Pandit Roop Sukhram: Pujya Swaami ji, Jai Shree Raam: I am very well aware of “kshepaka and do agree with you, 100 percent. However, one cannot negate such writings as Vaalmeeki’s “Raamlendu Prakaashit”, which supports the Raamaayan. My humble apologies to you for my boldness of questioning you. My intent is not of disrespect, but of seeking Brahm-vidya. With paalangee and Pranaam. God Bless You.
Pandit Roop Sukhram.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. I appreciate your views, please. But you see, Valmiki Ramayan states that at the age of 59 years, King Dashrath arranged a yajyen to obtain sons, which was presided by Shringi Rishi. Shringi Rishi performed yajyen and gave blessings in the form of kheer (in Hindi) telling Dashrath to give it to his three queens. With this blessings, Dashrath got four sons only and not any daughter. Secondly, Valmiki Ramayan tells that before age of 59 years, king Dashrath had no issue.

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My blessings to you.

Rachit: Can we do a mind reading through some ved or mantras without asking any question from the person sitting in front of us. I am interested in the power of our ancient mantras through which enormous use of this mind is possible in the welfare of this world.
Swami Ram Swarup: Hundred percent mind reading is not possible, please. However, a Yogi is able for the same.

Basant: Namaste swami ji, Main ganit ka vidyaarthi hun . Vijnaan aur Ganit padhna yog ke liye kitna aavashyak hai? Vedon mein sansaar ki satya vidyaayen hain . un satya vidyaaon ko jananaa kitnaa aavashyak hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Vedon mein kahi vidyaon ko jaanane se hee permanent sukh aur shanti prapt hotee hai jiskee sabko zaroorat hai. Vedadhyayan ek tapasya hai aur vedon mein kahe updesh par chalkar koi bhi duniyan ke saare Pavitra/dharmik aishwarya (pious) paakar Brahma ko bhi paa leita hai.