Salim: Namaste Swamiji, Thank you very much for responding to my email. Perhaps, I did not make my question clear enough, please accept my apologies. Tithe is an old English word which means giving a portion of ones income to the church. In some scriptures it is specified as TEN PERCENT of one’s income. In Sunni Islam it is called “Zakat” or “Khums”. In Sikh scriptures, I understand it is called “Dasvandh”. I have read that in Vedas it is referred to as “dashamamsha” or by some similar name. However I have not been able to find any precise reference to it. I was wondering if you can enlighten me by pointing out where in Vedas can I find reference to it. Thank you very much for your time.
Swami Ram Swarup: Atharvaveda mantra 3/24/6 states to divide the earned money into eight parts. Out of eight parts, three parts are to be spent in education and gaining knowledge. Four parts to fulfill domestic needs. Remaining one part is earmarked for the income-tax. As per the said mantra, three parts are stated to meet with requirement of education and getting knowledge. So, if earning is Rs. 100, then its three parts will be Rs. 37.50/-

four parts will be Rs 50/- and

one part will be Rs 12.50/- and

Rs 37.50/- which are to be spent in education and knowledge is further divided separately for education and knowledge, as suits. So, the money which will be earmarked to the knowledge is meant for donation as well as managing spiritual books etc.

HJ: Pranam Swamiji, I received both the books. Sorry for inconvenience caused by me. I made payment for books online. Also i want to receive book on brahmacharya, Ii have requested same in instructions section while making payment.
Swami Ram Swarup: The book is being sent to you, please. My blessings to you.

J K: Pranam acharyaji..kya mai hawan me aam ki lakdiyonki jagah cow ke gobar se bani gobri use kar sakta hu kya?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Agar aam ki lakdiyan nahin milti hain to bina dhuyein wali koi aur lakdiyan istemal karo jaise peepal, beri, bargad, shesham itiyadi agar koi bhi lakdi na miley tab gobar ka istemaal karo.