Lalit: Maharajah ji Pranam i). I would like to thank you for teaching me higher pranayams and dhyan,also priceless wisdom from the Vedas in the form of lectures after every yajna.
ii). Astronomers and physicist have for long tried to understand universe. Various issues like black hole, dark matter and ever expanding universe have been riddles for them. Please Sir quote from the vedas about universe, matter that comprise the universe, is the universe expanding and about black holes. Pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I also paste my article on creation as under:-


The creation is eternal and automatic. There is no date of creation of the following:
(A) Almighty God who is alive, immortal, formless, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He never indulges in any maya, mahamaya, illusion and deeds (good or bad. Yajurveda Mantra 40/8 and Yog shastra Sutra 1/26 also refer)

(B) Soul: Soul is alive, the purest, away from sins etc. but illusion covers the soul due to which soul forgets his original form and hence remains in sorrows, problems etc.

C) Prakriti: Non-alive and has three qualities. i.e., Raj, tam, Satva. At a proper time, the power of God acts in prakriti and the universe is created. So the creation is eternal and automatic.

Raj, Tam and Satva are the three qualities of prakriti. When the said gunnas remain idle dormant i.e., do not work, then combination of these three gunnas(qualities) in dormant stage is called prakriti and this time is called “final destruction” of the universe. When an appropriate time comes, the creation is to be started again. Then the power of God works in the above three gunnas i.e., in the prakriti and immediately the creation starts. Rajo gunn is a sign of sensuousness etc., Tamo gunn signifies laziness and sato gunn signifies ego, pride. Our human body is also made of the said three gunnas.

Vedas tell that there are three eternal/immortal matters- first: Almighty God, second: souls, third: prakriti. Almighty God creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates it. The said process of creation is eternal/immortal/everlasting. Almighty God creates the universe from prakriti. When the raj, tam and satva gunnas of prakriti remain idle (dormant condition/inactive) then creation does not take place. At an appropriate time, a power of Almighty God acts in prakriti (i.e., in Raj, tam and satva gunnas). Immediately the process of creation starts and the first matter of prakriti is made which is called –Mahat i.e., mind; from Mahat- ahankar is made, from ahankar panch (5) tan matrayein, from panch (5) tanmatrayein, panch (5) mahabhoot are created. From panch mahabhoot, the entire matter of universe i.e., Sun, Moon air, water , our bodies, bodies of other living beings etc., are created. The whole creation is thus created from prakriti and remains still (in active) like a statue. This creation is called non-sexual creation. In the said creation, the young human bodies are created which are neither old nor babies. Then by the power of God, in the said bodies, breathing system (prann vaayu) starts operating. At last, God enters into the universe and immediately all the humans and other living beings become alive and start functioning. Similarly, the non-alive matters like Sun, moon, earth, air, water etc., start their respective functions.

Creation, Science, worldly matters etc., is not possible until the same is created by someone. Secondly, knowledge is attained when knowledge is imparted by someone.

Rigveda mantra 10/129/ 1-6 throw light about creation that at that time, there was nothing and no living beings did exist. So there was no learned acharya who could give the knowledge to the newly created living beings like parents who educate the children to make them able to speak language and to know about the matters like crow, animals, chapati, ghee, sun, moon i.e., all matters of the world. See, if a newly born baby is managed to live in dense jungle and nursed well but he is not given education about the worldly matters etc. i.e., mathematics, science, animals, sun, moon etc., then even at the young age of 20-25, 30 years, he will not be able to speak any language and when he will be brought out of the cave of dense jungle and will be asked about the sun, moon, animals, birds before him, then he will not be able to reply because he was not given the said knowledge.

When we see towards sun, moon, air, space, human body etc. It is clearly understood that the said creation has not been made by any human being but Almighty God, from whom the knowledge of four Vedas emanates. In Vedas, the knowledge right from straw to Brahma has been mentioned. So in the beginning of non-sexual earth, the Vedas originated in the heart of four rishis: Agni, Vaayu, Aditya and Angira, and from the rishis the knowledge of science, deeds and worship along with every matter is being given to the public by which the public became educated scientist and wrote books, etc.

In Vedas as well as in fourth chapter of Yog Shastras of Rishi Patanjali, it is mentioned that those who do not believe in God are provided more and more facilities by nature and such people get spoiled etc.

On the contrary those who worship God, they naturally try to kill their desires and accordingly under the law, nature, help them to follow the true path to realize the God.

It is also pertinent to mention here that in Vedas, there is no mention of avtarwad or any proper noun, please. Vedas do not even contain any story or past, present or future life of anyone. Vedas contain knowledge i.e., entire science, form of deeds/duties and worship of God. Actually Vedas give knowledge right from straw to Brahma (God) of entire universe.

All four Vedas tell to worship a formless, Almighty, omnipresent, omniscient God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. God was one, is one and shall ever remain one. He is unchangeable, unchallengeable and beyond description. He has unlimited qualities and thus unlimited names but is one. Because He is Almighty and needs no help of anyone to create, nurse and destroy the universe therefore no need to take avtar.

Please study and again write your query etc.

Aman: What is outside this universe? Is space also infinite. If space is infinite then how is that two infinite things (god and space) not interfering with each other.
Swami Ram Swarup: Outside this universe there are several planets etc., in the space but space is never divided. As stated in Yajurveda mantra 31/1God is even outside this universe and there is no question of interference between God and space.

Harish: Guru Ji Pranam, After thirteen days of death soul takes birth as per the deeds but in case of suicide then after how many days soul takes birth.
Swami Ram Swarup: Suicide is also a kind of death and such souls also take birth after thirteen days as per chapter 39th of Yajurveda.

J: What is the meaning rigveda 10.161.5-7?
Swami Ram Swarup: The process of explanation of Rigveda mantra 10/161/5, 6,7 is lengthy, so cannot be explained here. Please send your postal address and I will try to send the meaning by post in due course.

Ayush: What is the meaning of rigveda 10.61.5-7?
Swami Ram Swarup: The process of explanation of Rigveda mantra 10/61/5,6,7 is lengthy, so cannot be explained here. Please send your postal address and I will try to send the meaning by post in due course.

Gudi: Please mail the all the vibhakthi of PITHRU shabda with meaning
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no word Pithru in Sanskrit as well as in Hindi language.

Pawan Chand: Parnam swami ji I just want to ask. how to chant agni mantra & what happen after we attain siddhi of agni mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you. Chanting of Ved mantras is learnt in person. Raw handed person should study ‘varnnauchcharann shiksha’ book first from an acharya. Meanings of ‘agni’ in ved mantras are several –like Almighty God, acharya and corporal fire etc. So, mantras are used in yajyen/hawan as well give immense knowledge on several matters like worship, deeds, science etc. So, when a person becomes able to chant , learn and to understand and to hold the meaning of mantras in life and performs agnihotra/yajyen , he attains long, happy life making his future bright.

Anonymous: Bhagwat dharm me bhakti kitne prkar ke hoti hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhakti ka arth seva kaha gaya hai(bhaj sevayam= bhakti). Vedon mein mata, pita, atithi aur vidwan Guru kee seva aur sabse Uttam Dev Sarvashaktimaan Parmeshwar kee seva ko yajyen kaha hai. atah hum jab in devon kee seva karte hain to vedon mein kahi sachchi bhakti karte hain. Punah Ishwar kee seva arthat bhakti vedadhyayan , nitya hawan/Yajyen , Ishwar ke naam ka jaap aur Ashtang yog vidya ka nitya abhyaas jab kisi vidwan acharya kee dekh rekh mein karte hain to weh Ishwar kee sabse uttam seva arthat bhakti hai. Jab aisee bhakti karne mein koi sadhak nipunn ho jaata hai toh weh manavta kee seva swayam karne lagta hai. Yeh vedon mein kahi bhakti hai. Jaise Tulsikrit Ramayan mein navda bhakti ka updesh hai itiyadi.

Vishal: Namastey.! agar sab insano ko moksha pana he unka real maksad hai, toh agar sabko moksha mill gya toh yeh duniya kaise chalegi?
Swami Ram Swarup: Kehte hain peeche ka jikar na kar aagey kee fikar na kar. Present ka fakar kar. Isliye hamein vartamaan kee chinta honi chahiye ki hum vartamaan mein hamesha vedic shubh karma karein. Kyunki vedon mein yeh saaf taur se kaha hai ki jab hum present mein matlab is jeevan mein rozana ved, shastron ke anusaar shubh karma aur upasana aadi karengey to bhootkaal arthat pichle janmon ke kiye sab ashubh paap karma jinhonne hamein ab dukh dena hai weh nasht ho jayengey aur sadhak sukhi jeevan prapt karega phir inhi present shubh karmon ke karne se sadhak ka bhavishya ujjawal ban jayega atah hum present ke bare mein adhik sochein. Isee se bhavishya ka nirmaan hota hai. Doosra yeh hai ki aaj dekhne mein yahi aa raha hai aur mere paas bhi aise hi prashan aate hain ki insaan duniya kee chamak damak mein khota ja raha hai aur bhagwan ko bhool raha hai arthat duniya ko toh moksh ke bare mein sochney ka samay hee nahee raha hai to yeh achraj kee baat hai ki aap duniya ke moksh ke bare mein soch rahe ho.

Kisi vidwan se shishya ne kaha ki aapke paas bahut gyan hai. Vidwan jo samundra kinare bathey they, samundra mein oongli dalkar shishya ko dikhayee. Oongli mein is samay kewal paani kee ek boond tapaknee shesh reh gayee thee. Us boond ko dikhatey hue us vidwan ne shishya ko kaha ki mere paas to abhi kewal itna hi gyan hai. Is samundra jitna gyan to abhi bhi mere paas nahin hai. Asal mein gyan to anant hai. Kashyap Rishi swayam keh gaye hain ki “Ananta vayee Vedaha” arthat gyan anant hai.

Ab aap khud hee sochein ki yeh chhoti see zindagi mein samundra se bhi zyada anant gyan prapt karne kee kaun bahadur koshish karega, arthat birla hee koi karega to phir sab ko moksh ho jaye, aisa sochne se koi laabh nahin.