Anonymous: Swami ji please provide translation of Atharvaveda 12.4.13 and 12.4.43 some body says that this talks about killing of old cows. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to shortage of time, I only mention the meaning of the mantras

Atharvaved mantra 12/4/13:-
The person who desires to get happiness from ved vanni then he should desire to get the vedic knowledge which gives long life to the aspirant. On the contrary, if the knowledge of vedvanni is not obtained/gained in life then vedvanni surely commits murder of the person.

Atharvaved mantra 12/4/43:-
Idea is that the aspirant must take firm decision with the learned of Vedas that Oh! learned, whatever powers you know out of those, which one is that from which an aspirant without maintaining brahmacharya, can get happiness. Answer is in mantra 44 that vedvannni commands over the whole universe. It is only obtained by the aspirant who maintain complete brahmacharya.