Shishya: Guruji ke charnoon main mera shat shat pranam. Guruji I discussed my doubts with you initially also but wanted to have complete clarity on them.
1. Students set a target and works hard. But having a faith that he can achieve the target is not wrong na guruji. As it is also said that ‘Believe you can and you are halfway there’. I know actual results are given by God and should be accepted peacefully but till then he should have complete faith in himself and God that he can achieve the target.

2. When a student/ person has done enough hardwork uske ander ek bhorassa aa jata hai ki ab manzil door nahi and I can achieve my goals (but even if then he fails he should accept it peacefully). Aisa vishwas hona galat to nahi.

3. At times a student may become lazy, then at times reminding himself of his target and duty inspires him to again work hard. Aisa karne main bhi kuch galat nahi hai na guruji.

4. Guruji maan main kuch shub karne ki thaan lena aur poora bharosa banye rahna ki ishwar/Guru mere kaamna zaroor poori karega ,lekin actual result jo bhi ho use peacefully maan lena(as result of my karmas only) without any complaint. is main kuch galat to nahi hai na.

Guruji please give me blessings and strength to succeed in my goals. Aapke charnoon main mera shat shat pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My Blessings to you .

1. Your views are appreciated.

2. Your views are acceptable.

3. Yes, duty inspires the student and student must work hard.

4. Ismein galat yeh hai ki student ne na to study kee na study par concentration kee. Prarthna ke sath purusharth sadaa zaroori hai.