Akshay: Swamiji pranaam , main apse kuch samadhaan chahta hu kripya aap meri samasya ka samaadhan kare. Swamiji main engg. complete jar RHA hu mujhe pichle kuch saalo se ek baat bahut pareshaan karti hai main kuch samajh nahi pa rha hu ki mere jeeven ka lakshya kya hai? Kabhi man kahi vichlit hota hai to kabhi kahi ab maine nirnay kiya hai ki uchit samay ke liye ghar se bahar jakar jagah jagah vichran karke guru aur phir lakshya ki khoj karna chahta hu. Phir jaisa lakshya samajh paunga usi anusaar vartunga. Swamiji main nahi jaanta mera tarika sahi hai ya nahi. Ho sakta h ye prashn tuchh ho parantu kripya aap kuch updesh kare. Pranaam.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Akshay beta, jeevan ka mukhya lakshya to Ishwar prapti karna hee hai. Parantu weh Ishwar prapti vedon mein kahe niymon ke anusaar hotee hai, aadmi ke apne banaye niymon ke anusar nahi hotee. Ishwar ne is vishay mein char ashram banaye hain brahmacharya, grihasth, vanprasth aur sanyaas. Aap is samay us ashram mein hain, jismein vidya prapt kee jaati hai aur sath hee sath ishwar ke naam ka jaap bhi kiya jaata hai. Aap Ishwar ke banaye hue niyam ko samjhein. Aap student hokar yadi padai chhod kar, idhar –udhar bhage phireingey to yeh aap ke liye paap hoga. Aap padai karein, Ishwar ke naam-jaap OM ka jaap karein aur jaap aur hawan aur Vedic gyan lene ke liye main aapko advise karta hoon ki aap local arya Samaj mandir Ravivaar ko avashya jaaya karein. Bas yahin se sub kuchh milega. Apnee padai chhodkar idhar—udhar bhagne ka paap mat kar baithna aur mata-pita ka dil mat dukha dena. Kyunki main door hoon apko gyan nahi de paunga aap Arya Samaj mandir jayein aur apne mata-pita ko bhi saath le jayein. Again my blessings to you, my son.

Sid: Pranam Guruji. Guruji by your blessings I am again on my track of studing. Guruji I just have one question that I cannot live with and really want to get it clarified. Guruji I am reallly sorry that I am asking question despite you scolded me. But please see how could I study if I am percieving the very method of my studing as some wrong way.

Guruji I donot know what is Hatyog. The thing is, in a very old question of mine you mentioned about Hatyog. Since then it has put me in a very confusing state of mind where I am always feeling that I am doing Hatyog in following kind of situations :

1.When I am tring to control my mind by forcing it to concentrate on the required job before I get into the flow.

2.When I am tring to focus on studies with a determination to IGNORE all other things/thoughts/doubts that are going on or will come in my mind.

In short, forcing the mind and brain to concentrate every time it deviates from the job/study or to force it to do some other necessary pious thing is not Hatyog na Guurji. As I am a normal human being and donot know any other way of controlling my senses(though I meditate and do havan )

Please do reply Guruji I would be waiting very eagerly.
Dhanayad Guruji.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Whatever is mentioned in Vedas, that is pious deed. Hathyog means you are going against Vedas. So, if a person detaches his mind from bad things and attaches himself to pious deeds, that is not hathyog. I paste my article below:-

I’ve already explained the matter to you in detail. Now, again try to understand that present birth is meant to destroy previous lives’ bad deeds. You are a student. So your duty is not to think more and more and again and again about previous lives’ deeds or laziness but your duty is to concentrate your mind for hard study and name jaap of God simultaneously. Not only you but any student will do the same, his all previous lives’ deeds and laziness will automatically be destroyed. So, obey the preach and concentrate on studies.

Ved Mandir