V: Guru ji meri maa our bete ke uper kisi tantrik ne tantra kar diya hai maa ko din me 10 ke aas pass motions ho jate hai or 3-4 barr womating ho jati hai yahi haal mere bete ka hai upay bataiye
Swami Ram Swarup: tantrik matter has not been mentioned in Vedas, so learned never accept it , being unauthentic. So, you need not to worry. Jo, loose-motions and vomiting hoti hai, uska ilaj kisi achchey doctor se karayein. Dono jaldi theek ho jaayeingey aur 10 baje aisa hota hai, is baat ko dil par na lagayein. Agar dil par lagayeingein to psychological effect ho jayega aur beemari bad jaayegi.kyunki yeh sirf ek shareerik beemari hai jiska ilaaz doctor karte hain.

Himanshu: I want to learn Sanskrit. I am able to recite mantras but i want to know Sanskrit with meaning. Please suggest.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, you are advised to make contact with M/S Vijay Kumar Hassanand, Nai Sadak, Delhi 110006 to purchase books – ‘ Sanskrit Swayam Shikshak’ and start studying. You can also seek Sanskrit teacher locally.

Vinay Arya: Namaste Guruji Did Shri Krishna remembered his previous lives? I have seen on Arya Samaj website that he remembered but the mundane man does not remember. Is it really true? Can I recall my previous lives? Please give me the procedure if it really happens.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Sri Krishna Maharaj learnt Vedas and did Ashtang Yoga Practice, under the guidance of Rishi Sandeepan. He was thus a great Yogeshwar and a Yogeshwar knows his previous births but not the others. To know previous lives, one will have to be a Yogi.

Anonymous: KOTI KOTI Prananam Maharaji,thanks for being always with me and my family. By your blessings and with ISHWAR’S kripa i am today in very good position in every part of my life.But every day i think that when iam going to have your darshan. Without your darshans and attending yajna, every thing is zero in my life. I want to come to you as soon as possible. Please give me blessings to always follow only the true path.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my daughter.