Mandeep: Shri hanuman ji ke vrat ke niyam?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hanumanji ek Brahamachari Yogi hue hain. Unhone vedaadhyayan aur Brahmacharya ka vrat liya tha aur Veda anusaar Nirakar Brahm kee upasana kee thee. Jab Sri Ramji se unka mel hua tha to unhone Sri Ramji kee bahut seva kee thee. Sri Ramji se milne se pehle unhone chaaro vedon ka goor adhyayan kiya hua tha. Vedic neeti ke anusaar yahi unka vrat arthath kathor niyam tha. Yadi koi aur bhee vrat hai to aap kisi local pandit se pooch lein.

Ramesh: Are there any lagna dates in vaishakh or jyestha?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to eternal knowledge of Vedas every day, time etc., is always pious to do any pious deed like marriage, so you can arrange your marriage anyday. No doubt that in the present pandit etc., see teva and tell some lagan, muhurat or particular date but being against the vedic knowledge, no any learned accept it. We have to follow Vedas.

Mani: Pranam Swamiji Recently I have been to a house where the home owner prays to Sai Baba. He has a pooja room with framed picture of all hindu gods plus idols. All these picture and idols are covered by Bhabuti. He has said all this comes out on its own. Please explain what is all this and how this happens. When this person prays and the group sings holy songs the so called BABA comes on him. He stars blessing people. I do not know what is happening. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Whatever you have written is not authentic as per Vedas. In Mahbaharat granth, Upnishads, Valmiki Ramayan and Shastras, such matters are not mentioned.

Govind: We have fly mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no fly mantra. However, if a yogi by following vedic culture does daily yajyen and hard practice of Yoga, he becomes able to attain Samadhi and this stage by the grace of Almighty God and his acharya he becomes able to do so. But, there are hardly such examples in the present period.

Nitesh: I try hard that no bad thought enters my mind but I don’t know how for a minute or so it enters. Why is it so difficult to overcome bad thoughts?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt, it happens but first of all a devotee must make firm decision to work hard to stop such bad desire outside the mind. Simultaneously, he should do daily yajyen and havan from ved mantra and practice of Yoga philosophy both times. In this way, one day he would be able to make control on his senses.

Lalit: Pranam Maharajji I would like to suggest that all the books by you should be made available on the website , for the reading of devotees and general masses. This would also save the cost of printing these books. If someone wants to purchase than it can be given to that individual. Pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views have been noticed and we will try to do the needful in future.

Vedika: Saadar pranam, I hope I’ll get the answer to my question this time as I had send 2 questions before but unfortunate on my part that I didn’t got the answers. My question is that we all talk about swarg n nark what is the idea behind it and second question is almighty created everyone as a human being then from were did this caste system exist in our society.
Swami Ram Swarup: I think I have already replied you, please check. However my articles in this regard are also appended below:-

Swarg and narak words are mentioned in eighteen puranns. Swarg word is also mentioned in Vedas, its meaning is to spend life happily and with pleasure. But the said pleasure and happiness is attained by those who by discharging all moral duties, follow eternal Vedic path and thus performs daily yajyen/hawan , listen to Vedas, do daily name jaap of God and hard practice of Ashtang yoga under the guidance of learned acharya . So, there is no swarg or narak in the sky etc. Narak means where a person does not follow true spiritual path and thus faces the result of bad deeds of previous life in his present life, in the shape of sorrows, tensions, problems etc.

I have already written about caste system (varn vyavastha). Yajurveda mantra 31/11 says that caste is based on present deeds (karmas) and not by birth. The sense of Mantra is that if a son of shudra studies Vedas, controls senses/organs and mind, does practice of Ashtang yoga, then he will be considered Brahmin and a Brahmin who has no such qualities he will be treated as shudra etc., etc. There is no caste system in Vedas based on birth and the other holy books like Manusmriti, six shastras, Upnishads, Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabharat (Bhagwad Geeta) etc., were written by ancient Rishis/Munis based on only the knowledge of Vedas, so no caste system exists therein based on birth.

In this connection Yajurveda mantra 31/11 also says that he who knows Vedas and God, he is Brahmin being most supreme in the world like a mouth in the body. So anyone (of any caste) can be a Brahmin by hard studies of Vedas, practising Ashtang yoga therein and thus realizing God. One who has physical power in his arms, he is Kashtriye-Rajput to protect the country. So anyone can be a Rajput, holding the said qualities. One who has powers in his thighs to travel and to do hard work to establish business, he is Vaishya (businessman). One who has not studied, based on his qualities that he could not gain the qualities of Brahmin, Kashtriye and Vaishya, he is shudra (may be of any caste).

There is a symbolic story in Mahabharat. That once Yudhishthir saw that his brother Bhima was caught by a huge python. Yudhishthir asked python that my brother is a great warrior having sufficient power that you could not catch him. So really you are not python, tell me, who you are. Python replied that he was a yaksha. O Yudhishthir, if you would answer my question, then your brother would be released. Yaksha asked Yudhishthir that if a son of Brahmin takes wine, meat, gambles and does bad deeds then whether he will be considered as Brahmin and when a shudra (lowest caste) reads Vedas, does practice of Ashtang yoga, controls his five senses, five organs and mind and does always pious deeds then whether the son of such shudra will remain shudra? Yudhishthir replied that the Brahmin will be treated as shudra and shudra will be treated as Brahmin.

King Janak called all the emperors/anybody to break the bow to prove to be the best powerful emperor amongst all to marry his daughter Sita. So King Janak did not make any objection of caste system. So was the case of marriage of Draupadi where in the garb of a Brahmin Arjuna pierced the eye of the fish with arrow and Yudhishthir married Draupadi. Draupadi was daughter of Khastriye, Rajput whereas in the dress, Arjun was Brahmin. So qualities are to be checked either of boy or girl.