Vishnu: Dear swamiji Pls give me the translation of atharva veda 2.11.3 mantra
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this mantra, Subject is “Kaam” and mantra educates us to overcome it.

(YAH) Who (ASMAAN DWESHTI) does not love us or does not like us and (YAM VYAM DWISHMAHA) whom we dislike (TUM PRATI ABHICHAR) we must attack/fight/conquer them. So, (SHREYAANSHUM AAPANUHI) we get society of the best learneds and (SAMUM ATIKRAAN) should cross over the person who are of same level as us.

Puja: Jai gurudev swami ji. I am completely in depression. I was in love with someone for 7 years and I left him because of my parents. I am engaged with someone else but I am not satisfied with my parents decision. I cannot give him happiness. He cannot speak English, is not good looking, not mature and don’t have family values. What should I do? I am so disheartened with my parents. I can always sacrifice my happiness for my parents.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. First of all, a person commits this sin of not following Vedic preach in which it is stated that a boy and girl should not give their heart to each other before marriage and should not even touch each other before marriage. So, in Vedas, there is no existence of girl friend or boyfriend. In the absence of Vedic knowledge, he will commit this sin and will have to face its consequences. So, at this juncture, nothing can be stated.

Yet, if your love is true, you may disagree with your parents and marry at your end.