Aseem: Saadar Pranam Guruji, Though you haven’t answered any of my queries, I am getting a lot of answers from your esteemed articles and question answers on various aspects of Vedas. I feel bad when I see your articles pasted on other sites with credit to someone else. It’s not good…..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Thank you for giving information regarding that site. In Yajurveda mantra 1/1, 7/4 and Yog Shastra sutra 2/30, it is clearly mentioned by the Rishi that theft is a sin. However, I don’t mind that Vedic knowledge is being spread in the way of taking my answers and publishing it on other sites by other’s names etc., but at least either they should seek permission from my site or quote this site under the articles.

However, needful is being done, please.

Siddhart: Pranam Guru ji, I wanted to understand one thing that,when one have to die and he should devote his life to God, so for that should he follow a simple life or a small job so that he can spend maximum of his time in his spiritual life other than striving for a high profile life(a high level in society). And also tell that what are the responsibilities of a student towards his spiritual and materialistic lives? Dhanayad guru ji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

To gain the pious quality of spending simple life is the result of worship based on Vedic culture i.e., to listen Vedas, to do hawan/Yajyen, name jaap and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. Mere thought harboured by a person, that he will lead a simple life will always go in vain due to effect of kaam, krodh, madh, lobh, ahankar. So, whether a rich or a poor man, both should start worship of God otherwise rich will always aspire to be more rich and poor will aspire to get more money, assets etc., and both, due to effect of above illusion, will never spare real time of worship God and their motto of human life will go in vain, automatically.

In spiritual life, the student should perform daily Yajyen, listen to Vedas, maintain brahamcharya, do daily hawan with Ved mantras, should take care of health and by controlling all senses, should concentrate on his study.

In materialistic life, he should get progress in his study, should serve parents and elders and should not think to enjoy any materialistic/worldly pleasure.

Anonymous: Swamiji pranam, committed suicide last year. As per old respected relatives there is no need of pinddan to be done as he was unmarried. Swamiji I want to know whether it is correct or not? If not then what I should I do now after a period of one year. please suggest.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

I’m sorry to listen about the sad demise of your son.

Pind daan is not required to be done in both cases of married as well as unmarried because it is not mentioned in Vedas. The logic is that when soul leaves the body, then the dead body is burnt on pyre. In the absence of mouth, how can a soul eat, take food. Secondly, as per chapter 39th of Yajurveda, the soul after wandering for thirteen days, takes another birth is fed by new mother. The real meaning of Shradh is to serve parents and spiritual master, who are alive, to the extent that they feel satisfaction.