Anonymous: I am in my 40s. I am under depression that when ever I give my attention towards, God my mind changes from one thinking to another. Now I have some experience that when I sit for meditation, some black colour and smoke colour moves around while closing eyes.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Black colour and smoke colour which moves around you is the sign of illusion. When a person goes forward in the field of worship then automatically obstacles come. Mostly the people due to lack of knowledge and cowardice/ leave the true path and indulge in illusion. On the other hand, a brave and true aspirant never looses heart and crosses the illusion by his daily true worship. Obstacles are natural but by concentration and dedication we have to cross it. So let the smoke and black colour come, they will be over one day.

Rahul: Guruji,is theere any chakra between the eyebrow and the sahastra chakra.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please.

Basant: Charan sparsh swami ji, what is samadhi? Who can attain mukti? What exactly is ‘upasana’?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this regard, I paste my relevant articles:
Salvation (Samadhi) means eternal merriment but it is attained first by listening knowledge of Vedas deeply from an Acharya, performing daily havan/yaj, name-jaap and practice of Ashtang yoga. The result of the said worship, is awarded by God and a yogi attains Asamprgyat (Dharmmegh) Samadhi.

At this juncture the yogi realizes God and feels utmost permanent divine merriment/peace/bliss. Merriment means the experience of realizing God. So a person must do the said worship and why to waste time to enquire other questions please. The souls after attaining salvation always remain in space and get experience always of merriment by the blessing of God, being indulged in God.

Such souls only meet with a present yogi who attains Asamprgyat Samadhi. Yog shastra sutra 3/32 states that yogi sees the souls who have already got salvation like Hanuman ji, Vyas Muni, etc.

Mukti & Shanti

Mukti means to be free like a prisoner who is freed from jail. We the human-beings are bound in the good or bad deeds, to be faced. Therefore we sometimes feel happiness and sometimes sorrow due to the effect of good or bad deeds of our previous lives’. We are still doing pious deeds or sins in our present life which are to be faced in future births. So when an aspirant seeks shelter of a learned acharya, he starts real worship of God and burns all his previous and present good/bad deeds. Thus, he becomes free from facing result of any deed which is called Mukti (salvation).

When the above aspirant controls his bad desires he feels peace (shanti), otherwise people are always worried to fulfil their desires.

Attaining Moksh

Your views show that you have some effect on your mind of your past spiritual/pious worship/deeds. The human body is only meant for attaining moksh by real worship of Almighty God. Moksh means to kill all the deeds of previous and present lives, which were required to be faced. Moksh (salvation) is awarded by God and such path has been enlightened by the God Himself in the eternal knowledge of Vedas. So I would like you to refer to the article on Vedas for your information.

To attain salvation (moksh) one must listen to Vedas carefully and must obey the teachings of Vedas in life, in action. So he who listens to Vedas, does Yajyen/hawan, makes contact with the learned Acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy, does name jaap daily, does practice of Ashtang yoga daily, always follows the religious path of Vedas, Shastras , upnishad and other holy granths which tell about moksh, then the aspirant sure becomes ” Jigyasu” and becomes ascetic.

He leaves all the worldly materialistic desires and with the result of practice of above mentioned path, at last he attains Asampragyat Samadhi, in which he realizes God and gets salvation. This all is in short and can be briefed in person. Before becoming ascetic, one must follow the above path in action while discharging all his moral duties towards family, society and nation and you are very much right that mere achievement of materialistic/worldly articles throws us away from God, peace brotherhood, mercy etc, etc.

Upasana means listening of Vedas, to do Yajyen, name jaap of God, Ashtang yoga practice under guidance of a learned acharya of Vedas.