Ranuka: Pranam Guruji, With your blessings, This is Ranuka,With Ishwar blessings We all are doing well. Pitaji our daughter wedding date is on March 20th and my son wedding is on 26th of march, If you able to come we will arrange trip for you,wedding place is Warangal. bless them Pitaji with your blessings Ranuka.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ranuka beti, I really feel my personal pleasure to know about the marriage of loving son and daughter. I shower my blessings thousands times on them for a bright future. As you know, I am sick and not able to do journey. I am still not able to walk without assistant. I even do not try to go out of ved mandir except Jammu from where they come and help me to perform Yajyen in Jammu which I feel becomes also a tired one. So, my heartiest blessings are with you all. Please, go ahead for such a pious deed.

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, From your inspirations I do Agnihotra between 7.30 Am. To. 8.30 Am. Is it acceptable time? And all Ghee available in Market like Patanjali or other brands do not seem pure. Can we continue Agnihotra with these impure Ghee available in market. Because finding pure Ghee of cow tough task and no guarantee if any one claim about purity.
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate your interest to perform daily havan and the time you have chosen is also a right time and in this way, you are pleasing God and in return, God bless you. You know my son, something is better than nothing. So, please continue your agnihotra which is the best worship of God.