S: Namaste Swamiji,  Thank you for giving answers to my questions about what happens when we die. and where does our soul goes and how we take birth once we die and all. But Sir, I still want to ask u some more questions. b’coz still I am not able to believe on all this. As this is an hidden truth and no dead person comes and claims that yes, he is right or that information is right or wrong. Actually I want to know about these spirit messangers, are they genuine or not. As they claime that after we die, we remain very much alive and remains part of our family and we should talk to them. and as they being mediums, can pass soul’s message to us. and one more thing i want to ask, there is very famous show going on regarding Pastlife Regression Therapy on Pragya channel on tv. In the show, people share about their experience of near death experiences. They feel once coming out of the body, they can still see and feel. and then they go thru some light tunnel and meet their loved ones(not always) who have already passed away or meet their idols like krishna or sai baba and receive message(motive) of their lives. In this programme, the therapist Dr. Newton kondaveti, claims that we are light(spiritual) beings and we come on earth to have human life experience. and once we are out of this body, we go to higher plans and meet our real parents or soul grope and decide ourself, when we want to take birth, we check our karmas and accordingly, choose our family etc…. and a human soul always remains a human soul(after taking births as an animals). and one more thing, i have seen one site(spiritual science research foundation) on internet regarding the same life after death,  it says that there are seven positive plans(including earth) and seven negative plans of existence(where punishment is very severe and demons and cruel ghosts punishes you)…Actually there are so much of information about life after death, that you end up being confused….I think I should rather focus on my life but I dont know, memories of my departed family member are coming in my mind every now and then and makes me sad…. Regards

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. You are welcome, please. As regards spirit messengers, if you mean those who call the spirit (soul) then according to Vedas, it is all false. You see, when God has given preach in the Vedas that after thirteen days, the departed soul had sure to go in the womb of mother, for next birth then how a person can call the soul against the fundamental law of Almighty God. Secondly, after leaving the dead body, it is also the law of God that soul remains in sushupt stage i.e., stage like coma then how the soul would be able to listen to the call of spirit messenger. Moreover, in the administration and creation of universe, no one is able to do the role of media. We should know that God is Almighty i.e., has unlimited powers. So, all His divine deeds are controlled and discharged by Him alone without taking any assistance. Rigveda mantra 3/56/1 clearly states that fundamental laws of Almighty God are unchangeable, unchallengeable. Yet, you believe in past life regression therapy, you may go ahead but the fact of eternal knowledge of Vedas has been told above. How a soul can meet with his parents when the eternal Vedas truth is that parents have already taken next birth and how can we check our karmas when according to all Vedas like Rigveda mantra 1/164/20, the Almighty God alone is the power to witness our karmas and based on karmas, He only decide our next birth.

Regarding seven positive and negative plans, the matter has also not been mentioned in Vedas, so, it is unauthentic, please. I would advise you to please try to understand the eternal philosophy of Vedas and worship God to get peace and long, happy life. Again, my blessings to you, my daughter.

Vinay Arya: Guruji you believe that Shree Krishna was able to become large in size in the war.Then what about his clothes? Won’t the clothes become shorter in size in comparison to the size of the man?And won’t those get torn?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, a Yogi gets Riddhi-Siddhi amongst which he gets the power to enlarge and decrease his body. But, generally no Yogi uses that power. Similarly, there is no mention in Mahabharat about that Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj used the power because main motto of life is to attain salvation.

B: Namaste swami ji,  samadhi lagne ke bad, yadi yah chhoot jaye to kya karna chahiye? Kya dobara vaisi avastha pai ja sakti hai. Mujhe lagta hai ki meri samadhi lagi thi. Us dasha mein ishwar ke anand mein prembaddh ho gaya tha. Maine ek galti kar di. Mujhe laga ki ishwar mein bhautik rup se lay hua ja sakta hai. Aisa karne ka prayas kiya to buddhi bhrasht hone lagi. Ab kya dobara us dasha mein pahunchane ke liye kya karun?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Samadhi ka vishaye gambhir hai. Is vishye mein jo prashan karta hai ussey thoda bahut vedon ka gyan, agnihotra karna avashya aana chahiye kyunki Ashtang Yog vidya jo vedon se niklee hai, ussee ke abhyas se Samadhi lagti hai anyatha nahin lagti. Pehle aap yeh baatayen ki kya aapne Ashtnag Yog Vidya kee sadhna kisi Yogi ke ashrey mein rehkar kee hai ya nahin?