MKW: Dear Guruji, What’s the proper age range for marriage for women and males respectively as per Vedas? Please kindly guide how we should continue maintaining Brahmacharya in married life? Thanks in advance!

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you all, my daughter. Females minimum age- 21 years. Males minimum age- 25 years.

In this connection, I have written a book on Brahmacharya-Ek dukh nivarak divya manni and a portion of which relates to family life can be translated by anyone and you can read accordingly.

MKW: Dear Guruji, Is that true that children of very young ages get very little spiritual benefit of attending yajyen?

Although being “naughty” or proactive is one of the natures of children, what should parents do with their kids if some other people think the kids are noisy during yajyen? Please kindly advise. Thanks in advance!

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, beti. Yes, children and even most of the people of the world have become unable to listen to vedas and perform Yajyen due to neglecting the Vedic culture. However, the listening of vedas and performing Yajyen starts at the age of six years and at six years of age the child does not make noise, if he is suitably taught with love.