MD: In my early life I was very spiritual, believed in God but the problem is more I believe more I feared that God will punish if I do this or that. Even I can’t concentrate on my work and always I am worried and fearful. I feel very unlucky all bad things happened with me and I face failure in every front of my life between this I read Shri Bhagwat gita. one day I take a decision that I will do what ever I want and left every thing on God. I am ready for all good and bad things. I started drinking, eating non-veg don’t bother about anyone but my rule is don’t hurt others, don’t cheat other and help poor people. After this I am more confident and more successful and feel more lucky still I am helping poor people. My question is why I face failure when I am not drinking, pure veg., not hurting others and believing in God and why I am successful when I did what ever I want? Waiting for your reply desperately. Thanks Guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. God only punishes the sinner. But those who take shelter of Aalmighty God and start Vedic eternal worship, then God protects the devotees. So, no question of fear for a true devotee. Worry and fear are due to one’s own shortcomings i.e., lack of knowledge of eternal Vedic philosophy.

I would advice you to please study some Vedic books which will give you immense knowledge to control your senses and to be away from fear and worry etc. The books can be sent from here on your demand.

Mere study of any holy book will do nothing until the aspirant takes shelter of learned acharya who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. So, please first try to study the books as advised above. So, it is again a big failure of your valuable life that due to ignorance, you have started drinking, eating non-vegetarian etc. This will further ruin your life. Please try to stop the said habit. Again, it is your wrong thinking due to illusion that you after drinking and taking non-vegetarian feel comfort. One should know that sorrows are the result of our previous lives’ bad deeds, which will have to be faced at any cost until the bad deeds are destroyed by the eternal worship, as quoted above. A person takes birth to face the result of previous lives’ deeds and whatever he does in present life, he will have to face in the next births. So, your drinking and taking non-vegetarian etc., may give you false success but the said bad deeds will have to be faced in next births and situation will be the situation as is being faced by you, presently.

DS: Namaste swamiji can you say me that which field will good for me for my future.
science/commerce/arts reply me soon namaste.
Swami Ram Swarup: This is your personal matter to choose the subject, please. You check yourself about your personal interest and select the subject accordingly.

D: Swamiji charan sparsh swamiji aaj aapse baat hui, mene aapse shirt silne ke karkhane ke liye poocha,, mai koi b business karoon yeh aap decide karo aur aapse prarthna hai esa ashirwad deejiye ,, jo parmatma ya aap chahe vo mere sath ho chaehe factory yaa fir shop.. aapse hamesha ashirwad kee prarthna kartaa hoon..please thanks u swamiji, thanks for make me shisy..i feel like thousands years back guru s used to live in jungle or far from city, same thing i think we see in you, …
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. If finance permits you then you may set up factory otherwise, you should run a shop of ready-made garments. My blessings are always with you to get success.