painuly: It really inspires me to have some thoughts like these: to
realize about what I am and what I am doing and what I should do. I have one question, if whatever we do is inspired by God then why do you do bad things? Why don’t God stop us in doing those things. Why wrong things happen by us unknowingly?
Swami Ram Swarup: As said in Yajurveda mantra 7/48, we all are free to do good or bad deeds but result is always awarded by God. So God never inspires us to do sins etc. So why will He stop us when we are free to do good/bad deeds. Otherwise why will he give us punishment for our sins. Due to lack of knowledge, worship and good
Vedic advise from an Acharya, a person becomes slave of his five senses and mind, perceptions etc., and gets indulged in illusion by virtue of which he does sins himself. So one should go to a true Acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy to adopt the right
religious path by which peace as well as long happy life is attained.

Bad things always happen because we don’t have the wisdom/knowledge of Vedas/true path and are indulged in illusion or mind is not in such a stage to decide the truth and falsehood. We mostly think that falsehood is truth and truth is falsehood. The said views have even been told by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra ……… Avidya) that those who are away from Vedic knowledge, daily Yajyen, yogabhyas and do not make contact with learned Acharya etc., they get indulged in avidya i.e., illusion.

Harpreet: Please can you tell me the translation for: Tapa Yog Karam Maha Shakti Chalnee Indra Mudra Blessings and light
Swami Ram Swarup: Tap(Chantity)
To serve the Acharya to learn Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy and while doing such pious services one bears heat, cold and other consequences happily. To bear the pain etc., while sitting regularly to hear the preach of an Acharya .

Thirdly, while sitting on yoga asan and doing meditation, pranayam etc., or while doing some other asan too, to bear pain, problems etc. To exercise control on senses and mind, to maintain peace, to perform Yajyen, to study Vedas, to offer aahuties in agnihotra, etc. So all the above said pious deeds are tap.

Yoga:- To stop the chitta vrittis by doing hard practice of Ashtang yoga and thus to attain Samadhi is called Yog.

Karam:- There are three types of deeds (karmas) – sanchit, prarabhadh and kriyamann. Suppose one soul has to take birth (body). It means he has to face total number of deeds of his all previous lives and these deeds are called sanchit karmas but sanchit deeds are
huge/unlimited and cannot be faced in one life. So the karmas which can be faced in one life are called prarabhadh (luck-destiny). So God has not made our luck at His own but Almighty God has taken the deeds which we have already done. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 clarifies that human being is free to do any deed good or bad but God only awards the result. Now the balance deeds from sanchit deeds will be counted in the next life. Now the deeds which we do in our day today present life are called kriyamann.

If we do pious deeds according to Vedas, shastras and holy books and based on pious preaches of Rishi, Muni/learned saints then our all sanchit deeds are burnt and we can get salvation. Human beings are free in the matter of doing deeds good or bad. But result will be awarded by God. So we must worship and do pious deeds under guidance of a learned Guru. One should go always ahead for hard working, pious deeds, worship to make future bright himself. One should always work hard towards a right path.

Worship does not mean that we are free to discharge only our family duties, education, etc., but rather it is a sin. We have to get progress in both way at a time i.e., spiritualism and worldly progress i.e., science, education, duties towards family etc. God creates the universe according to His eternal law framed in Vedas which are always unchangeable and unchallengeable. So we have to follow the law of God always to get long happy life.

Indra:- In Vedas there are several meanings of Indra according to qualities i.e., God, Yogi, soul etc.

Mudra:- There are mudras in Yoga philosophy like Khechadi, Shambhavi, Yog Mudra, Maha Mudra etc.

Ashok Garg: Can I meet you?
Swami Ram Swarup:You are always welcome and therefore please send your postal address.

R. V. Ramani: As per Hindu religion man is reborn till he gets Moksha. Then why Perform ‘Shraddh’ for man who is alive in other form? I am interested in learning Veda and yoga. I live in Bangalore.
Swami Ram Swarup: God creates universe and at the beginning of the creation, He originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis, Vedas contain complete science, knowledge of deeds and the true way of worship. Thus God has given the knowledge from straw to Brahma in four Vedas but shradh matter being against the Vedas i.e., being against the law of God, no one must do shradh, why? Logically, also it is seen that when a person is alive, he takes food from mouth and similarly sees, hears, smells, touches and gets taste from five senses. He moves from food and works with hands etc., but as the soul goes out from the body at the time of death, the body is put on the pyre and is burnt. Then how the dead person be able to eat when his mouth has been burnt.

Your views to learn Vedas and yoga are highly appreciated. So first of all, I will advise you to study my book on Yoga in Hindi and other 2-3 books on Vedas. A list of books is appended to choose from them if you so desire. Book shall be sent on receipt of your postal address. You will get great knowledge of Vedas and thereafter I shall advise you further. You must also do daily havan with Gayatri mantra. I am also pasting explanation of one Ved mantra daily on this website. This shall continue uptil 10th June. You may learn one mantra daily from this website also. You are always welcome to contact through this website and you may visit here if possible.

Pramod Hurpade: What is mind? And how we control the unwanted thought?
I spent whole time to observe my soul i.e. inner observation.In practical life I observed that there is someone lives in my body which opposes the path of yoga. Automatically go away from deep inner state of soul.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this universe, Vedas tell that human being must use his body to realize three matters- God, souls, and prakriti. God and souls are alive whereas
prakriti is non-alive matter. Under the guidance and blessings of an Acharya of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy when an aspirant listens Vedas does Yajyen and does hard practice of Ashtang yoga then he realizes the said three matters. The said worship is possible while discharging daily moral duties for family, society and nation. Then only an aspirant realizes that he has eye but he is not eye. He has head but he is not head. He has ear but he is not ear. He possesses body but he is not body but truly he is a soul who resides with in body. In the absence of the above said worship otherwise the whole matter remains of discussion alone, talking, listening, learning and further preaching and becoming a guru to earn money from the innocent public. Such gurus always try to show themselves a true guru who has realized the God and innocent public comes under their false impression. So I would also advise you to begin real worship immediately to attain permanent peace in your life, while discharging all your family duties. You see Sri Ram, Sita, Sri Krishna, Rishi-Munis and their public used to begin the above said worship since childhood and they have become the dignitaries of the world.

As regards mind, it is made of prakriti. Prakriti is a non-alive matter as said above. It has
three qualities-Raj, Tam and Satva. Raj has main effect of sensuality etc. Tam of laziness, disinterest in doing hard work in any field etc., and satva i.e., ego. So naturally mind, intellect (mann-buddhi) has 100% effect of raj, tam and satva qualities. Third and forth is Chitta (faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same intellect is called Chitta and Chitta stores the effect of various karmas to be faced by soul in future at a proper time) which further enable aspirant to realize God attaining perfection in Arth, Dhama, Kama, Moksha which is truly a goal of human life and ahankar. In mind (mann)
sankalp and vikalp are generated i.e., thinking etc., and intellect (buddhi) gives decision of mind. Where as on the chitta, impression of all deeds is imprinted. From here the sanskars of deeds done in previous lives are awakened and we face the result thereof in the shape of sorrows and happiness as the case may be. Thoughts are generated in mind (mann). It may be good or bad according to the knowledge gathered from the five senses i.e., eye, ear, nose, skin, tongue. Most of the people have become servant of five senses, five perception and mind. So mind (mann) usually thinks about bad deeds and buddhi (intellect) accepts. And forward the same to soul for acceptance. Soul being the slave of above senses accepts the same and faces the consequences. So to control the bad thoughts etc., the above said worship is needed otherwise all efforts will go in vain. I will advise you to read some Vedic books written by me, list of which is appended below. If you desire to read and to know about body, mind, intellect, soul, prakriti and want to do real worship then the spiritual books can be sent on receipt of your postal address.

Dadwal: What is kaam gaytri mantra? Is it true that by reciting this mantra one get good looks and personality?
Swami Ram Swarup: Neither there is Kaam Gayatri mantra nor Kaamdev Gayatri Sadhana in Vedas, shastras, and other holy books. Physical charm is not ever lasting. Sri Ram, Mata Sita, Rishi-munis are not being worshipped for their good features but for their divine qualities which they earned by worshipping God according to Vedas please. So real beauty of men/women is the good qualities/divine qualities which he earns by doing hard work, honesty, by controlling vices like anger, greed, sensuality etc. However, for the time being, who wants to improve his body and life, he must do daily exercises.

J: I am happy with my married life but due to one reason or other my husband
lies a lot, and I trust him. The more I trust him, he cheats me (but lie only in money matter). One simple, when I am faithful to him, why cant he? Is there a mantra to make him stop lying?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt that in the family life also one must always tell truth but generally it is observed that men or women try to hide something by telling lies.
This also effects the life of the children. It is very difficult to stop the practice of telling lies until every body knows the bad effect of the same. If we tell truth then we will get its good result after some time or may be long time. But if we tell lie, the favourable result which we wanted is got immediately which makes our life worst after very long time. So
naturally, nowadays every body would like to get good result immediately and not in long time keeping aside the good or bad effect. If so in this case also, no body can teach anyone. However your personal pure love towards your husband and family win the trust of your husband. In this matter, no mantra is said to be chanted. However, for permanent peace of whole family and even in society and nation, one should do daily havan even with gayatri mantra. I would advise you to read my book Manav Dharam Shiksha in Hindi worth Rs.51/ – excluding postal charges which can be sent on receipt of your postal address if you so desire. In the book moral duties of husband and wife are also mentioned including worship of God.

Kamalopama Narayani Devi Dasi, Tapasyogini Saktisiva Devi: I want to study the Vedas and learn how to do havan, worship of the Lord properly and be a good person.
Can you help me in some way? I have had so many teachers/gurus but after reading what you have written, none of them spoke the Vedic mantras and quoted from the Vedas like you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views to learn Vedas are highly appreciated. To listen/learn Vedas is our duties entrusted by God Himself. And when we learn Vedas naturally God becomes happy as we are obeying Him. A cassette chanting the Ved mantras to do havan and process there of is available with us which has been made here. Secondly, havan book containing all the havan mantras has also been written by me. Cassette and the book both worth Rs. 80/- excluding postal charges can be sent on the
receipt of your postal address please. Vedas and yog shastra 1/7 states that Vedas are self proof and if any body wants to know the truth then his views or any quotation of holy book must tally with Ved mantras and therefore one should always give proof of the Vedas. So I obeying the order of the almighty God, I give the proof otherwise I am nothing and I thank you for your kind words for the same. Please refer to the list of books on the website and read some of those. It will increase your Vedic knowledge and in the book also you will find proof of Ved mantras in spiritual preach.

Kuldeep G. Persad: Dear Swamiji, I must congratulate you on an excellent job. Keep up the good work. In the Ramayan, Vishwamitra had given Sri Raam and Lakshman two mantras a Bal and an Ati-Bal Mantra to keep them away from sicknesses, enemies and to give them super-human strength. Would you have access to these mantras? Please enlighten me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you please. Yes, Rishi Vishwamitra while entering the jungle along with Sri Ram and Laxman gave the divine power: Balaa and ati-Balaa to Sri Ram enable Sri Ram to fight against the devils etc., fearlessly. When anybody obeys Vedas and follows true path and serve the human beings such powers are always blessed by God. I heartily thank you for writing such good and true views please. May God bless you!

Dharmendra Giri: How many type of aasan? Please send with names.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a lengthy process and therefore to mention the name of each asan is not possible please. However, if you can do labour then please check the full website wherein I have mentioned the names of lot of asans in reply to one of the readers’ from Thailand. I have also sometimes ago stated that to realize God only 8-10 asans are sufficient giving the proof of Patanjal Yog Shastra sutra 2/46. So we must follow Vedas and proof of yog shastra and must do only 8-10 asans daily.

Devachan: Swamiji, I am fortunate to have got on to your site. Is there a Fifth Veda? What information does it hold?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are only four Vedas please. As said in Yog Shastra sutra 1/7 we must only determine the truth by taking proof of Ved mantras only and even if anyone’s views or the views of present men, women, saints etc., do not tally with Vedas, those are treated unauthentic and must not be accepted. Every Ved like Yajurveda mantra 31/7 states:

Syeda Safoora Sharaf Jafri: According to my horoscope, there are few favorable stones. I want to wear them together. Can I?
Swami Ram Swarup: Almighty God has created the universe, he is one. According to the Vedas, and other holy books, the description of such stones etc ., has not been mentioned there in. But the fact has been mentioned that whatever we will do, accordingly the result of our deeds in the shape of sorrows and happiness will be awarded to us by the Almighty God. So future is always in our hand. Hard work, honesty, concentration and devotion, towards right path always makes our future bright. Diamonds etc., can do nothing. So the administration of the Almighty God in the universe can not be changed by any one. As is also said in Rigveda mantra 2/38/9.

Mohan: This beautiful world is all about sounds, sounds & sounds. Physics doesn’t explain sound well, could you please explain what is sound?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sound is generated when air and space make contact with each other. For example from just below naval, air moves up and is received in the mouth. When it is divided and received through throat etc., then it makes alphabets and is called “Shabda”. when soul desires to utter something thought in mind then soul inspires mind and intellect(mann). Then this mann inspires the fire of stomach which helps to digest.
The fire in turn inspires the air and the air moving up through heart generates sound. The sound which is generated with the contact of space and air is known by air and regularly perceived by mann (combination of mind and intellect) and remains always in space.

Mohan: What is it at the base of all human activities? What is the reason for all our endless activities?
Swami Ram Swarup: Desire is the base which enables man to act and then there is no end of activities. The learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy burn their desires and
always remain in divine merriment.

L Dear Swamiji, my mom had recently passed away on the 5th of April due to an unexpected heart disease called “Ischemic Heart Disease” but following her death, many questions had been triggered in my mind, as she was perfectly fine, and healthy as well, and dying at the age of 42 made me think that God had been unfair to me, even when I am very devoted to him. In some sense, my mom was fighting for justice against a group of people who were stealing the temple money for their own purpose (it became a police case, and few were arrested). Therefore, my mom’s close friends had start to question if her death was caused by black magic, a thing which is depressing me day by day. I know this is kali yuga, and evils things tend to get victory but is there any ways for me to know if my mom’s death was destined and not caused by any ill effects of black magic?
Swami Ram Swarup: I am sorry to listen about the death of your mother, please. Though it is a unbroken process yet almighty God in Vedas state that everybody must attain more than 100 years of age with ill free, happy life. So really, it is sad that your mother has gone to heavenly abode quite early. I pray to God to give her peace.

On the other hand, all human beings are free to do good or bad deeds but result of our
deeds is always awarded by God. So the result of deeds including death is in the hands of God only and not us. So I would advise you to please bear the situation bravely, patiently and peacefully. In Vedas, it is stated that we must not weep for those who have left us otherwise we may face early death. Further, Vedas state that to see the dead bodies in the dream also leaves bad effect on our mind. So we may remember our relatives who have gone to heavenly abode for which a yearly Yajyen may also be organized, which will be beneficial for alive members also to give them long life. But we must not weep and curse anybody as God always does justice. God being the supreme judge of universe cannot be unfair to anyone.

Yes, you may be devoted to God but you, I or anybody does not know the deeds which we have done in the past and do not know when the bad effect of deeds is to be faced by us in the form of great sorrows and death. Yes, I will say that hard and eternal/traditional worship like Yajyens, Ashtang yoga practice, according to the Vedas if is learnt from an
Acharya is performed daily then the bad deeds are burnt and the aspirant overcomes the death even. This is the eternal truth mentioned in the Vedas, please. That is why in the ancient times several men and women lived for more than three hundred years of age.
Bheeshma Pitamaha ji was fighting the war at the age of 175 Years and Dronnacharyaji more then 300 years, etc.

Black magic, present astronomy, navgraha poojan, kaal sarp yoga are not mentioned in
Vedas please and therefore one must not worry about the same being unauthentic. So I can say that your mother’s death was natural.

In Vedas there is only one formless, omnipresent, almighty, omniscient God who creates
nurses and destroys the universe. We have to worship the said God according to Vedas who showers His blessings on us and already he has provided us materialistic articles , sun , moon, air, food, family etc., to live happily.

I have written so many books but I will advise you to read my book in hindi- Mrityu ek katu satya which can be sent on receipt of your postal address if you desire. It will give you peace.

Melissa: To complete and enlighten your knowledge and experience of yoga and realisation, please discover this website.
Swami Ram Swarup: To complete the knowledge of Yoga may take more than one or two lives. However, it depends on the hard practice of an aspirant,- Yog shastra Sutra 1/21 and 22 state-
More the hard working of an aspirant shorter will be the time to gain the result and less
practice of Yoga Philosophy will take more and more time to attain perfection in Yoga philosophy and then the question will be to enlighten the others.

So it is clear that the Yoga practice is not a matter of mere talking or listening etc., it requires hard practice.

Anoop: How do I lose weight?
Swami Ram Swarup: Fast food and non-veg must always be avoided. Otherwise vegetarian food will also not serve the purpose until daily exercise, long walk, some aasan and prannayam are not done. Before exercise have one glass Luke warm water mixed with one teaspoon honey and one lemon juice. Also have more of cabbage and
soyabean. Main thing is to digest the vegetarian food well which is not possible until one does exercise as above. You may learn morning and evening exercises, Yoga asan and prannayam from a local teacher.

Nurinder Malhi: Can you confirm if someone has spiritual powers from
baba balak nath ji, shera vali mata, etc do they have to pure in heart and soul. Are they allowed to curse some one?
Swami Ram Swarup: Baba Balak nathji was a great yogi and he did hard practice of yoga philosophy to worship formless, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. You know, God blessed Baba Balak Nath with yoga’s power (shakti) but Baba Balak nath did not harm anyone. Actually we all have to worship formless God through guru and neither Almighty God nor any yogi gives any power to those who may harm anyone. Bhakti is not meant to harm anyone but it is meant to give peace and end sorrows. So one should save himself from such false pujaries who cause harm to others to fulfill their bad desires and even they have not got any shakti from God or any yogi.

To be a widow or not to be a widow is always in the hands of Almighty God not the lady. So you must not be afraid of the threat about your daughter.

Alexandra Kafka: Many religions know the concept of the divine trickster, does Hinduism have such a deity?
Swami Ram Swarup: Concept of divine is to worship formless God who creates , nurses and destroys the universe. The main spiritual book of Hindus and even others are four Vedas wherein the worship of deity or devta has not been mentioned. Yes, the matter of deity or worship etc., rests at one’s own desire but not according to Hindu religion as per Vedas, six shastras, eleven upnishads, Mahabharat and Valmiki Ramayan, etc.

Akshay: I would really appreciate if I could be linked to resources (online and book-based) to learn Vedic Sanskrit, to understand the Vedas by myself without secondary interpretations. Also, I have read that today we only have 6% of all
the Vedic knowledge. This is extremely bad news for us. The Veda is the highest source of thought, but unfortunately we don’t have all of it, therefore we have no way of knowing completely what the great Rishis wanted to say. There is hardly anyone today who can reach the stature of the Rishis and complete the Veda. What is the solution to this? Does the Rigveda have mechanisms whereby we can predict the content of the rest of the Veda? (There were extremely complicated/sophisticated/advanced methods of expression already).
Swami Ram Swarup: Please read the article on Vedic philosophy. This is a false news that at present we have only six percent of all the Vedic knowledge. So we have to say all which the ancient Rishis wanted to say only the listener is required. Nowadays, people are mostly after the pomp and show, assets, glamour and sensuality etc., and also being misled not to study Vedas and not to do havan. So they have not got any time to listen Vedas which is great sin of human life and we have been facing unlimited sorrows
nowadays in return. To enter the knowledge of Vedas, I will advise you to listen some of Vedic knowledge in my books, video cds, audio cds. The list of books is on the site. But you may choose the books at your own.

Rekha Nautiyal: I want to know inspite of good qualities of garlic & onion, why it is advised not to consume it?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my daughter. Both onion and garlic are beneficial no doubt but especially for a brahamchari and for those who do hard practice of yoga philosophy, Yajyen and study of Vedas, the said onion and garlic are not advised as the same create laziness (tamogunn) etc., and sensuality. However, to take both is not a sin.

Amrit: Is pre-marital relationship allowed in Hinduism? Is it a sin? What is the punishment for it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, it is the great sin. In Yajurveda, it is mentioned that boy or girl must not surrender their heart to each other and must not touch body of each
other before marriage. We the humans are always free to do good or bad deeds but punishment is accordingly awarded by God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. Such punishment is awarded in the next future births. You are advised to study my book comments on Patanjal Yog Darshan wherein such karmas philosophy has been described in detail.

Sanjay Sharma: If a child is born in the same Nakshatras of his grandfather, can it be called rebirth of grandfather?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Rebirth is based on previous and present lives’ good/bad deeds. Father and sons’ deeds mostly differ.

Assam Rao: My question is that what is putra kamishti yagya and what is its importance?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no such Yajyen in Vedas please.

Shama: What one has to do and attend yajna?
Swami Ram Swarup: There must be inspiration, firm decision and sincere effort which makes man/woman to attend Yajyen.

Shama: I want to know about first women on the earth, how she born? How she brought up? Also, I want to know about the first marriage on the earth. If we all are children of one parent then, did the first marriage on the earth happen between brother and sister? Also if female is consider to be fraction part of adi-shkti then why she has to depend on purush (man) all the way from utpatti to kaliuge? I want to study Vedas but I
don’t know Sanskrit much. I am married. Can I study Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written several times about the process of creation which is still displayed on this website please. In short, there are three matters- God, souls (both are alive) and prakriti which is non-alive. After this final destruction of universe, the said three matters remain. Then at appropriate time, as also mentioned in Rigveda mandal 10, sukta 129, power of Almighty God acts in prakriti and creation starts.
First of all, from non-alive prakriti, statue of man and woman are created. Then everything is provided by God in the statue and statue then starts functioning.
Therefore no question of mother and father or first marriage, etc. The whole creation at that time was non-sexual. Please, try to seek the article on creation on this website and if it is not possible then send your question again and I will send the details.

Vedas have mentioned rules/moral duties to be obeyed by man and woman. In the past Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Mata Sita obeyed and got long, happy life. So according to Vedas, man and woman both are dependent on each other when they follow the Vedas. Still Vedas say if man is corrupt but wife is learned of Vedas and has control on her senses then she can leave her husband and vice-versa.

I highly appreciate your views to learn Vedas which is a main aim of human life as told by God in Vedas. Today I was preaching Rigveda mantra 9/12/3 wherein God states that my real description is in Ved mantras. If you do not know Sanskrit, it makes no difference. Several Ved mantras have been explained by me in Hindi and some in English too. Also I have written a number of books in Hindi and English too. List is on the site. This will give you great knowledge of Vedas. My preach only on Vedas is contained in CDs also. Every Ved mantra has been explained in Hindi by me in CD. This will be a great study of Vedas, and easy also please.

Amit Kumar: What pind daan? Is there any significance of pind daan according to our Vedas? How to control desire of immoral pleasures?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, there is no pind-daan, please. So if you really believe in Vedas, then leave the concept of pind daan in your life being against the Vedas. Regular preach, contact with learned Acharya, daily havan and holy name jaap of God and practice of yoga philosophy makes an aspirant able to control his immortal desires. I have written book on Brahamcharya which I am sending you. Please read the book which shall give you lot of benefit to control such bad desires. Other spiritual books and CDs are also available, which shall be sent on your address.

Jagdeesh Kumar: swami ji hum aapko bhi aapke charno main hath rakh kar invite karty hain k aap bhi hamare darbar mein aa kar santji se milen.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Mujhe aapka e-mail padkar bari khushi hui visheshkar is baat se ki aap mein Ishwar bhakti evam Guru bhakti vidyamaan hai. Main kabhi zaroor aaney ki koshish karoonga. Mera tumhe asheerwad. Sadaa sukhi

Hemanth: I am interested in attending the holy Yajyen.
Swami Ram Swarup: We will be happy on your arrival to attend holy Yajyen here.

Rashmi Sahu: Swami ji yourself being a realised soul, I would like to ask one question. What is the future of this country? I see a no future. Dirty politicians, corruption, reservation, conversion, casteism, regionalism, infighting, terrorism, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis coming in India and destroying the nation. Why we Indians are so weak, especially Hindus? What is the divine plan? It pains me every day when I think about this because most of us are unconcerned.
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas, two forces look after the country well. First the king who knows Vedas. Second- Brahmarishi. For example- King Dashrath was also the learned of Vedas, ruled all over the earth under the guidance of Vasishth Muni, King Janak under the guidance of Pradhan Acharya Gargi, Rishi Yagvalkya etc., Pandavas under the guidance of Vyas Muni and yogeshwar Sri Krishna. I mean to say uptil Mahabharat period, every king was chakravati king i.e., ruled all over the world but under the guidance of the Rishi and people of their kingdom were peaceful, happy, contented. As written in Valmiki Ramayan no corruption, no women insult, no sin, no injustice, no poverty etc., was there. When we see the kingdom of Ravanna, they were not worshipping Rishi-Muni or God but one thing was there that there was no poverty the science was in progress.

However, Lanka was destroyed as the Kauravas were destroyed being away from spiritualism. So, for sometime public of the kingdom of Ravanna was happy as there was no poverty. At present U.S.A, and most of the other European and Arabian countries are also rich but crime rate is high and they mostly lack peace and satisfaction. So Ram Rajya was the best due to the best king and Rishis and Ravanna Rajya was good only being rich country and lack of poverty. But India is neither comes under the consideration of Ram Rajya or Ravanna rajya because the eternal knowledge of Vedas has been oversighted after Mahabharat war and the leaders have not been ruling in accordance with Vedas wherein leader must be learned of Vedas. Similarly saint must be learned of Vedas and hence the problem, illusion, insult of women, injustice, casteism, poverty, food problem, rebellion, blind faith etc., all other vices which you have also mentioned in question. One thing more, no learned of Vedas can look after the country well until king of the nation assists him which is a fundamental law of Vedas. I have recently preached a Ved mantra in which it is stated that fundamental law of God made in Vedas is unchangeable.

So when no leader listen Vedas and secondly he does not require guidance of Rishis then the future of India is automatically dark. We can only struggle hard to establish our country and rest is in the hand of God according to His rules and regulation of Vedas.

Dharmendra: Aapke anusar is kaliyug se pehle bhi kaliyug aaya hoga kripaya uske baare me bataaye dhanywad.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please read the article on Yugas. One thing more kalyug is a calculation of years (time). So kalyug cannot affect us. It is our own pious or unpious deeds (good deeds or sins) which effect us and we have to face the result of said deeds in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively, not kalyug.

Rajat Duggal: In Bhagawat Geeta Krishna said “I am not giving this Speech / Gita Pravachan” I had given number of times I know but You do not know as you forget . But First, I transferred these Pravachan of Mutki/Gita to Muni(Sun) they transferred to Manushya but “SAB KUCH LUPT HO GAYA TABHI MAI AAP ARJUN TUMHEY
BATA RAHA HO” : But why we lost the pravachan. Is it Dangerous If we lost Gita next time so that we have to wait for Krishna ….
Swami Ram Swarup: It was not a matter of pravachan, please. Actually, Sri Krishna Maharaj in Geeta shloka 4/1 has stated about the eternal knowledge of four Vedas. In the shloka, the word “Avyayam” has been mentioned, the meaning of word “Avyayam” is eternal, i.e., which can never be destroyed (immortal/eternal). You know the eternal knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God at the beginning of the earth.

Geeta is an extract from Mahabharat. Geeta has been printed separately and has been named Bhagwad Geeta. Bhagwad Geeta is a preach from four Vedas and knowledge of four Vedas never comes from geeta. So in Bhagwad Geeta also, Sri Krishna has never said about the pravachan of Geeta. Everything which has been created in this world including universe will be destroyed and after final destruction of the present creation only God, souls, prakriti are not destroyed. Then again eternal Knowledge of Vedas emanates from Almighty God and is originated in the heart of four rishis. So, Sri Krishna Maharaj is saying about the eternal knowledge of Vedas and not pravachan of Geeta. This fact has been stated by God Himself in four Vedas, in Yajurvaveda Mantra 31/7,
Rigveda mantra 10/181/1, Samveda Mantra 179 and Kapil Muni’s Sankhya Shastra sutra 5/48.

So Vedas have not been written by any human being and therefore no question of destruction.

Aneeta: I want to know that what according to Vedas is bad or good deeds? Many times we come across situations where we don’t know which path to go. In such situations which path should we take? How do we know the right path? Is there some particular worship by wish one can fulfill a particular desire or have eksha purti?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas duties of human beings have been mentioned . For example- duties of students, married people, vanprasthi, sanyasis, king, army, police, politicians, etc. Vedas also describe about agriculture, finance, animal husbandry, weaponary, artillery, architecture. Vedas tell to be away from sins and always to do pious deeds. Worship of God is also mentioned. I mean to say that right from straw to brahma, all matters have been described in detail. All matters have been given name as gyan kand (knowledge), karma kand(deeds) and upasana kand (worship). So until a man or woman listens Vedas, the full description about good and bad deeds cannot be given being a lengthy matter for example today I was preaching on Rigveda mantra says that God nurses us better than our father and brothers and other relatives but a learned mother who knows Vedas is equivalent to God in the matter of nursing. Now, it will be a long process for a woman to become learned of Vedas. Then only will she be able to nurse her baby well and will be equivalent to God in the said matter. As regards worship, the best worship of God is to listen Vedas in Yajyen, practice of ashtang Yoga and name jaap. The pious desire of an individual is listened by God in Yajyen and is fulfilled by God.

Kakoli: Saamveda has all the mantras from the Rigveda, the only difference is that we sing the mantras of the Saamveda. I want to know the procedure of singing.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. There is no 100% repetition of Rigveda mantras in Samveda but some mantras have been repeated. Samveda mantra gives knowledge of upasana(worship) whereas Rigveda states about knowledge of all universal matters.

Procedure of singing of mantras is always learnt in person from an acharya please, it can’t be described here.

Ravi Padhar: Please tell me in short the lakshans of Mahapurush. Please
mercy on me, and answer my question if possible.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In Vanparv of Mahabharat a question was put by Yaksha to Yudhishthir-“Kaha saha Pantha” i.e., which is the path to follow the truth. Yudhishthir answered “Mahajana Yen Gataha Seh Pantha” i.e., the path which had and has been followed by the Mahapurush i.e., learned Acharya is the true path. A
deep study of the said answer reveals that Mahajana/mahapurush means the learned Acharya/Rajrishi or family etc., who at that time (i.e., at the time of giving the said answer) had been following/observing the preach of four Vedas in action. Because at that time the present sects did not exist. Valmikiji also states that in the kingdom of Dashrath, the family holders (grihastis) were like Maharishis. So pandavas, Sri Krishna, sri ram, King janak, Vyas muni, Atri, Guru vasishth, sita, Madalsa and several persons were Mahapurush because they lived based on preach of four Vedas. Mahapurush always tells truth, he follows dharma, i.e., preach of Vedas, he does not favour anyone.

Rigveda 4/14/2 also states that he is the learned in spiritualism who wields complete knowledge of Vedas, observes the same in action, has practiced Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, has control on five senses, five perceptions and mind, has maintained strict
celibacy always tells truth by means of speech, thoughts and deeds and has all powers to give the same knowledge to an aspirant to purify (aspirant’s) inner self.

Secondly, Mahapurush is considered the gentleman who looks after his family by hard working earning etc., and by following the Vedic path, he observes truth by thoughts, deeds and speech. He always makes contact with learned Acharya, does daily hawan/Yajyen , does daily name jaap, never takes non-veg, addiction. Observes in action
Tapasya (austerity).

Swadhyaye i.e., study of Vedas and holy books and Ishwar Prannidhanani i.e., has complete faith in God. He discharges all his moral obligations with honesty and sincerity.

The above qualities are also applicable for a Brahamchari.

Rashmi: I want to ask a question that how to reduce the dimensions of stomach . Is any type of food will be helpful to get shape easily?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already advised you in the matter, please. Fast food and non-veg must always be avoided. Otherwise vegetarian food will also not serve the
purpose until daily exercise , long walk, some aasan and prannayam are not done. Before exercise have one glass Luke warm water mixed with one teaspoon honey and one lemon juice. Also have more of cabbage and soyabean. Main thing is to digest the vegetarian food well which is not possible until one does exercise as above. You may learn morning and evening exercises, Yoga asan and prannayam from a local teacher.

Hemant Pansare: A) Can you please describe in detail i.e. Yog shastra or relevant site or any way possible where I can get full info regarding Yog shastra? b) Please describe in detail Asampragyat Samadhi the stages of Samadhi, how are rishi munis use to attain Samadhi if any 1 want to really attain this stage how to start and how to reach this actual stage which is called Samadhi?
C) Sir, you had asked me reg why you have little time left of your invaluable life , sir u had asked the reason. The answer for your question is we all have very limited time in this invaluable life & by his grace I have realized the imp of time but due astha vikars I am not able to use invaluable time so kindly suggest some measures/remedies.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written detailed commentary on Patanjal Yog Darshan in Hindi, please. The book can be sent to you on receipt of your postal address. The book will give you real and lot of knowledge regarding Yoga Philosophy, Asampragyat, Sampragyat, Dharammegh Samadhi have also been mentioned in the above book please. Being a lengthy matter, the details cannot be given here.

Yes, life is short and task is huge. But we can utilize the main knowledge in the life to be happy and to obtain the main motto i.e., salvation. But to obtain such knowledge, the fundamental law of Vedas states that aspirant needs regular guidance from learned Acharya of Vedas. I am away and I can not teach you from here. So, please make contact with an Acharya locally. You must take Deeksha from the Acharya immediately.

Amandeep: I have very strong faith in gayatri mantra and I do practice I regularly. I want to know how the kundlani shakti can be awakened through gayatri
mantra. Please guide me how to perform a very effective gayatri sadhana.
Swami Ram Swarup: The best result of Gayatri Mantra is achieved if one performs daily havan with Gayatri Mantra, does jaap of Gayatri Mantra with its meaning and thirdly one should do jaap of Gayatri Mantra by Bhahyantra and Abhyantra prannayam. But for the said worship, assistance of a learned Acharya is necessary please.
As regards Kundalini jagran, it requires hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, please.

Robert: If the Vedas are God’s Word, then what of the Bible, Torah, Koran, and all the various ethnic and tribal religions on earth? Are they all false? If not, should people practice the religion of their own race/ethnicity? If so, what of religions like Asatru, Shinto, or Vodun who have no and have never had any belief at all in a Supreme
Swami Ram Swarup: Knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God, at the beginning of the creation. Thereafter, several Rishi-Muni have come and guided people. People follow the path of the saints at their own. I try to spread the knowledge of Vedas from other holy books also. However, there are very few who have accepted the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God. So please must follow whatever they like, please.

Chicen: Who made the ancient origins?
Swami Ram Swarup: God creates the universe from non alive prakriti. God Creates, nurses and destroys and again creates the universe.

Dhanesh: Dandwat Pranam, I am doing simple havan twice a day. My one of cousin who went to an ashram in Surat told me and argued with me that only mantra chanting, jap will get you salvation or one can go near to God. No need of doing yagna and giving aahutis in it. I told about Vedas and showed your written books also and told
her that see all tree Vedas are telling one must do yagna which will even purify atmosphere, but she replied me that as now a days all short of purifier or mosquito killer are available so, why need to do havans? I also shown her imp. of havans articles but she said when rishis used to stay in jungle many insects or animals must be there to safe guard themselves this all kriyas they must have done but in city its not needed. What to tell her?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. First of all, whose name jaap/mantra is being done? Reply is clear that God’s name. Then who is God? That is what are the deeds,
qualities, nature, knowledge and form of God? Then right answer will be that whatever the said description of Almighty God has been described in the Vedas that is true. Why? Because God Himself has described His qualities etc., in the Vedas. In Vedas it is also said that God is pleased with three types of pious deeds i.e., when we praise, pray and worship Him. Ved mantras fulfill the said requirement and we thus complete the requirement of the Vedas while performing holy Yajyen.

Secondly, in all four Vedas like Yajurvaveda Mantras 1/3 and 6 God gives the order to
perform holy Yajyen being the best pious deeds of the world. So we have to think whether we must obey God or man? When we perform Yajyen, chanting Ved mantras by the order of Almighty God then we become able to know about the God and thereafter when we will do name jaap of God, then only well known God, based on above said mantras of hawan, will be realized within us. Otherwise, there will remain a question as to which God is to be realized. So we have to obey the Vedas not man as was obeyed by ancient Rishis, Sri Ram, Mata Sita. Hence Vedas are to be adhered to, they being self-proof. All six shastras like Yog Shastras sutra 1/7 also state that Vedas and the mantra drishta rishis are the only proofs.

When somebody says that no need of Yajyen/aahutis that means he is totally against Vedas and Almighty God. If one does not perform Yajyen then it is his personal matter but if somebody criticizes Vedas, Yajyen etc., then he is involved in disregarding the Vedas as well as Almighty God due to non-obeyance of Vedas- the divine voice of God.

In Rigveda Mantra, it is clearly stated that Fundamental law of God in Vedas cannot be changed by any human being and even by any Yogi. Yajyen comes under the Fundamental law of Vedas.

Nowadays, every one talks about Rishis but very few know who Rishi is. Rishis were/are not selfish. Their action is always targeted at the benefit of mankind.

Deepak Bhai: If I do daily havan and do meditation is it will be ok?
Swami Ram Swarup: One has to consider three matters in the life to finish sorrows etc. First tapah, second Swadhyaya, third Ishwar Prannidhanani i.e., complete faith in God.

Tap means one should try to listen to preach of Vedas, control his senses, perceptions and
mind, should not harbour bad thoughts, must serve the Acharya, must do daily havan/Yajyen.

Swadhyayay means to study daily at least one page of those holy books which inspire a person to worship and to get salvation etc., and daily name-jaap of God.

Ishwar Prannidhanani means whatever pious deeds we do, we offer the result of the same to Almighty God i.e., we do pious deeds and discharge our duties etc., selflessly.

Deepak Bhai: I was watching in tv that honey was coming from ammabhagwan shreemurty. Can you tell me what was that?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas , it is not possible that honey comes out from any murti or any other matter.

Deepak Bhai: What we will get if we do just havan? What we will get if we only read Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: By performing daily havan and studying Vedas from a learned Acharya, the person will automatically act according to Vedas one day and then sure he will get long happy life attaining arth, dharma, kaam and moksha.

Rashmi Sahu: How to solve general family problems?
Swami Ram Swarup: As regards, problems between husband and wife, and in-laws the lady if possible, must try to make the atmosphere peaceful. But if the things go out of hand then the other way may be taken into account. But first of all must try to avoid at their level best the second step.

Shridhar: 2) How I should increase the my bhakati 2) where I search the God?
Swami Ram Swarup: 1. Bhakti is increased only when an aspirant makes frequent contact with learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy. The preach of Acharya and the path stated by him if attained by an aspirant then sure Bhakti is increased. Rigveda states if wood is offered in fire the naturally fire increases similarly when aspirant makes frequent contact to get holy preach of Acharya then divine knowledge/Bhakti increases.

2. All Vedas and other holy Granths state that God resides within human body. We make temple from bricks, cement, iron etc., for God to install his idol there. But God has really made the best temple in the shape of human body for Himself to live in. so with the blessings of Acharya, when we do real worship and practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy then our thoughts are stopped and we realize God within ourselves. In Yog shastra, the said fact is stated like this—–
“Yogashchitturitti Nirodha” (Sutra 1/2)
i.e., stoppage of Chitta Vritti {(faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same intellect is called Chitta and Chitta stores the effect of various karmas to be faced by soul in future at a proper time) which further enable aspirant to realize God attaining perfection in Arth, Dhama, Kama, Moksha which is truly a goal of human life} is called Yoga i.e., stage of realization of God.

So, one must always search God within himself under the guidance of a learned Acharya.

Ashok Mausun: Respected Sir, I went through your web site, I will be highly honoured if you please reply my question. I have heard that if any one recite Gayatri mantra with shradha a specific number of chanting. The mantra awakes and the sadhak gets the Shidhi of flying on air? Is it true? Kindly reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas, it is not true that such sadhak flies in air on chanting specific number of Gayatri Mantra, please. However, hard practice of Ashtang yoga and perfection therein may give such result of flying.

Poonam Gandhi: Your words were awesome. They made me understand real God and how to do pooja. Thanks and appreciate your time. Wow its was just great I m feeling nice and blessed after reading your article. Always bless ALL of us and
this universe.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, My blessings to you all for a long, happy life. I appreciate your views and keen interest to know the truth which is really the main
aim of human life. I hope you will sure get progress in spiritualism as well as in pious deeds/duties towards yourself, family and society. You are always welcome please.

Nila: Dear Swamiji, Namaste, did God understand our preach (worship) in English or Portuguese? Because I can’t read Hindi or Sanskrit. And I have get Vedas translate in English. Please Swaimiji help me because since I find you my interest in Vedas increase. And I feel that can change my life spirituality.
Swami Ram Swarup: Samveda Mantra 7 clarifies that divine language i.e., Vedas and worldly language i.e., man made, both are accepted by God if our prayer, Knowledge, ideas or deeds tally with original, divine preach of Ved mantras. So naturally, one will have to listen, study or understand the knowledge of Vedas under guidance of an Acharya. Otherwise prayer etc., in man made languages may be against the Vedas. So please try to
listen Ved mantras explain through CDs and then you can translate the preach of Vedas from Cds to your own language. Thus, you may also spread Vedas’ knowledge in your own language which is a service and task of God even. CDs are available as many as you require and if you are not in a condition to send money then don’t worry but it will be enough for me if you send postal charges only. Your interest in Vedas is highly appreciated which is an extra ordinary mercy and blessings of Almighty God on you. I am really happy and thank God. My blessing to you all for long, happy life and you are always welcome.

Alvin Lal: When Vyas Muni wrote the Vedas on Bhoj Patra for the first time, how did he choose what knowledge from which of the four Vedas Agni, Vayu, Aditya, and Angira goes where? i.e. How did it come to be four books and not five (for example), Rigveda, Samved, Atharvaved, and Yajurved? How was the original knowledge division / correlation done into four books? How was it categorised, if at all? Meaning from the original 4 Vedas, whose knowledge was transferred by mouth, how was that knowledge divided up into 4 books. i.e. is it one to one ratio. Hopefully swamiji you can enlighten me once more..
Swami Ram Swarup: Vyas Muni did not choose. He learnt Vedas orally and traditionally from his Acharya. Vedas are already four as already said in Vedas like
Yajurvaveda mantra 31/7. so Vyas Muni had nothing to do regarding choice of Vedas or names of four Rishis that to whom the knowledge of separate Vedas is to be given. Rigveda Mantra 10/181/1 already states about the four names of the Rishis and name of Vedas concerning their rishis. So everything exists in Vedas.

Ankita: Thank You for replying my question regarding rebirth after attaining moksha. I am a bit confused about rebirth process. I have two questions to ask:
1) Firstly, It is a very hard thing to digest that a soul who after so much of hard work of so many janams attains moksha and after a stipulated period of time, it again take rebirth. Isn’t that injustice? 2) Secondly, If that particular soul (liberated) gets rebirth, what type of yoni it goes into? Does it get a yoni of a yogi only and again the process of moksha starts and continues or new karmas start. What type of previous karmas it has to face?
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) :- Everybody wants happiness/pleasure. And when a man gets pleasure even for a while, he becomes happy. For example, a man is poor and suddenly, he gets huge amount of money, he becomes happy. A poor hard worker when starts small scale business and when his day and night hard working gives result after
20-30 years to make that poor man, the richest then the poor man will never repent that he has got the rich stage after 30 years. But he will enjoy the assets. He will never think that money, assets and even family will be no more for him when he will die. So for few years, when he will be enjoying the wealth, he will never think about other mishappenings etc. I mean to say that happiness pleasure even for sometime gives a man satisfaction and when an aspirant worships God and he gets salvation for multimillion years then your above question will be of no use, please. Moreover, whenever an aspirant starts hear worship, he then and there becomes satisfied and pleasure starts within him. A hard worker when starts hard working will never think that he will earn lot of money in
future and when he will die, he will loose he will have to loose everything. And you see he will only enjoy with the money without thinking about the consequences. Therefore in the matter of spiritualism when no one has started worshipping but is thinking only about salvation and of salvation period then it is of no use. Such people may continue to live their lives infested with tensions, problems, worries, sorrows etc., etc., because Rigveda mantra 10/135/1 states such people take human body to face the result of previous lives’ deeds (good or bad) in the shape of sorrows and pleasure. And whatever they do in their
present life, they will face in the next birth.

(2):- After salvation period, the soul will get normal birth.