Jeevan Singh: Sat Sri Akal Swamiji….I really feel Sat-sangat is very important if we ever want to change our life….throught Sat-sangat(in any religion) throught our Guru we get so much knowledge which we never knew before….throught the teaching life change….is it true that throught sat-sangat even our sin get wash away? my elder used to say only throught Sat-sangat will be like getting mercy from God….please share more of the meaning of Sat-Sangat with all of us.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sat Sri Akalji. Yes, no doubt that Satsang is important. Similarly, worship of God is also important but until an aspirant knows the real definition of Satsang and the divine knowledge, power and deeds of Almighty God, then the so-called satsang will be of no use. So, when we listen to eternal, true satsang after knowing its meaning then we are inspired to do eternal worship of God. The result of worship of God/tapasya etc., changes the life and kills the sins otherwise mere listening of even true satsang will never change the life and never kill the sin. In short, the meaning of satsang is- sat+sang i.e., “sat” – eternal truth and “sang”= Attachment/association.

So, the worldly meaning of Satsang is to be attached/associate with eternal truth. Again, the meaning of Sat (truth) is the matter which is not made from anything and further nothing can be made from it. That is why, Satya is eternal. In Bhagwad Geeta, Sri Krishna maharaj gives the definition of truth i.e., satya. He states that the matter which never ceases to exist (never becomes absent). So, satya (truth) existed in the past, even before this creation, exists in present and will remain in the future. So, the Satya (truth) is eternal and everlasting. Vedas have given several mantras in this matter. But, in simple language, Guru Granth Sahib has told very beautifully as-
‘Aadh Such, Juggad Such, Hai Vi Such, Nanak Hosi Vi Such.’ So, when we listen to only the matter which is eternal and everlasting, then it means we are listening satsang otherwise not. I would like to say that definition of satsang is deep and exhaustive but in short, I have tried to say above. Again, I would state that in the matter of satsang are included Formless, Omnipresent, Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe, all souls and non-alive prakriti. Those who know the said matters from the learned preach of acharya, then he further tries to listen about matter of creation, form of pious deeds and eternal worship of God. Thus, he changes his life and attains salvation.

Vinay Arya: You think that a soul can recall his previous lives. But Maharshi Dayananda the founder of the Arya Samaj has stated clearly that soul is ignorant one. He cannot have right on all the three times i.e. past,present and future. And I believe in this completely right theory.  Why do you believe that he can recall his previous lives. On this website you stated that I do not remember even my present life. And at the other place you say it is possible to recall the previous lives. Please what do you mean by all this tell me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Whatever Swami Dayanand ji has told is perfectly true. Yogi knows his previous lives, as is also stated in Vedas and Yog shastra but to become Yogi is a matter of several births, by continuing listening of Vedas, daily yajyen and hardest practice of Ashtang Yoga. As regards present life, I have told only that nobody knows what kind of vegetables etc., we ate before ten to fifteen days, how he spent his present childhood.

Lalit: Swamiji I would with a friend like to attend the annual Yajyen. We would also request you to teach us asan and pranayam. Thanks and Pranam 
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views to attend yajyanushtahn are appreciated. So, you all are welcome here. Sure, you will learn asan, prannayam also.