Dev: Namaskar Guru Ji, i just wanted to know the best timing for doing morning and evening hawan daily at home?

I also want to know about any yogasana or meditation to increase the concentration power because i am a student and want to perform well in my studies..

Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste ji. Please sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. The said worship should be repeated in the evening also. For further clarification, one should also make contact with learned acharya because we’ve to worship a Formless God Who is Omnipresent, Almighty, creates, nurses and destroys the universe and only learned acharya of Vedas can give deeksha for the same.

Knowledge of asan and prannayam is gained personally from an Acharya. So, please try to either come here or seek the Acharya locally.

RC: Guruji pranam, I work for Public sector.. but i have a desire to do my own business in my home town. But my wife saya that i should get job in my home town first..then think of business. Dont leave job and do business in home town. But my inside is forcing me daily. what to do in such situation. please help and suggest right path.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Actually you should continue your job and meanwhile if you have sufficient amount to open a business you should open the business in home town in continuation with job. Till business is established very well then it should be looked after by any of your family member and on holiday etc., you should deal with it.