Harish: Can you tell me the names of yoga asan which are beneficial for maintaining the celibacy?
Swami Ram Swarup: All asans help to maintain celibacy/brahamcharya especially brahamcharya asan is there which helps more. But only asans will do nothing until after doing asans, a devotee does practice of Ashtang Yoga i.e., Yam, Niyam, Asan, Prannayam, Pratyahaar, Dharnna, Dhyan, Samadhi. But, I’ll like to add further that asan and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy can also not be continued or be fruitful until person makes contact with learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy, to listen to Vedic preach on brahamcharya and to know moral duties towards family etc. so, the above religious path is adopted only by that aspirant who first makes his mind firm to maintain brahamcharya then he practices the above said path.

Anonymous: There is a nadi dosha in kundli of me and the person I love. We are of the same castes. What can we do in this matter? Waiting for your valuable reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. First of all, it should be known that what is the definition of true love because love based on physical charm ruins a person but love based on soul is everlasting. As regards kundali, nadi dosh, kaal sarp yoga etc. these have not been mentioned in Vedas and hence, learned do not accept the same, being unauthentic. In this connection, I also paste my article.


There are two types of love (i) Based on physical charms (ii) Based on heart to heart i.e., soul to soul.

When most of the people do not know about the soul then the love based on soul cannot be witnessed in the world. As it is a known fact that people are getting attracted towards worldly charms like assets, physical beauty, wealth etc. Such love can be sold and bought in the market. Love based on physical charms automatically declines with time whereas love based on soul is everlasting.

G G: Namaste. Maharaj ji why is it that i loose my gold so often without my knowledge.. first i lost my ring which i was wearing..then my tops fell down and now I didn’t even realise when my gold chain and Ganesh Ji pendant which was in the form of OM fell down, I was wearing since past 7 to 8 years..it was tightly hooked… I know you will say its due to karmas but was I so bad in past life? Now you will say do Yagya daily but even if not daily still I do it when ever possible. What to do? Please help. I want my things back… further I have noticed that what ever I desire , opposite of that happens, whether its work or anything else… people around me ask me to show my tivra to astrologer but I believe in you, and you and dadi don’t believe in these things. Please help me Maharaj Ji…Its actually depressing…Namaste
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste, my blessings to you, my daughter. I would not say that events occurring with you of loosing gold, is the result of karmas. Actually, Vyas Muni states in Mahabharat that Karmas’ Theory is vast and deepest one and several learned also become innocent in the said matter I mean to say that every act of present life is not counted to be the result of previous lives’ deeds. Dees which we do in present life are called Kriyamann Karmas. So, your present deeds (Kriyamann Karmas) do not seem to be cautious/alert i.e., there is lack of presence of mind which fail you to discharge your respective duties.

Secondly, it may be possible that ornaments are stolen by a clever thief which is being done nowadays at large scale keeping aside the matter of tightened hooked or keeping money and ornaments in traveling bag. So, please pay your attention on your daily routine carefully. And look after your expensive assets.

Yes, I will definitely advise everyone to perform daily hawan, to destroy the effect of previous lives’ bad deeds, to attain long, happy life and comforts, he would only make contact with learned acharya of Vedas and would continue daily hawan.

Your care is enough to avoid occurrence of such instances.

Namaste my daughter.