Updesh: Guru ji, you told in one of your previous answers that humans are vegetarians and also told that the manu smriti ch5 v.30,31,49 and mahabharat anushasan parva ch88 they are false verses. Let for the sake of argument we agree to these points. But now let us go to the books which have highest authority in hindu religion The “VEDA’s”.

ITS MENTIONED in the RIGVEDA book no. 10 hymm no.85 mantr no. 13 that “on occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.” and its’s further mentioned in REGVEDA book no.6 hymm no.17 mantra no. 1 that “Indra used to eat meat of cow ,calf, horse and buffalo” so my question is that are the verses of REGVEDA also also false? Thank you I hope you will reply me soon

Swami Ram Swarup: In the Vedic yajyen and worship, violence is strictly prohibited, please. So, interpretations of the mantras quoted in your question are false, please. In this connection, I paste my articles below-


Such false statements can be generated in an unbalanced mind of a person who has no faith in truth. That is on one side, he accepts God and says Indra is a king of swarg and king of devtas (please note Swarg, Narak are not in heaven/hell but imply facing result of good or bad deeds on earth itself in the shape of divine happiness and sorrows respectively vide Atharvaveda Mantra 6/120/3 and Yajurveda Mantra 7/48). Indra is learned of Vedas and never takes non-vegetarian food or any kind of addiction then how can Indra consume flesh. If a person wants to tell lie then even he must be careful for the same. I mean to say, can Indra alone consume flesh of hundred buffaloes? Was he a man or devil? Even a devil cannot take the same alone.

However, the meaning of Indra in the above Rigveda Mantra 6/17/11 is a king.

Devta (subject matter) of the entire Rigveda mandal 6 is “Indra” but not the Indra who is king of swarg etc., and a king on the earth if evil-minded and becomes non-vegetarian person then also he shall not be able consume flesh of hundred buffaloes at one time.

The idea of the mantra is just as the public who serves the king and makes the kingdom to flourish by paying taxes to the king etc. Then it is also the duty of king/administrator to look after the public well to make them progressive in lives both in science, education, justice etc., as well as in spiritualism.


Devta of this mantra 10/85/13 is “SURYA VIVAHA” So, this mantra relates to marriage. Mantra asks as to why the marriage is performed .Though, the marriage is performed for maintaining number of good qualities but in this mantra, it is stated that marriage is performed to obtain sons.

So, how why and under whose influence/pressure Mr. D. N. Jha has stated to slaughter the cow on the pious occasion of marriage is not understood. Mr. D. N. Jha’s interpretation of Rigveda Mantra 10/86/14 underlines practice of eating beef, which is absolutely wrong according to Vedas. Devta of this Sukta is ‘VARUNN’ the above mantra relates to the knowledge of celestial bodies/comprising of planets, stars etc.

So it has no concern with eating beef or any non-vegetarian food.

Amba: luxmi vishnu havan
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, there is no mention of luxmi Vishnu havan, please.

Nazishraheel: Hindi ke ‘Dahh’ letter se ladka subh namkaran kya hoga.
Swami Ram Swarup: 1. Devesh-

2. Devvrut-

are the Vedic names and you choose one from them.

JPS: I request by touching your pious feet. I am studying your web site since a long time regularly and performing daily Agnihotra being influenced by Aryasamaj and your ideas. With the grace of your excellence I am your disciple. I have a question to you, regarding performing a marriage ceremony of my son by you is possible. If may be,what information and conditions is required.
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate that you perform hawan daily which is the best worship of Almighty God. Yes, marriage ceremony (Pavitra Vivah Sanskaar) can be performed if you please try to come here in Ved Mandir. Several marriage ceremonies have been performed here as yet according to Vedic culture. The boarding and lodging is always free here and I take only pious donation (Dakshina whatever Yajmaan offers at his own accord). List of goods essential to be performed marriage ceremony will be sent to you if you desire. My blessings to you and your whole family for a long, happy life.