Vishal: Namste Guruji, First thank you for clearing many doubts, I bother you again that I have listen a scholar that once upon a time Sukrat was going in his way then he mat a boy who was carrying a stick(Lakadi) of fire from a neighboring house, Sukrat asked him from where you were bringing this fire, Sukrat asked just in worldly sense but boy took it spiritually and boy extinguished the fire and told sukrat where fire has gone now. I could not understand what spiritually behind this quote.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. You are welcome, please.
You see, fire is a matter which resides in every matter of the universe like sun, moon, air, water, trees, wood in human beings including all other living beings etc. To burn the fire, some means are required like wood, camphor etc. But, you see fire already resides in wood, camphor etc., as told above. When we utilize the match box, camphor, chukmuk pathur etc., then it burns and by that time, it will be burning till woods or any other means are provided in the burning fire. When means are stopped, then fire will be extinguished automatically. But it is not destroyed. It changes its form and gets indulged in its reason/origin i.e., in atmosphere. So, fire resides in atmosphere and when it is burnt and thereafter, when it is extinguished it indulges in its reason/origin. Similarly, the world is made of prakriti and at last, it turns in its original shape and prakriti at the time of final destruction. Similarly, a person when worships God, he indulges in God. So, agni goes to the destination from where it came. I’ve told you the Vedic eternal theory which is an eternal truth. But, I do not know more about the story of Socrates. 

Arun: Dear swamiji I have gone through the two vols of Bhagavati gita, bhasya of yours. Now I would like to get the third vol of the same. when will it be available.
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate your views and thank you, please. As you desire, I would like to have telephonic conversation with you. As regards, third part of Bhagwad Geeta, it is in the process of being written and still requires six more months to get printed.

Rajendra: Please send me Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta – Ek Vedic Rahasya – Dvitiye Bhag (Adhyaye 7-12), Patanjal Yog Darshana – Part 1 and 5 copies of Sandhya Mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: The books are being sent to you.

BS: I was looking for meaning of vande mataram and was searching, after surfing many sites I got the authentic meaning in this site. Thanks sir for providing the meaning. Always need your blessing.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji. My blessings are always with you, my dear son.