Harish: Pranaam! please give correct English translation of Atharva Veda 6/44/1 . Muslims are saying earth is not moving according to this mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. (Dyuhu asthat) The planets emitting light like sun, moon and stars etc. exist in space and do not fall. (Prithvi asthat) similarly, this earth exists. (idam vishvam jagat asthat). So, the world is, which (Uurdhva Swapnaha) which exists in space. Similarly, all the trees exist while standing and sleeping (Vrikshaha asthuhu) all the trees exist. So, (Tava rogaha) your disease (Tishthat) would also get destroyed.

Here, the meaning of Tishthat is built from shtha gat nivritaee i.e., the diseases gets destroyed. Here, the Vaidya (doctor) inspires the patient that as dyulok (planets emitting light), earth and all the universe including trees are situated well. Similarly your disease will get destroyed and you would exist well. In this mantra, the matter of moving of all planets of universe is not being stated. But it does not mean that earth does not move around the sun. Moving of earth is well understood from Yajurveda mantra 3/6.

The meaning of ved mantra is based on the subject matter of mantra. Here, the subject matter of mantra is to inspire the patient by a doctor to cure his disease.

So, how the matter of moving of earth etc., can be considered? Similarly the above quoted Yajurveda mantra 3/6 has a subject of science i.e., moving of earth/globe. Then how in this mantra, the matter of curing of disease can be considered? The idea of the mantra 3/6 is that this global planet along with water moves around the sun, that is why, earth also moves.