T: Respected Maharaji, Saadar Pranaam!!
My Question–We are always told that if we do not do our duties, do not spent some time to remember GOD, then GOD will be angry with us and punish us and will not care about us… I was wondering aren’t anger, hurt, punishment and all such emotions related to humans?. Is the almihgty GOD who is complete in every aspect, who is all powerful, omnipresent and omniscient, capable of these emotions which we humans consider wrong and not worthy of even ourselves?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, if we do not perform our duties according to Vedas then our every act will be against the knowledge of Vedas which is stated to be a sin and it is fundamental law of God to punish the sinners accordingly. God as well as any law of the world has no value of emotions but there is a straight way law to punish the sinners.

S P: I have proposed an inter-caste marriage to my parents. We are both working for the same organisation and are financially stable. They say that it might cause problems in future marriage of my sister who is in school. What is your opinion on this?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedas are not against the inter-caste marriage if both sides have good qualities and honourable family and boy is earning well and capable to feed his wife etc. I mean to say, if God in Vedas allows inter-caste marriage then for the learned people there should not be any problem. Secondly, marriage of your younger sister is also in the hands of God and would be performed accordingly. If your parents still do not agree with your marriage then nothing can be done.

P M: Namaskar Swamiji, Q1) Is there any thing like premonitions. I get a lot of them.
Q2) Is agriculture possible without animal dung which Vedas prohibit?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar.
1. Normally, there comes no sign of premonitions. However, those who worship God in their previous lives’ based on the knowledge of Vedas, they may be blessed by God to know such forewarnings, still such people are not definite about the death. A Yogi, who is learned of Vedas and ashtang Yoga Philosophy and has attained Samadhi, knows it well.

I think there is no use of knowing or unknowing the said matter because when death is certain then why worry about death. Why do not we worry about salvation.

2. Yes, 100%. The best agriculture done by cow dung and thus the land becomes fertile day by day whereas the chemical manure, the land becomes barren and gives crops then by using only chemical manure. Secondly, crops obtained from chemical manure are not suitable for health.