Sagar: Swamiji recently Govt of India has passed laws recognising the gay society and lesbian society. Even in western world these kinds of society are recognised. They have been given right to marry civil rights partnership. Is this against the creation?is it some kind of sickness or psychological problems,or past lives deeds. In God’s creation is there any place for such type of people apart from man and women. How can they get married and live a married life this is clearly against creation. Swamiji please clarify my doubts.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I paste my article below. However, I would like to tell that after ignoring the eternal path of Vedas, people are not observing the Vedic teachings. So, when western Music, western dress, western culture has overpowered us and through out the world, the celibacy (brahamcharya) virtues etc., have ignored then what to talk about recognition of such societies. You see, the leaders are not educated in Vedic culture as were taught in ancient times like Sri Ram, Dashrath, Harishchandra etc., and their public, where such propaganda could never be raised. You see, when the sun rises, the darkness automatically gets eliminated. The knowledge of Vedas in the last three above quoted periods was in vogue universally.

Therefore there was no darkness i.e., ignorance/blind faith etc. so, we must spread the knowledge of Vedas everywhere to spread the same pious Ram Rajya.

Government means combination of parties consisting of elected representatives. If they would not know the basic principal of Vedas then under voting system etc., they may pass any bill. But, do you think, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj, Yudhishthir who were Raj Rishis and learned of Vedas, could pass such bill? So, we should never go against the nature/God.

Vedas preach fundamental law only. So, fundamental law is do not go against the nature and do not indulge in illusion. Because, gay is also unnatural against the Vedas and is not permitted by God in Vedas. People are attracted in such sexual sin duly indulged in illusion due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, hence a great sin.

P K: Dear GuruJi, Savinamra Pranaam Iam writting to you, since there are lot of questions in my mind. It relates to my husband. He believes in your words and is a follower as well. He used to do daily havan. Would get up at 4-5 to do meditation, havan, pooja and conversations with god(this he does), in addition to exercise and readings. This he used to do before going to work. A month back, his visa petition for a small project in USA got rejected. Post which there were several developments in his office as well that deeply affected him to the extent that his faith in god is shaken. His view is that he is honest and hardworking and he had worked really hard for this project. Now, when it was time for the result, then why didnt he get his due. The company wants him there. But yet his visa didnt go through. On the other hand, couple of employees have been getting promoted even without putting in hardwork or knowledge. He is nowadays constantly in meditation, trying to find answers from god. That some how, he comes to know why some people get what is not due to them , while others inspite of hardwork, keep waiting empty handed. His query is: Is this the design of the god? Or god is there to help us and guide us and if yes then how to get answers to our questions? Why do we not get what is our due? while others benefit without hardwork or intelligence? Please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. My daughter, the information given by you about your husband is really appreciable. Hardly, there are persons on earth who adopt the routine as is done by your loving husband. Otherwise, it has been a routine/tradition mostly of ancient Rishi-Munis, Ram, Krishna, Sita, Madalsa devi. May God give your family a long, happy life. Yet, I would tell you that every pious/worship is done without any desire/selflessly because pious desires are fulfilled automatically at proper time. So, we must never create any misunderstanding about Almighty God and His eternal worship based on Vedas. One of my disciples, who is also working in MNC could not get his visa for USA and company wanted to send him to USA. So, company again sent him to obtain Visa and he got the visa. That is why, it is said that Try, try, try again. You see, Sita was abducted by Ravanna but Sri Ram in his life, never lost faith in supreme power that is God.

Yog shastra sutra 2/1 states-

“Tapaha Swadhyaye Ishwar Prannidhanani”

The meaning of the sutra is to have complete faith in God i.e., at any cost we should not lose faith in God. Bhagwad Geeta also states- “Karmannevadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu” i.e., we have to discharge our moral duties selflessly because result of our deeds is awarded always by Almighty God. Your husband’s honesty and hard-working should never go in vain. He will get the award but when, it can’t be told now. As regards promotion of ineligible persons etc., you see, politics is playing role everywhere. So, why do we worry about politics. Sooner or later such persons who play politics are badly punished by God. One of the Rigveda mantra 1/171/1 states that God is wonderful/astonishing and the yogi who knows Him, has also the same quality i.e., Yogi is also wonderful/astonishing. So, nobody is able to know about the justice of God and those who know, they keep silent and continue their worship and never lose faith in God in any critical condition like King Harishchandra etc.

So, please pay your respect to Almighty, omnipresent God who is Supreme judge. He is looking at all and gives proper justice at appropriate time. My heartiest blessings to you and your husband, my daughter.

Nandal: What is the duties of children to parents according to Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all, Vedas tell that mother is devi who gives birth and nurses the child. So, children must obey and serve the mother honestly. Secondly, the father earns and takes care of the child, so child must obey and serve him honestly. So, every child must obey the parents and serve them to make future bright.