A: Me bahut nirash ho gaya hu exam ko lekar mujhse padhai karte nahi ban raha he meri manik sthiti aur sharirik sthiti bigad rahi he mujhe rasta dikhao
Swami Ram Swarup: Agar ek yodha border par dushman se nirash ho jaaye to desh hee barbaad ho jaayega. Isse tarah, desh mein rehne wale agar apnee-apnee duty theek nahin nibhayeinge tab bhi desh barbaad ho jaayega. Student ke bhi kuch farz hotey hain aur unmein mukhya yeh hai ki weh brahamcharya rakhta hua, apney vichar achchey rakhey aur uskee sehat achchey rahe. Doosra, student ka farz hai ki sukh aur vikaron ko chchod kar padhai par poora dhyan de otherwise who student kehlane yogya nahin hai aur jo maa-baap ussey aas lagaye rehte hain , unkee aas to tod dega jo ki ek paap hoga maa-baap ke paise ke sath aisey student ka jeevan bhi barbaad ho jayega.

V S: Guru ji apko mera namaskar.guru ji i ama manglik boy as said by pandit .i love a girl who is non manglik , she love me too.we both want to do marry .aur parents are agree but her parents dnt know that i am manglik .guru ji pandit says that if this married happen then one person will die.guru is it true?i daily chant hanuman chalisa and gayitri mantra .guru please help me out.

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

You know, death and birth are in the hands of Almighty God, who decides it on the basis of previous lives’ good or bad deeds. So, you need not to worry. Moreover, the mangalik and non mangalik matter is unauthentic as the same is not mentioned in Vedas, shastras, Bhagwad Geeta and other holy ancient granths.

About Mangalik

To know the truth our ancient Rishis have advised to tally the matter with Vedas. Since in Vedas there is no mention of word manglik so you need not to worry. The people who are not manglik are also suffering from the problems mentioned by normal married people. Shri Ram married Sita after breaking the bow. And nobody saw Shri Ram’s teva or anything. In Mahabharat Yudhisthir married Draupadi by piercing arrow in the eye of a fish (the eye was pierced by Arjuna the younger brother of Yudhisthir) and there was no teva and manglik etc. Savitri married Satyavan at her own wish without any teva or manglik etc. Pandu married Kunti and Madri without teva or manglik etc. Teva means janam patri made by pandit i.e., horoscope.

According to Vedas these are not required and are self-made story. So please do not worry about manglik etc. Future is based on pious deeds, hard work towards a right path and God helps those who help themselves.

Kamal: What is difference between man & chita and what are panch tanmatras?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mann receives the outer information through five senses and thinks over deeply and then sends the same to intellect whereas the chitta is faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same intellect is called Chitta and Chitta stores the effect of various karmas to be faced by soul in future at a proper time. Unseen, minutest part of agni, vayu, jal, akash, prithivi are called Panch Tan Matrayein.