Ramesh: IS IT NECESSARY TO STUDY VEDAS TO BECOME SANT/ATMAGYANI? Weii known Sant eg Guru Nanak Dev ji,Sant Kabir,Sant Ravi Das ji,Baba Farid were ATMA GYANI but they don”t know Saskrit so unable to study Ved and other granth.Can we achieve moksh with only attaining gyan from Ved plus bhakti/surrender to Paramatma.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. This is a fundamental, unchangeable and unchallengeable law God has made in Vedas that peace cannot be maintained until a person worships God. But God cannot be known and worship cannot be performed in the absence of knowledge of Vedas and thirdly the knowledge of Vedas cannot be attained until a person makes contact with learned Acharya of vedas and Ashtang yog philosophy to follow vedic path.(Rigved mantra 1/71/1,2 refer).

A person attains final liberation/moksh by listening and following the teachings of the Vedas.

Rashmi: Guru hi, Pranaam and charansparsh, Maharaaji I pray to God for your good health n prosperous life. I have few questions.

1. Maharaja ji the power of leaving human body n reentering again in same body at will can be done by yogis who have achieved nirvikalpa Samadhi only. Do the yogis who have established themselves in savikalpa Samadhi can also leave n enter human body at will.

2. Do the jivanmukta jeevatma comes n visit only those places where alive yogis who have achieved nirvikalpa samadhi stays or conducts yagya.Do they visit the house of normal householder like us who conducts regular Havana twice , when we are doing havan can they come and sit. We are not able to see them because we have reached ghat level in sadhana. Please enlighten me on this issue. With regards. Rashmi
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my daughter.

1.) Yes my daughter,the Yogi who has attained Nirvikalp Samadhi, description of which is available in fourth paad, sutra 29, 30, 31 of Yog Shastra, can leave the human body and reenter.

No, Yogi who have attained sankalp Samadhi cannot do the above task of leaving and entering human-body.

2.) The Jeevan mukta soul are always free i.e. no prakriti rule is applied on them, so such souls can go anywhere in the universe (Yajurveda mantra 17/14). Yes, when they can visit anywhere in universe, so the liberated souls may also come to the house where daily agnihotra is performed. Blessings beti.