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Swami Ram Swarup: Books and Cds are being sent to you.

Anu: Guruji death janam k time hi nischit hoti hai kya?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this regard, I paste my articles below:-


Whatever we do, gets pasted in our chitta in shape of vrittis (sanskars) and we have to face the result of our deeds in future. This is explained in Yajurveda especially mantra 7/48.

Death is sure. Abhimanyu and several dignitaries who used to do hawan have left for heavenly abode pleasantly. Is there anybody, who’ll not meet with death? So, we have to overcome the death and not be afraid of death.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji when was about to leave his body was very much pleased and divine light was seen on his face. He always spoke truth, listened truth and attained truth as well. He served the human beings. He was given poison. Yet he pleasantly left his body. He fought against the blind faith and sacrificed his life for the cause of truth. So, such a Rishi should not be commented open on the earth.

Is there anyone who is prepared to leave his body while fighting against the blind faith etc., and to destroy the illusion from the society to make people happy. One thing more, please if I pass on some ill comments against a wrestler like Rustam –e-Hind “Dare”, boxer “Mohammed Ali” etc., then first I should myself be a best wrestler and should have much power to fight against them otherwise my spending fun to such great wrestler would itself ruin me. I think there is hardly a Rishi like Dayanand who was learned of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. Therefore if we do not know ABC about eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God, whose philosopher was Rishi Dayanand then why should we dare to criticize such a great hero of Indian culture.

Janam or mrityu ka rehasya gehan gambhir hai or yeh sab kuch Ishwar ke haath mein hai. Isliye hamien yeh janna jaroori hai ki manushya jub janam leta hai to uska jeevan pichhle janmon ke kiye huye karmon par aadharit hota hai jise hum kismet kahate hain. Bhav yah hai pichhle janmon ke kiye shubh or ashubh karmon ka fal hamein is janam mein Ishwar deta hai, jisme hamare janam aur mrityu kee tareekh, shubh karmon ka phal sukh, ashubh karmon ka phal dukh bhi pehle se hee nischit kiya hua hota hai.

Beti itna samjhane kee koshish karein ki Rigved mantra 10/135/1,2 hamein yeh shiksha deta hai ki manushya yahaan sansaar mein apne peechley shubh or ashubh karmon ka phal bhogne aaya hai. Jab shubh karma bhogta hai toh sukh milta hai or jab ashubh karma bhogta hai toh dukh milta hai or is janam mein hum jo shubh or ashubh karma karengey woh hum agle janam mein bhogengey.

Han! Ishwar kee vedic bhakti hamein deergaayu pradaan kartee hai.