Rashmi: Pujya Guruji maharaj, pranaam aur charan sparsh, Omniscient Guruji maharaj I want to ask one question to you regarding our nation Bharat will we be able to regain our lost glory, will again we be able to become a vedik nation. At present the condition in our country and the emergence of anti national activities on the garb of various religions etc makes me said. I have witnessed and seen such things. Guru ji maharaaj ever we be able to live in peaceful vedik india like ancient days. whenever i come to ashram i feel we all have been reduced to minuscule how to live in such circumstances which is at times difficult abundant liqUor nonveg all misinformation etc.Rishis are trayambak like God so please tell us about future of our great nation. I do know fully that you rarely talk of this.With humble pranaams, with regards always, Rashmi.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. As you know that the base of our Bharat to be a “Golden Bird And Vishwaguru” was only the Vedic knowledge which was in vogue on the earth uptil Mahabharat war i.e., about five thousand three hundred years ago. Fundamental laws of God are always unchangeable. Therefore until and unless the Vedic knowledge is again achieved by us, all other efforts will be of no use and peace at all levels even on earth cannot be maintained. Now, if we see the fact of spreading Vedic knowledge, its achievement is negligible, keeping in view the whole world. Time of expiry of kalyug is about four lakh, thirty-two thousand years. Thereafter, final destruction will start after expiry of about two Arab, thirty-two crore years. No doubt, speed of spreading Vedic knowledge is very slow but hope that the same will take twenty-thirty crore years to come into existence in the world to establish permanent peace and international brotherhood. My dear daughter, I hope that you will not use the wo rd omniscient again. My blessings to you, beti. Yes, violence has ruined the humanity and over all the sorrows and sorrows are being experienced. Human body blessed by God has to face the result of previous lives’ good and bad deeds but if person really follows the Vedic path in life then he maintains peace within him as a result of his personal Vedic deeds being done by him daily. He also becomes able to control the fear of death etc. So, every time, there is a personal matter of choosing the right path to follow in life. Nation comprises of public. Therefore, if the future of public is bright then the future of nation is bright and we know that future of public is based on simultaneous progress both in spiritual as well as worldly path (science, pious deeds etc.) one sided progress brings the downfall. Nowadays, most of the people are after the materialistic progress only which is unfortunate. Again, my blessings to you, my daughter.